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Starting my workout!!! To make my hubby happy! 💋💏💞💞💞 começando os meus exercicios! Pra deixar o marido mais feliz! Entendeu, ne?! 💏💞💏💞💏💞 #marriage #fitnessmotivation #sexonocasamento #sexinmarriage

Are you in the Dallas area this weekend?? Come hear Kevin (of Marriage Works!) speak this coming Sunday (2/21st) at 10 AM at Mt. Hebron Baptist Church in Garland Texas. The topic: Sex in Marriage. Don't miss this message! Click link in the profile for location directions or go here: http://onthemount.org/worship-times/ #marriageworks #SexInMarriage

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#letstalkaboutsex #nakedbutnotashamed #sexinmarriage #sex -Marriage Sex, Boring Sex? SEX! A topic most couples shy away from but then we all indulge. Don't we? Sex is God given. It's not from the devil! It is supposed to be a beautiful experience between married couples. You want to spice up your sex life? Here are some tips: -Perception: Sex is from God. Your spouse's body is yours to explore and enjoy. It is also your responsibility to give your spouse great pleasure. -Timing: Whoever said sex should only be in the middle of the night? Sometimes an early morning, mid- afternoon sex is not a bad idea at all; even meeting up for a sex-lunch. Remember, with sex, experience does not make perfect. Love and a willingness to give pleasure does. Sex is an art that must be learnt. Great lovers are made; not born. - Tinuola Agbabiaka
Have a wonder filled sex life!

Hey fam,

For those that are yet to subscribe, we discussed the importance of cleanliness, looking good/ attractive, preparing the venue and putting away all gadgets e.g phones.


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"Look good for your own good" @ope_davies and @ayodaviesuk say so!! Click link in my bio to find out why

So I bought these three books for a dollar at an estate sale this morning. They were on a shelf right next to the Book of Mormon and some hymnals. #idealsexlife #bookofmormon #estatesale #onedollar #religioustext #sexinmarriage #oops #Chattanooga #Tennessee

I find this to be so true. I've been single now for three years since my divorce and I have been dating and found out that again this is so very true. Too many of US and I say US men and women have gotten love all wrong and messed up and confuse LUST with LOVE. So I choose to be single because I have yet to find a woman that is worthy of my love I've ended the relationship and stopped seeing them because they want to have sex and my belief and morals stand for sex is only for marriage. It's like this if you want it then your gonna have to put a ring on it! LOL! So my journey to find and have REAL LOVE continues and I know that I will find and have REAL LOVE THIS YEAR! #Sex #SexInMarriage #SexInMarriageIsBeautiful #SexInMarriageIsPerfectlyPure #Love #RealLove #LoveIn2017 #OneLove #MuchLove #GodIsLove #PowerOfOne

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How many married people actually have regular sex? Find out why sex is amazing and very much needed in a marriage.

One of the things I love most about Dr Amos is that we can talk about anything and everything. We don't just talk about the bible, @amosfenwa is a dynamic teacher of various subjects such as marriage and sex in marriage. Ladies are your husbands running on a low battery 🔋 or have they been fully charged 🔌. It works both ways, men also ensure that you satisfy your wives and not just yourself, Keep that love meter 🌡 burning. #neveradullmoment #teacher #mentor #pastor #imtakingnotes #keep #that #battery #charged #that #meter #must #not #run #low #sexinmarriage #lol


So I bought these three books for a dollar at an estate sale this morning. They were on a shelf right next to the Book of Mormon and some hymnals. #idealsexlife #bookofmormon #estatesale #onedollar #religioustext #sexinmarriage #oops #Chattanooga #Tennessee

Not Tonight Dear!
by @terri.bonin
What if you’re married and you don’t like sex?
No problem. There’s hope for you! First, let me list a few reasons you want to take the steps to learn to like sex. The health benefits are CRAZY!! Here’s the short list…

Come on Over & Read the Rest of the Story Here:

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Phillipians 2:3-4... The husband is to "pleasure" his wife, and the wife is to "pleasure" her husband. It is in mutual self-giving that love finds its highest expression. #Love #oneness #sexinmarriage #mutualcommitment #HeavenOnEarthMarriage #marriageissweet

So much preparation goes into wedding ceremony by all and sundry - family, friends, well wishers, the bride and groom; from bridal showers, aso ebi, food, drinks, souvenirs and etc. Not much is done to prepare for the 'big' night! For the most sensual and memorable times - Honey Plux offers ~ ||bespoke sex "honeybag" for 'old' couples and newly weds || Tools & counsel on sex matters for the married.
SMS/Whatsapp: 08125013801 honeyplux1@gmail.com
IG: honeyplux1

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Sex is NOT a Bargaining Chip!
Is is not to be used to get your way.
It is not a weapon used to control the other in bed or outside the bed.
You don't blackmail, force, guilt, withhold, make the other beg, or push your partner to have sex.
Sex is a mutually agreed upon transaction where each partner willingly joins in expressing physical and emotional connection with the other.
This is a very bland, straightforward description, however I'm not talking about the act of sex right now. .
I'm talking about the concept of sex being used to control the other.
Unless both parties are in agreement then it is about control.
Marriage is not about controlling each other but about mutually agreeing and working equally side by side to enjoy life together.
Sex is a gift we give to each other.
Don't use sex to control your partner or to control your relationship.
Using sex in this manner is very destructive to your marriage.
Forcing it or withholding it can either way destroy your marriage.
Be careful to treat your partner with love and respect so you can always say...
Life is good together!
If you'd like a free session to talk to me about issues in your relationship just click my profile and Let's Talk. I would be happy to discuss how I can help.
The Marriage Coach
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@Regrann from @doctorsmagazineng - Ask A Gynecologist:
Q: Can Rough Sex Harm Your Vagina?

A: It’s not necessarily that it would harm it, but it can cause some trauma to it, especially if someone experiences bleeding after or burning and irritation. Those are the things that can happen with rough sex.

But, the vagina, in general, is very forgiving. It has a lot of elasticity. It has a lot of collagen, which allows the vagina to usually return to it’s normal size. That’s pretty evident and you can see with child birth, you know? I would hate if my vagina stayed that large after delivering a human! After, there’s definitely recoil and elasticity of the vagina that allows it to return to its normal size.

If something does occur during sex and you feel extreme pain, see a doctor immediately.

Visit our page : www.doctorsmagazineng.com
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I promised someone I would post a video today, showing some #energyhealing exercises that help keep ovaries and testicles healthy. Christians don't talk about such things, usually because of Paul and also that sex is a sacred covenant we make with God and the one we marry. And most Christians I know, don't even enjoy sex but they see it as something you usually just do to make a baby. What I have learned from studying #energymedicine is that a healthy #sexlife in the sacred bonds of marriage is vital for our happiness. It is more common for married men to experience impotency problems than other men. The answer is not to turn to porn, but to turn to God. Why would He not hear your prayers about being a sexy man for your wife? Why would you not think sex is important to the both of you? From what I know about marriage, after being married 3 times, is that no matter a man's age, you can always find a way, to blow his mind sexually. God gives us wives power to please our husbands when we pray for it. If Satan is fighting to break up families with sex everywhere you look these days, don't you think that God would enables us to know better than any woman out there, what would please our husband, instead of making him numb himself so much that he loses power over his man parts? 1 Corinthians 11:11 Nevertheless neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord.

12 For as the woman is of the man, even so is the man also by the woman; but all things of God. I will post the video later.

Are You a Woman that's Married to a Man that can't Satisfy You in bed?

Then, get Erectzan, for Your Hubby. It's a Powerful Natural Male Enhancement Supplement.

Price: N10,000 for 1 months supply

To Order: 08099874275, 07088146099; wholemedics@gmail.com; DM wholemedics on Instagram.

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I know how hard it can be to feel confident in the way your body looks. Years and life take a toll on what our bodies once looked like. Maybe you've never had body confidence, and it's always been a struggle for you. I encourage you to let your spouse be a confidence booster for you. If they tell you with their words that they think you're sexy- believe them. Let your spouse look at your body and delight in what God created.
Let's have lights on during intimacy. Let's get into positions during our time of love making that let's them see us. No more hiding- covering up- or shying away. Let's be naked and unashamed with our spouse, because that's how God intended it to be.
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Work Hard and Play Harder ❤ | While marriage is work, don't forget to have lots of fun and sex 😉 #TalkwithTemi #Relationships #Married #Marriedlife #Marriageworks #Marriagetoday #marriagetalk

It's Tuesday! Go to the Marriage Is Our Ministry FB page, or YouTube channel to today's video!

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Wives. You should NEVER make your husband feel guilty for wanting to be with you. God made them with different urges and sexual desires. And YOU are the one they have have chosen to marry... YOU are the one they turn to when they have sexual needs to be fulfilled. Remember, they're coming to you and not someone else. Keep it that way by realizing their expression of sexual needs to you is an expression of their desire for this very real and very important need to be met by YOU - the one they love.

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@Regrann from @nowthatyouremarried - Our first episode is airing Tomorrow! 👆
Oyinkansola Ogunjimi, one of our guests on the first episode of #NTYM will be sharing her views on the topic #SexInMarriage 👌
Tune in tommorrow
Date: Monday, 5th June, 2017
Time: 10am
Africa magic Urban, channel 153.
Also Available on our Youtube Channel [Link In BIO] Cc: @MuslimahStyleGuide @Liz_Osho @BolaYinkaObebe @YinkaObebe @LolaMaja
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