Killer rolling shot with some cheeky new LED’s 💡 @birchy_c 📷 #wrx #subielove #zerofunds #sexspec

Honda Accord euro with a set of crisp whitewalls ⚪️ 💥The car is also for sale, contact the page for further info 💥


Just a man and his car enjoying a sunset view 🌅
#isdinnerreadyyet #tablefortwo #sexspec #rexy #scubaru

Nissan 200sx S15 Spec R
- 450+rwkw Monster! - Has won multiple trophies - Cover car - Built to a high standard using best of the best parts & most reputable workshops. - extensive list of modifications - One of a kind
#jcautotraders #carsbikesboatsexcavators #nissan200sx #s15 #forsale

So the poll on my story is at 100% yes with zero votes for NO to the ‘should I post more sex spec stuff again’ debate. So 🍻 here’s to the 10 followers I’m about to lose haha and here’s a mid 2000’s explanation from the owner of 4DMILF Impreza wagon on Ignition DVD Edition 018 as to the reasons behind the sex spec style, thank me later.

Barbie pink sex spec s14 with a set of white walls

The project car i bought last year that I never told you’s about 😂🤮 #s14 #silvia #sexspec #200sx #projectinprogress #biggearahead #schassis #silviarepublic #kouki

Let’s take a trip back to my childhood with Daryl McBeths Sony Xplod Commodore wagon from the mid 90’s. Two door/suicide door conversion, windows removed and made into a panelvan, 15” billets, bagged, more subs than Autosalon, front tilt bonnet, smoothed and shaved everything, custom peach interior, 308ci 5ltr and check that 90’s TV on the display. Apparently this wasn’t even an official Sony car when it was built, but Daryl’s next build was. Which was basically the same modifications applied to a late 90’s Magna with a RWD conversion and a Hadfield built big block* (haha thanks Daz). I still remember seeing the Magna at the Vic Hotrod show around ‘99 (I must’ve been about 10) when it was on display unfinished and in bare metal. It was then fitted with the rectangle headlight (earlier model) Magna front end. The final version used the updated Magna front end pictured. I must dig up that bare metal photo, I do have one...

Photos from boostcruisin and various other sites.

Regrann from @stevenfamvision - Bring back sexspec.
Fireball customer car 😍😍😍😍
#sexspec #ct200h #Lexus #babes #stance #airliftperformance
Fireball Australia - #fireballau
Fireball - Ultimate Detailing Solution - #regrann

Here’s something a little different and from a little closer to home. Taken at Summernats 21 in 2008 (photo by ‘mongrel’ and found on the ‘edgebuggyforums’) is this 3rd gen’ Odyssey faux-woody lowrider. Which appears to have shaved everything, gold accents, 20” 100 spokes, full custom mint green interior, vinyl roof and so on. It even appears to have had work done under the bonnet - unless they’re just showing off the gold/chome plating? But I’d say due to the era, there may be a turbo hiding in there. This model Odyssey was basically brand new in ‘08. The purple base colour is the original factory purple which these come out in I would say. Apart from what I can see I know nothing more about it, and I don’t even remember seeing it before I stumbled on it (@streetmachinemag did you guys run any shots of this from S’Nats21?) It appears to have been built by Xquisite Customs in NSW who as far as I can tell, don’t exist anymore. Does anyone know where this is thing today?

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