I fell behind on the #missingmarket fun! So here is @charmaboutyou #sewaddedcharm Photo Challenge. I don't add any bling and haven't gotten that adventurous in jazzing things up, but I do hand write all my quilt labels in my messy man printing. It is my way of making my quilts extra special 😉 and I think it adds some Charm 😁 thanks @gogokim and @thesewingloft

I loved Lucy’s @charmaboutyou prompt for #missingmarket: #sewaddedcharm! I know I just showed this last week, but I think this little frame around my fussy cut along with some hand stitching add a lot of charm to my current project for the #favoritethingssewingswap! I don’t often add details like this to projects, but I think I am going to start doing it more often! Playing along with @gogokim and @thesewingloft #quiltmarket #simplepatchworkismyfavorite #fussycutting #tashanoel #simplepatchwork #handstitching #deliatravelcase

When you #sewaddedcharm the result every time better 🤗 #missingmarket @charmaboutyou #photochallenge Немножко декора лишним не бывает 😉 #bags

@charmaboutyou I used polymer clay to make flower buttons in colours matching Robert Kaufman's Hello Tokyo fabric and used them to embellish the front of my appliqued denim backpack and also made my own flower zip pulls. .
Polymer clay is a fun and easy way to add personalised and unique elements to your sewn goodies. 😎
#missingmarket #sewaddedcharm
#keihakuhandbags #keihaku65 #handmade #handmadebag #handbag #handcrafted #sewing #tote #bagmaking #bag #purse #hellotokyo #robertkaufman #backpack #polymerclay

#missingmarket #sewaddedcharm
I made a block from @lindsaysews book modern bee. I halved the finished size, fussy cut 3 crowns and made my first pin cushion. @charmaboutyou

Glad I had the time to add this one to the #missingmarket picture pool ☺ this is one of the quilts that mean so much to me. I made it for my daughter and it has been loved so much. I added a simple ❤ Mama as a lable and love how it turned out 🤗

@charmaboutyou #sewaddedcharm @gogokim

More #missingmarket fun with @gogokim I’ve recently discovered sparkle thread to pump up my quilting. I love the sparkle!!! #sewaddedcharm @charmaboutyou @thesewingloft

#sewaddedcharm @charmaboutyou #missingmarket @gogokim @thesewingloft I am not one to embellish very much, but I was really pleased with these lazy daisies on my #rainbowhearttrio (pattern by @twiggyandopal ) 😊

I am still mighty pleased at the added charm of this themed handmade zipper pull charm, I'm just about to make some more for the next batch of pouches. #sewaddedcharm #missingmarket #studiosewofcourse #studiosewofcoursedesigns #musicpouches #themedpouch @charmaboutyou @gogokim @thesewingloft

I heavily modified the open wide pouch dimensions and added this cute embroidered design for my #sewaddedcharm @charmaboutyou @gogokim @thesewingloft #missingmarket

Had to think about the #sewaddedcharm for the #missingmarket challenge. I think the bunting that Florence is carrying is a charming way to make the piece pop! @charmaboutyou @gogokim @thesewingloft

For my entry into the #missingmarket #sewaddedcharm challenge, I am posting the sweet little bee I stitched into my Brimfield Block. She is working so hard to gather pollen. I hope her hard work pays off! #brimfieldblock #brimfieldawakening #heatherross #heatherrossfabric #epp #englishpaperpiecing #paperpieces @charmaboutyou @gogokim @brimfieldawakening

#sewaddedcharm #missingmarket @charmaboutyou I find it's difficult to get charms around here, this Eiffel tower was perfect for dd's #amethystprojectbag as it happens it was a freebie from chinese ebay seller of lightbulbs, he wrote he was sorry for all the tradgedy in France and was thinking of us

I have to keep it short today because of a sick kid. This is #missingmarket #sewaddedcharm for @charmaboutyou . I added the tentacles with glow in the dark thread. @thesewingloft @gogokim #quiltwithlove #rjrfabrics #flaurieandfinch #jellyfishquilt #silverliningsoriginals

Trying to keep up with #missingmarket. Here is my #sewaddedcharm. Working today on getting this recently sold mini-quilt ready to ship by adding a label on the back. I like my labels to match the front of the quilt. #gogokim #thesewingloft #quiltlabel #summerhouse #etsy

I love to label gifts, especially swap minis but I also love to make the backs of minis interesting to look at so I'll often piece or fussy cut the back. So I guess that would be my #sewaddedcharm for the #missingmarket challenge set by @charmaboutyou and hosted by @gogokim and @thesewingloft. Sadly I'm not so good at labelling quilts that I make for myself, I think I have about 5 or 6 which still need doing!

@charmaboutyou this is how I make it mine. I add scraps from the piecing on the front of the quilt to the back #sewaddedcharm for #missingmarket with @gogokim and @thesewingloft

#missingmarket #sewaddedcharm This is my first ever finished quilt (I started sewing in March) and I added a little charm to it with my hand sewn Name and Date for our neighbours beautiful baby Julian - loved this and his Nan cane round ours specially to thank for me - made me so proud! 💕 @charmaboutyou

I love seeing everyone's personality shine through in the #sewaddedcharm prompt for #missingmarket - great idea, @charmaboutyou 😀 My favourite way to add charm to a project is to tailor it to the recipient. My husband LOVES Star Trek, so here are a few of the projects I've made him over the years - a guitar strap, a Christmas stocking, a quilt (he's currently sleeping under it as I write this!), and a BBQ apron. He treasures each item, and I love seeing him use them. 💕 @gogokim @thesewingloft
#startrekfabric #startreksewing @camelot_fabrics #camelotfabrics

I was planning to add lace to this quilt on some of the webs already. But when this Daddy Long Leg got messed up I decided to just hide the bad side. 🙄 Unless it's under scrutiny no one will ever know and I love how it looks. This is definitely #sewaddedcharm. This happens to be what I'm working on right now. I'm doubting I'll finish for Halloween though. 😣 @charmaboutyou @gogokim @thesewingloft #missingmarket #effiequilt #halloweenquilt

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