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Meanwhile downtown, as another Pride paraded by, I couldn’t help but wonder: Was I over the rainbow? After all, if your days are out and proud, did you really need a month? Was it time for me to drop Roy G. and break up with Mr. Biv? But, I thought: Maybe Pride isn’t for Me. Maybe it’s for We. Maybe it's for all the misters & sisters under our rainbow living far from equal... maybe it's for the kings, queens & in-betweens too afraid to be proud... pressured to paint over their true colors. Maybe it shouldn't take bravery just to be yourself. Because whether you’re in a club or a closet, you have to wonder: What would the world be like if we didn’t waste energy on shame? If no one spent a second thinking their truth would leave them abandoned and alone? Thankfully, we G’s & L’s & Q’s & B’s & T’s & TBD’s…we all have scars in the same places. So we decided to start a family. Like all families we sometimes fight, but more often we love. Because it’s not always easy living outside their narrow minds. But it’s better together. So we come out, sing out, dance hard, hug strong, stand tall, flags high, reach higher, live fully, breathe deep, love deeper, love wider and love louder. So that what they hear—louder than hate, ignorance, conformity, or fear—is pride. #CarrieDragshaw
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In the middle, loud and proud, Carrie's wearing a T from @marcjacobs Proceeds from this T benefit New York City's LGBT Community Center, a place very close to my heart @lgbtcenternyc. The photo on the T was taken by @nathanperkel at the 2017 Stonewall protests. Live out & love hard, my darlings.

Dilansir dari Kompas, penelitian ini merupakan bagian dari studi besar tentang kota paling seksual di dunia, dengan 10 faktor yang diteliti. Setiap kota di peringkat ini ditentukan berdasarkan standar hidup wanita yang tinggi.
Berikut 10 kota di mana perempuan mendapatkan aktivitas seks terbaik:

1. London, Inggris
2. Paris, Perancis
3. Auckland, Selandia Baru
4. Los Angeles, California, USA
5. Chicago, Illinois, USA
6. Austin, Texas, USA
7. Brussels, Belgia
8. Basel, Swiss
9. Liverpool, Inggris
10. Jenewa, Swiss
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"Женщине порой не так просто идти по жизни, поэтому очень осторожно нужно относится к выбору туфель. Ведь они помогают скрасить нам этот нелегкий путь "
Керри Брэдшоу
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"When I first moved to New York I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I just felt it fed me more." -Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City

Sometimes I forget that I was created to stand out. Sparkle Bitch....💋💋

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