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Never let anyone tell you not to dream 💯Been told my whole life that I wouldn't make it as "Fitness Model/ Bodybuilder" & they are partly right 🤣 I'm no model or pro bodybuilder but I've given it a good crack and the experiences I've had on the journey has been life changing ❤️ I've lived a life most dream of. I'm not rich or famous (no having instagram followers doesn't make anyone famous) it's like Monopoly money.
What It can do is open opportunities if you work for them. You gotta work smart and work towards what your passionate about.
I'm passionate about changing lives that's why I'm a personal trainer. I love and breath fitness every day. Today I trained 6 new clients and the feedback was amazing. So many incredible messages to read. Made my day ❤️ I'm currently watching "A dogs purpose 🐶 " and I'm getting really distracted so better get back to the movie 😅
Peace ✌️ Add me on Snapchat 💪

@fabianpetrina BULKING VS CUTTING, this really shows that when you bulk you're JACKED and when you cut you're even more JACKED! #fabianpetrina #muscletech

La donna di oggi sono io ❗️
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I'm that chick that goes from sexy to #beast #sexybeast Boom! My days are filled with awesome nothing more nothing less 😉😉💪💪👌👌💋💋 chains and cages take me under 😉

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Set the bar and don't ever lower that shit. If people don't get it, that's not your problem.
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