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Con mèo meo meo
#summer #cat #sexualharrasment

Was a little too long to screen shot. #sexualharrasment

Mi hook up del sábado #Ducky #sexualharrasment

The shit I allow in my office #HRlawsuit #sexualharrasment #workflow

Подвергаюсь серьёзным сексуальным домогательствам на работе. Смешанные чувства: и умиляет, и прибить хочется. 😈👿😈👿 #sexualharrasment #клёлик #красноярск #томск

ATTENTION!🚨 Did you know that -81% of women experience harassment in verbal form
-44% experience unwanted touching
-25% receive emails or texts sexual in nature ?????
Team up with our Goffstown FBLA Chapter in helping stop the epidemic of sexual harassment by raising awareness through social media and tagging @nhfbla and #goffstownhighschool , together we can make a difference and shatter the silence to decrease unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks. #goffstownhighschool #nhfbla #nomeansno #sexualharrasment

I just personally dont understand.... Matter fact scratch that because I completely understand whats going on here. It is completely fucked up how two people get accused of sexual harassment against women but one is publicly humilated and scrutinized by the media, the public, and women and the other just get terminated from his job with a $25 Million dollar severance package(equivalent to one years pay) and he paid off the women who are accusing him of this CRIME around a total of $13 MILLION and there are still women accusing him. Sexually harassing women is wrong so treat it that way for all parties. #BillOreilly deserves to be shamed just as hard if not harder for paying these women for their silence. #billoreilly #billcosby #SexualHarrasment #Inequality #NoHesitationPodcast


" I was defending a teenage boy who was being sexually harassed by an older man at 4pm at a bus stop. He followed us onto he bus and then when I stood up and told him to leave the boy alone, he punched me and knocked me up against the window." - Bel🎈

Con mèo meo meo
#summer #cat #sexualharrasment

" I was publicly harassed far more when I was a young girl. But that just shows what kind of a person these people are, deliberately praying on the vulnerable and unassertive." - Prophecy 💐

HIDE YOUR CHILDREN!!! Bill O'Reilly is trying to Educate them.
This is truly harrowing.
Forward: .
"Believe it or not, once upon a time, James and I were both kids. Life was much easier in those days because there were rules most Americans followed. Holding the door for someone. A nod and a hello. Even just saying "please." Most kids did those things back the , but now there is confusion in many places. James and I believe that we can bring civility and compassion back into the world. Let's start today with our children, by encouraging them to always say that wonderful, magical word: please" -Bill O'Reilly
Not featured in the book:
"We'll do it live. WE'LL DO IT LIVE, FUCK IT! DO IT LIVE! I'LL WRITE IT AND WE'LL DO IT LIVE! FUCKING THING SUCKS (TelePrompter or the man reading him lines... subject of outrage is unclear)." -Bill O'Reilly
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Guys onliner.by deliberately called our girls ugly! https://tech.onliner.by/2017/05/21/milex-2017-2 They did it on purpose to show that our military is as poor as our girls are ugly. They've chosen the worst photos of girls taken when they where not looking at photographer and posted them on their site without girls' approval, so that people could laugh and mock them!!! Let's stop this sexual harassment! I know we can do it!!! Onliner sucks! Наших девочек обозвали страшненькими на onliner. Сделано это было нарочно дабы показать что в Беларуси ни военной техники ни девушек👌 И да я среди тех страшненьких девочек😜 я не знаю как остановить поток этих статей на онлайнере, где они снимают девочек без их разрешения и выкладывают их фото в сеть на угоду тупому быдлу дабы поржать. Это сексизм в чистом виде!!! И к сожалению, закон нас никак не защищает от таких вот публикаций. Но если вы это читаете- прекратите открывать эти статьи!!! Ведь они могут так поступить и с вашей любимой женщиной: мамой, женой, девушкой, дочкой, сестрой!!! И вы ничего не сможете сделать! Может хоть отсутствие спроса остановит это блядство (извините за мой французский) #girls#planes#milex#nelvalook#style#stylishpeople#beauty#onliner sucks!!!#девочкитакиедевочки🎀 #studio_sutoria #redhair #planes#sexualharrasment #violationofhumanrights #paparazzi #lawyers#belaruslawyers#realmen #sos #nowayout#milex2017 #belarusofficial #belarusblog #bloggersbelarus#onliner #belarusmilitary

"I get the standard shout- outs and stares from builders whilst walking by etc. A few years ago in the summer a guy shouted at me, "Fancy a Fuck?" Which I thought was disgusting and rude but in a weird , fucked up kinda way, I was flattered. But guys don't really heckle me as much these days. I'm not sure if is because they're stricter with those kind of offences now of it it's because I dress more masculine than I used to. You know, less figure hugging clothes and makeup." - Elizabeth 🌼

"When I was sixteen and walking to school one morning on a quiet residential street, I saw this middle aged, rather normal looking guy up ahead of me standing in the middle of the pavement. As I got closer I realised he was having a full in wank, dick out, and all in broad daylight. As i walked past feeling shocked and too freaked out to even change my route and cross the road he goes, "Yeah you want some of this?" - Chesca 🌸

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