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Check out some of the #sevenperfectangels when they found this truck that said "City of Angels" 👼🏼 How cute are they? #sakschannels

Part 7
Ellie's P.O.V
*After doing the chores, having lunch, doing chores after lunch and dinner*
"Pheww finally we have some time." Heather said in relief, as she layed on her bed in the same room we were before.
"Yeah! I miss mum and dad. And my older sister. And SSG. I wanna go back home. Urghh!!" I groaned in annoyance.
"Me too but we have no other choice, we are locked here for God know how long." Heather said.
Suddenly there was a flash of light and at the corner of the room, there was a girl with wings and she was wearing all white. Wait is it an angel? Idk!!
"Hello Ellie and Heather! You can solve this problem!" She said.
"What? How?" Heather asked.
"By your powers!" She replied
"Our powers? What do you mean?" I asked, confused. The angel came towards us and put her hand on top of our head. Her palm turned into a yellow light with sparkles and then it went back to normal.
"Here, read this and Good luck!" She handed us a paper with some writing on it and she disappeared into thin air.
We looked at the paper. There was a writing in black pen:
"Super Angel is the name,
Of two girls with fame.
To create an unbelievable power,
Because of their standard which is higher than a tower.
Faster than an aeroplane they will run.
With speed of the wind they will come.
Stronger than a hulk they will fight.
Wether it's day or night.
To solve the problem which is more or less,
Because of their strength, bravery and kindess.
As they find a way for this to be done.
They will conquer the evil kingdom."
Yes I made this poem/rhyming thing lol please don't steal it. It was kinda hard to come up with this idea and the rhyming words at the end of each sentenses. Anyway what do you think? Comment below! :)
Tag Ellie & Heather 👭
@Ellz.xo & @Hearthez
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We'd be smiling except our masks are dry... Slumber Party. Other daughter is at a sleepover so me and A had our own. We had pizza for supper, watched American Girl movie Carissa, ate popcorn in bed. Morning masks and fudge cake for breakfast! I also took time to watch her fave YouTube channels with her. I mean really watch them, not just glance at the screen and smile. It is so interesting what you learn when you watch what appeals to them and ask "why"? #cookieswirlc #animaljam #sevenperfectangels

Lia's Swimsuit:
Store- Justice
Price- $12.99
Let's get SPA to 2 million!🎉🎈
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Last photo of this theme! I think this is rare but I honestly don't know?! @ellz.xo
dm me to have this photo unwatermarked💘

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Heather Edit [💙]

helloooo! congrats to everyone that placed in Heathers Contest!💙 Anyways here's a new edit and I'm really excited for this theme and I'm actually going to keep it:)😋 tag Heather below?

@hearthez @heather._spams #heatherspa #sevenperfectangels

Welcome to #sevensupergirls Ashlynn! We are happy to announce that our new Tuesday on SSG is Ashlynn! She is transferring over from #sevenperfectangels 💖💖💖 Comment below to welcome her! #sakschannels

Some Angels and some Super Girls hanging out and relaxing in the pool together! 😎 #sevensupergirls #sevenperfectangels #sakschannels


Here are some of the #sevenperfectangels

Photo credit : @sakschannels
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Check out some of the #sevenperfectangels when they found this truck that said "City of Angels" 👼🏼 How cute are they? #sakschannels

i decided to try to make a complex edit. it's not very good, but i tried:)
i had to use avery's "favorite song" no hate, it's just a joke:)
fc: 474
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song credits: @literallyleblanc

Holly | tumblr girls
I love Holly💓
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's typing

Tysm for 1k. Here's an edit for SevenPerfectAngels. I hope you like it. Should I keep the color theme(pink) the same or should I change it. —

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Anna, Brianna, Heather, and Emily like

{Emily liked😘} Edit for @emily_spa_ hope she like it😘 #sevenperfectangels #saksedits

this photo is so cute❗️
qotd: what is your favorite sport?
aotd: volleyball 🏐 -
fc: 470;(
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SevenPerfectAngels | skinny love remix
hello to all of my loyal followers who still follow me! I honestly can't believe I have 5,000 people still following me. it's crazy. I still have 3 weeks left of summer, so I decided to temporarily come back to this account because I miss editing the SAKS girls a lot.
[forgot to mention] inspired by @spaxedits (follow her!!)
PS ~ no hate intended, I love all of the SPA girls but the original will always be my favs😊
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Heather makes a stunning Frankenteen! 💖💖 Make sure to watch #sevensupergirls today to see her crash the #ssg sleepover! #sakschannels #sevenperfectangels

I don't know if you're still active on your fan account but I hope you see this🙃
We have known each other for amost YEAR, we first met on the 29th August. You are such a great friend, you always know how to make me laugh. I miss you so much, I hope we can talk more. You deserve an amazing birthday and I hope one day we might be able to break the distance!! sksjajajsj we need to facetime sometime and keep our streak going even though I can't keep a streak to save my life 😂
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @_dolanssmerrell

i love her glasses😍
qotd: what's your favorite subject in school?
fc: 472
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Some Angels and some Super Girls hanging out and relaxing in the pool together! 😎 #sevensupergirls #sevenperfectangels #sakschannels

heather is goals
qotd: day☀️or night🌙 ?
fc: 470 rip
tags: #sevenperfectangels #sakschannels

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