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Said to @a.ratnam walking. Man: hey are you sure it's walking distance? Ara: yes Man: you sure? Ara: yes. Man: okay you're very beautiful... I don't have a car but I can still give you a ride. #stopstreetharassment #dontbecreepy #stop #sexualizing #women !!

Why are people sexualizing a BABY?? ~M

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#taboo #Feminism #Idiots #Sexualizing #periods

STOP #Sexualizing ur children ! Love and Beauty has been replaced with sex and sexual appeal for the adults of the 21st century..now they wanna go fit dat image on their children too?
#sezualizationofchildren -
From Wikipedia - #Sexy is an adjective to describe a sexually appealing person or thing, primarily referring to physical attractiveness. It may also refer to:

Sexual arousal, the arousal of sexual desire, during or in anticipation of sexual activitySexual attraction, meaning anything which has the ability to attract the sexual or erotic interest of a person

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WE ARE NOW DISCUSSING DISCREPANCIES OF WHAT LIES IN OUR #HEARTS! #DonaldTrump and his administration developed and advertised a narrative responsible for the exposure of hate. He has banned #Muslims, discriminated against #transgenders, denounced women’s rights while #sexualizing our bodies, encouraged #policebrutality, blamed others for his failures, instigated #war, and today he #failed to accurately denounce the demonstration of violence driven by the hatred of other #races. Read more! Link in Bio #charlottesville #getbothered_staywoke


I'm sad but everytime I remember ive cake in fridge that I've to eat MY SADNESS ENDS RIGHT THERE BY JUST THINKING IT

When you're all happy and shit but remember uve school tomorrow so u suddenly start being kinda depressed cause you're not ready


Its so weird to see all the post u did while having a mental break down 💀

eat a dick

My mom always tells me we're going out and then says she's just joking fuck kinda joke is this????

The weeknd's music is honestly so great

Memes literally have a important role in my life. I just love to find new memes and see them. I laugh a lot bc of them and whenever I am sad I just so to some of my favorite meme accounts and look at memes that makes me so happy tbfh. Thanks to the person who invented memes and thanks everyone who makes them. Memes also make me learn a lot some people are just genius at making memes and it makes me feel good how people use them in such a intelligent way. ❤❤

OK then some people always act like they're the shit but they dont even know shit they cant even be shit and why they gotta always make me feel like shit I fucking hate everyone at the moment

Sorry for this meme spam

Does anyone knows how to not be fucking stressed about everything in highschool?

my life is a mess at the moment tbfh I hope I just fucking die

My brother is one motherfucking mean person I fucking hate him

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