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Said to @a.ratnam walking. Man: hey are you sure it's walking distance? Ara: yes Man: you sure? Ara: yes. Man: okay you're very beautiful... I don't have a car but I can still give you a ride. #stopstreetharassment #dontbecreepy #stop #sexualizing #women !!

#taboo #Feminism #Idiots #Sexualizing #periods

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longer and a little different.
how was your day on 1-10?

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Swimming after workout



I am here to say please stop sexualizing kids it's creepy

SO true! I cannot believe the amount of times men make woman feel uncomfortable. There was many situations in my life already when I i just wanted to escape or wished someone was walking or being with me in these moments. Sometimes I was scared, other times just annoyed or angry. The older I get the better I become in those kind of situations, where you e.g. just walking to work and can't make the 10mins walk without comments, bad looks/starring or sounds (and I am talking about the bad ones, where a woman gets sexualized and seen as an object - the ones that just wanna make her escape). Too many times men enjoy behaving like this, not knowing what an influence they have on a woman with this - in a NEGATIVE way! It is INAPPROPRIATE! You make us feel horrible!!! Would you want men to behave like this with your little daughter? Or mother? NO! So stop it! Grow up! Step in if you see something like this happening to a woman! Blame name and shame them! This is maybe the only way to make the world see with what woman have to deal with on a daily basis (in mens eyes, it is often a small thing)! All the woman i know had to deal with this hectic behavior in their lives already, some less than me some much much more! Stop making woman feel uncomfortable with your pervert, immature behavior!



When are #women going to stop #sexualizing and #degrading #men by reducing us to #inanimateobjects like #dildos, #vibrators and #strap-ons?

We have a #heart and a #mind. Stop staring at our #groins and #manly #loins #ladies.
#sexualharrassment is a #twowaystreet


anything you regret?

Slowly, I'm learning to love myself. I'm learning being fat isn't the worse thing in the world. But I've learned as I grow older the more my body is being sexualized. I've been sexualized by woman and men. But lately, I've gotten a lot of comments about my body from boys(not gonna call them men because it takes more than your age to be a man). So, just because you are a male doesn't mean you are entitled to anything. Don't message me calling me a slut just because I have large breasts. I'm a fucking person. Becoming intimate with someone is so much more than just having sex. You must earn that right to be with me in my most vulnerable state. Just because you feel entitled does not mean you are. I'm so sick of boys thinking I owe them something. I'm so sick of being a sexual object. There's waaaay more to me than any of you boys will ever get to see. You are not catching my attention by sexualizing my body. I'm 100% sure you wouldn't like if a man did that to your mother or sister. So, STOP. STOP sending dick pics and provocative messages. I'm just a young woman tryna live her life. No one asked for your opinion, therefore it's irrelevant. It will never be okay to message a woman and ask to "fuck her." Although, when she simply states no, she is now a slut that would allow anyone inside her. Please get off my page if you feel entitled to anything from me. I'm a fucking human, just like you. #tired #sexualizing #mybody #bodypositivity #love #selflove #effyourbeautystandards #bopomovement #babe #fatbabe #sex #intimacy #vulnerable #sickandtired #youngandeducated

hey guys :) what’s one thing you can’t live without?

this is new, just stumbled across this account on Twitter. I’m in love with it!! how was your day on a scale of 1-10? ❀️

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