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Stop modern day slavery. Join the conversation. #EndItMovement Thank you to @oursharedshelf and @emmawatson for educating me on sex trafficking and child slavery. This epidemic must end now. Stand up for those who can't. #sexslavery #sextrafficking #childslavery #endit

The Norse Vikings gathered wealth and slaves from many places in the world. Www.sextheillustratedhistory.wordpress.com #sexslavery #vikings

From @_stop_islam_ via @jackashbaugh
This is Angering😡and So Very Sad!😢These women who are protesting have No Clue what Oppressed Is!🚫 #BanIslam #SexSlavery

Today is February 1st. Today is National Freedom Day. Today you can easily help save a child's life. @remembernhu is a non profit organization that helps the 1.2 million children who are sold into sex slavery every year. By visiting their website you can sponsor a child or simply give a one time donation. This isn't the day you scroll by another Instagram post, today is February 1st, National Freedom Day. Today is the day you take action and give support.
I sponsor a child in need, do you?

#nationalfreedomday #sexslavery #children #sponsor #love

Trafficked #WorldPremiere is happening TODAY in #Italy for opening night film at a festival. 🎬 I am very proud to have been apart of this amazing project. It opened my eyes to some of the terrible evils of this world. I'm honored to give a voice to the voiceless. We must do something to end #humantrafficking #sexslavery...please take a moment to check out the trailer on YouTube/my FB. ❤️

This was from my shoot for @nomakeupnovember! This amazing organization stands to raise awareness about sex slavery! There are 20.9 million victims worldwide (2012) so it's a huge deal that is not talked about at all! #nomakeup #sexslavery #raiseawareness

36 Yazidis were liberated from ISIL today and had the opportunity to reunite with their families. Thousands of Yazidis still remain in ISIL's grasp, and thousands of girls - as young as 9 - are sold into sex slavery by ISIL. Read what you can do - link in bio. #yazidi #women #sexslavery #slavery #action

Trafficking in persons, as defined by the UN, is the "recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of deception, of the abuse of power or of position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation." Thailand is a source, destination, and transit country for sex trafficking of women and children.With the publication of its 2014 Trafficking in Persons [TIP] Report, the US State Department downgraded Thailand to "Tier 3", the lowest level possible, for its failure to show improvements in eliminating human trafficking. #feminism #thailandwomen #sexslavery #humantrafficking


#trapped #awareness #rape #sexslavery what does this sculpture make you feel? Slavery, trafficking, abuse is not just a story.

#Repost @a21
#BREAKINGNEWS: A 7-year-old girl is now safe! Forced into a begging ring, this brave young survivor was exploited for years before she was rescued by the local police. ⠀ ⠀
Our team worked with the Cambodian government to place her into a trusted foster family where she can receive the long-term support she needs. For men, women, and children you are making freedom possible. #sexslavery #slavery #trafficking #humantrafficking

Does this count as an apology? #pedo #government #monopoly #humantrafficking #sexslavery

For today's #AdventureUnfiltered moment, I want to bring attention to an organization that is very close to my heart.

Sasane Organization, in Nepal, helps rescue and support survivors of human trafficking through education, job skills training, and their paralegal program. The survivors who complete the paralegal training program are then available to help and assist other survivors when they arrive at police stations - the ability to connect with someone who has gone through a similar experience provides newly rescued and escaped people with hope, a deeper level of understanding, and advocacy in the legal system.
I visited Sasane when we were in Nepal with @GAdventures. Out of respect for all the women, and my fellow travelers, this photo only shows me in a candid moment of laughter. I like this photo because I remember the day and I remember how emotional it was to hear the stories of the organization, meet the women who now worked and lived at the Sasane house, and see first hand the miracle and struggle of recovery. I like this photo because it's my reminder that there is hope and joy and reason to laugh, even in the midst of profound struggle and challenge.
I will never forget this day and my experience with Sasane, although I have since forgotten how to make momos.
I encourage all of you to go check out more about Sasane, and spread the word about this organization, the valuable work it does, and to keep the conversation about human trafficking alive and loud, even when it's uncomfortable to talk about. One day, women and children will no longer be traded as a commodity. One day, human beings will no longer be regarded as property.

#Sasane #GAdventures #Nepal #HumanTrafficking #SexSlavery #ModernSlavery #HumanSlavery #Slavery #Awareness #HaveTheHardConversations #Survivors #Thrivors #Women #Children #Traveler #DoGoodInTheWorld #Wanderlust #Wanderess #LetsGoOnAnAdventure #AroundTheWorld #ForeverChanged

4 more days, every dollar matched! Help us meet our goal, link in profile.
#justice #love #humantrafficking #fightforjustice #sexslavery #endit

Some are drugged and stolen in the night while others may be born in brothels. Some are sold by their own family while others may be betrayed with a promise of a bright future.

No matter the horrific turn that made them a victim of #humantrafficking or #sexslavery we know that is NOT their destiny and we work every day to support survivors in rebuilding their lives through shelter, education and employment programs.

#HerFuture #ForeverFree #empowerment #endhumantrafficking #supportsurvivors

OPERATION ORCHID: 4 Girls Rescued and 5 Arrested || The Exodus Road and local police rescued 2 minor girls and 2 adult women from a roadside hotel-brothel in rural India and arrested 5 offenders.

Our team received a tip from an informant that girls had been trafficked across the border to the brothel. Investigators helped rescue 20-year-old Bashita*, just 10 days after she had been trafficked. Her personal story is especially heartbreaking and (now) hopeful. Read Bashita's story on the blog! #linkinbio

Chattel: A PERSONAL POSSESSION, AN ITEM OF PROPERTY OTHER THAN REAL ESTATE You guys heard of slavery, but chattel slavery to be exact before right? You guys have heard of feudalism before right? You guys have heard of the 1 percenters right? THIS IS GOD SPEAKING DIRECTLY AT THEM #childsextrafficking #slavery #sexslavery #chattelslavery #feudalism #capitalism #hoarders #1percenters #wallstreet #bankers #quran #death #justice #judgmentday #pharoah

막상 보니까 그냥 가슴이 먹먹해지더라.. 표정을 어떻게하고 찍어야될지 모르겟더라..
누가해준건지 원래 잇던건지 목에 둘러잇던 분홍빛 스카프는.. 소녀상에게 너무 어울렷지만 슬펏다.


New life, redemption, beauty all surrounded by the dirt, garbage and sin...All of these things come to mind when I think of the so commonly painted (it's almost cliche) lotus flower... Human trafficking and sex slavery...If you haven't watched my YouTube video about my #thelilypadprojectff you can go to you tube and search "The Lily Pad Project in 5 Min" to hear why I started painting the flowers in the first place several years ago.
It may surprise you.

Child/Human Trafficking.. $32 Billion generated Annually!!.. It's everywhere so it's our responsibility to learn how to read the signs! Businesses serve as fronts for traffickers to exploit their victims. Restaurants, bars and strip clubs, nail salons, kiosks, massage parlors, truck stops, cleaning services, construction businesses, farms and even people’s homes are but a few places officers might encounter human trafficking victims. One important indicator for officers to take note of is a business where the employees both live and work.
This is important is to pay attention the security of these buildings.. As officers come upon a variety of businesses, restaurants, or residences, they should be sure to examine the level of security present.

They should ask themselves, “Does this level of security seem appropriate for this type of property or dwelling?” For instance: • Are there bars on the doors and windows?
• Is this appropriate considering the level of crime in the neighborhood?
• Is there an unusual amount of surveillance equipment on exterior, interior, or both?
• Is there barbed wire present and does it seem out of place?
• Does it appear that the level of security is intended to keep people out or, of great concern to police, keep people in? #endhumantrafficking #endchildabuse #sexslavery

This print is available and more on the @etsy shop! 20% of the profits go to #wearethorn Link is in the bio! #willowandanchor 🌿

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