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My youngest daughter presented her memoir in her kindergarten class. She titled it “The Help.“ I didn’t have the heart to tell her that book has already taken the literary and Hollywood community by storm! All joking aside, it’s beautiful watching your children take pride in the knowledge they acquire and the growth they make. How do you encourage your children to take pride in themselves?

Juice man 🥤📷 @kasaxnova

I am claiming it, I am speaking it into existence. my season is coming. I’m about to experience even more consecutive wins. the thoughts I’ve sowed are manifesting. my actions, dedication, and consistency are about to pay off in a major way. all things are about to come to fruition. I am ready to receive a life this miraculous. every morning I rise with purpose and intent, and every night I lay in content. each day I get closer and closer to this life of magic, I can feel the warmth of the future on my skin. #manifest #powerofattraction #thesecret #sevenspirituallaws #thefouragreements #youngandsuccessful #motivationalquotes #motivation #millionairemindset #younglion #secretsociety #grateful #mantra #affirmation #mindset

Each day my number one priority is making sure my children know they are loved beyond compare and worthy of loving themselves. Their self-love comes from pride in their tasks, self-expression, being heard, having control in their lives and making mistakes. All of which is most greatly impacted by my part in these things! What elements in your child’s life builds their self-love?

Do you guide your children to expect a good life? Giving gratitude each day for the blessings already in their lives is powerful. We do this at dinner or bedtime. Sometimes we even write down our blessings and stick them on their bedroom door. How do your children practice gratitude? Thank you Second Blooms on Tumblr for a great image!

Wednesdays is the Law of Least Effort.
It is what it is. And this is a great cuppa. 😆
(Thanks @reecegeorge1395 🐬) #cuppa #freedom #lifeisgood #sevenspirituallaws

In our culture of consumerism, it is easy to allow our children to be swept up in the tsunami of materialism and instant gratification. It takes diligence and intention to help them embrace the pure delight of giving to others. It is worth every effort as you watch your children find their true purpose in connecting with others.

My kids were off school the last two days for conferences and we had the most amazing time connecting. I had some short “work hours” at home while they played and then put everything away and gave them 100% of my focus. Hours of my undivided attention meant they were more grounded and at peace. We can’t do this all the time, but don’t underestimate the power of delivering uninterrupted time to your kids. It builds their self esteem and usually, after you’ve filled their cup, they are happier to let you tend to your adulting-tasks!

For those registered in my workshop: below is the link for the FB group where you will find resources and support! Look for my email with a live link! Don’t forget to check your promotions or social folders! https://www.facebook.com/groups/966881856812701/?source_id=132726140838659

Somehow I am feeling busy and peaceful, and spontaneous and organised all at the same time. Life is good.
According to our Ayurveda / yoga / meditation teacher's philosophy, Thursday is the Law of Intention and Desire.... so, good day for refining the ongoing to-do list of life. 😊

#sevenspirituallaws #freedom #lifeisgood #workinghard #peace #meditation #possibility #intention

Your children are born as intuitive, powerful and capable individuals. Instead of teaching them to blend in and conform, show them how their strengths will help them live an abundant life!

Join us tomorrow for lunch and enjoy a fun and informative lecture with Claire Diab on The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga. There will be lots of good food!!! Plus get the chance to meet The AYA staff, Teachers in Training, and Lead Educators😊 Hope to see you there. Namaste🙏🏼

Here’s the link! https://mailchi.mp/ee42302a6b0c/yybwhx2o75 ❤️You can also get the free meditation resources by following the link in my bio! 😌Meditation keeps you grounded, centered and focused, making your children more peaceful!

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