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Day 7 Saturday: The Law of Dharma (Purpose in Life). Every being has a purpose in life. There is a need for your talents. Live your legend in Life. Discover your higher self, acknowledge and express your talents, and serve others. In yoga, allow the energy of life to flow freely - feel quiet stillness, appreciate your natural yoga abilities, ask how you can help and serve. My life is in harmony with cosmic Law. @keithyogafox
Thank you @doublevphotography for your wonderful skills! Look forward to seeing the rest of your pics. #sevenspirituallaws #yoga #tinydancer #photography #beach

“Life is a learning experience, only if you learn.” #deepakchopra #sevenspirituallaws #spirituality #consciousness

Enjoying my last day of being 25! Since the Law of the Day is Dharma my intention is to celebrate all the changes that have happened in the past year and the support that so many of you have given me along the way. Celebrating taking chances, making mistakes, and stepping out of my comfort zone. It's been quite a whirl wind (with lots of ups and downs) but I'm so thankful for every experience that I have had. 💙 #feeling26 #dharma #sevenspirituallaws

New year, new reading #svadyaya #deepakchopra #sevenspirituallaws #yoga #success Namaste💚🙏🏼💜

Video about his quote today: https://youtu.be/iec_Hmq-gCs

Quote: in every seed is the promise of thousands of forests. But the seed must not be hordes; it must give its intelligence to the fertile ground.
#giving #givingtip #givingandreceiving #sevenspirituallaws #deepakchopra

Day 7: Today we spent hours on meditation and I loved it! One of the reasons I am drawn to yoga is the integration of mind, spirit and body. It is important to have all 3 in balance. The Seven Spiritual Law of Yoga offers a practical path to restore balance in all 3 areas. Read it if you want to learn more. I may even loan out my copy...Namaste! 🙏🏽 #yogi #yogini #blackyogi #floridakeys #meditation #sevenspirituallaws


I hear you but...

✨"Everything is possible, no matter what." ~Deepak Chopra ✨....Starting the week off right! (It's actually the same as every other week come to think of it, right @acirri61 🤔)....Essential oils bc we can't breathe 🤧: Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint. #essentialoilsforthewin #10yearsgoingstrong #echineceaonthereg #chineseherbs #codliveroil #bonebrothsoup #mindbodysoul #sevenspirituallaws

Peaceful start to the weekend.
🌱🌞🙏🏾 Helpful tip: be unfuckwithable and unbothered. Be kind and practice gratitude.
#SevenSpiritualLaws #48Laws

Throwback to hangin with my favs in #costarica tag us in your #yogafamily pics! @yogimemes @muzewear

🌴🌺 🤸‍♀️Only 3 weeks until our feet touch down on the delicious shores of Bali for our Ignite Your Essence Yoga Retreat. ⠀
We look forward to sharing the life changing teachings of the amazing Deepak Chopra as we delve into the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success... a practical guide to the fulfillment of our dreams!⠀
#yogaretreat #bali

Shine Bright You Beautiful Light ☀️
Going to a yoga class is great and all (we’re big fans), but we know the value finding your connection off the mat. That’s where @MicoleNoble is going to step in. Join @BossBabesBrunchClub in collaboration with CTF tonight, August 16th from 6:30-8:30pm at @TFRGallery as we explore spirituality both on and off the mat. Together we’re going to let go as we explore this night of networking, spiritual development, and a physical yoga practice. It doesn’t get better than that. Suggested donation of $15-$20 pay at the door (cash or venmo).

Have you met @micolenoble If not, you're missing out. This yogini babe is going to be teaching us about self care, yoga, and so much more at tomorrow's Let's Let Go workshop. .
Join us for a some lessons on spirituality and a gentle yoga flow tomorrow (8.16) from 6:30-8:30pm at @tfrgallery in Leucadia. Suggested donation of $15-$20 with all proceeds going to the mega babes at the @changingtidesfoundation (cash or venmo at the door). We can't wait to see you there!

"whether it be a stream, a forest, a mountain, or the sea, connecting with nature's intelligence will give you a sense unity with all of life, and help you to get in touch with the innermost essence of your being. this essence of full of magic and mystery. It is fear; it is free." deepak chopra ✨🌊💚 #beonewithnature #sevenspirituallaws #deepakchopra #energyflow #energy #trueself #lovewhereyoulive #sandiegoiloveyou #justbe #practicenonjudgement #communewithnature

This is a basic principle in the #sevenspirituallaws of #yoga #class taught by #annemarieburford to learn more please join us on #monday and #wednesday #morning it's known the Principle of #intention and #desire as taught at the #chopracentre for #wellbeing #california #movingenergy #yogaforlife #yogainspiration

Spent a week at @omegainstitute and returned home overflowing with ideas, resolutions, and love. In all my excitement and optimism I almost forgot that real life, with all its regular struggles, still exists 😕. But instead of wallowing in the frustration of familiar challenges (because I did that yesterday and, trust me, it wasn't pretty), I'm re-devoting myself to my efforts. So I took a few quiet moments, rooted my feet on the ground, gathered my patience, and took a walk with Zoe. Came upon this group, and after witnessing this seemingly-everyday childhood interaction, I knew there was something special about it. Beyond the fact that there is such cool teaching and learning among the kiddos (no adults to muck things up!), it was this particular activity -- fishing -- that made me think. Full disclosure: I have never understood the joy people find in fishing. It always seemed like so much waiting and for such little reward. So when I got home from our walk and picked up the book I started at Omega, I read this quote (on teaching karma to kids): "A critical part of emotional intelligence is learning to delay immediate gratification.... learning to see beyond one's immediate reactions is the first step toward empathy...." And there it is--this quality I've always struggled with in myself--the need for instant gratification--displayed here, in the art of fishing, among a group of 5 kiddos. And how amazing is this?! No one told them to do this, and they just created this moment, cultivating their patience, and stoking the capacity of their empathetic reserves 💙 (FYI-quote from The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents by @deepakchopra) #empathy #karma #mindfulkids #fishing #kidsteachingkids #kidsteachingparents #bepresent #natureschool #nochildleftinside #letgo #mindfulness #patience #sevenspirituallaws #sevenspirituallawsforparents #deepakchopra #omegainstitute

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