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#SibylKempson and the women of #SasquatchRituals are #ready for the first night of exploring the unexplainable @thekitchen_nyc 👀 🏕🧦Only 5 nights to experience this unique #theater #performance, buy your tickets now! 🏃🏽‍♀️

Post show jam at The Kitchen tonight after the amazing Sibyl Kempson and The 7 Daughters of Eve presented The Sasquatch Rituals. The Sasquatch is alive and well in the Kitchen of our subconscious!!! #thekitchen #sibylkempson #sasquatch #sevendaughtersofeve #springritual

The unsung Eve # 5.
Back to the story of Eve and her daughters, after a long break…

The migration did not start till massive droughts split the population in small isolated pockets and only after the weather improved, they could reunite, multiply and emigrate. Also the cold snaps had lowered sea levels opening new land bridges. Eve’s daughters migrated out of Africa between 125.000 to 100.000 years ago but did not reach far.

Threafter, human population dropped to as low as 10,000 in number due to onset of worst climatic changes due to ice age.
Around 60 to 70.000 years ago, humans again started migrating out of Africa in search of better living conditions. This was the second migration.
in this second wave of migration, they arrived in India around 70,000 years ago. This was also the time of Toba the super-volcano eruption in Sumatra. The world was covered in volcanic ash for 10 years despite which these Homo sapiens survived. Toba dimmed the sun for 6 years, disrupted rains and choked streams.
Then the cooling started. Already cool earth got cooler. Temperatures dropped drastically. The world was having an ice age 70,000 years ago and all that ash bounced sunlight off cooling it further.
At this point, there were probably as few as 1000 reproductive Homo sapiens left. Another study says we were down to as low as 40.

Finally the ice Age was coming to an end and the climate had started to change favourably, and they started multiplying and once again migrated to Europe 40,000 years ago. Another group migrated to Australia 50.000 years ago.
While in Europe there were Neanderthals/ denisovans, in India, there were Homo erectus.
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#sibylkempson hosts @almondartistandwriters FEB13th pictured here repost @whitneymuseum during rehearsal for Autumnal SHOUT part of a three year residency and performance cycle at #whitneymuseum #sevendaughtersofeve

Album : The unsung #Eve.
15"x24", Seven Daughters Of Eve.
My newest series depicting my interpretations of various facets of evolution, involving # MitochondrialEve.
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Please swipe to see all pics in full!My 'Seven Daughters of Eve', 3rd year group exhibition at Glasgow School of Art. Our exhibition was called 'Eve' which we were to individually interpret in any way we wanted. My 'Seven Daughters of Eve' were inspired by the Brian Sykes book of the same name. In this book Sykes presents the theory of human mitochondrial genetics and human evolution, analyses ancient DNA to genetically link humans to prehistoric ancestors, traces back human migrations and discusses the 'out of Africa theory'. Fab book! We are ALL Eve! ❤️ Porcelain with crackle glaze, black granite, branches. 2010 (?) #ceramics #ceramicsart #ceramicsdesign #contemporaryart #contemporaryceramics #contemporarycraft #clay #clayart #porcelain #porcelainart #design #artschool #sevendaughters #sevendaughtersofeve #glasgow #glasgowschoolofart #exhibition #humans #humanmitochondria #dna #outofafrica #eve

Driving on those dark country roads one night recently, windows down, hair crazy in the wind, #jonimitchell blaring from the radio, i suddenly spot the 7sisters up in the sky, let them guide me home. It hits me, how can we ever feel alone in this magical universe? ✨🔮More commonly known as the star constellation pleiades, in taurus (ruled by venus), these Nov.nights are when they shine the brightest. ✨This is a map that has been found on ancient cave walls+in the poetry of Byron, Keats, Plato, Edgar Allen Poe. Temples were built in alignment with them on sacred sites all around the world+ they were used as an indicator of when to harvest+sow crops, build sacred architecture, for initiation ceremonies. A calendar of sorts, linking the cosmos+the earth. 🌎And totally visible with our human eyes.🙌
#MadameBlavatsky said that the 7sisters play a vital role in the unfolding of human destiny and in the karma of nations and the individual. In aboriginal legend the 7 sisters are associated with water, women’s business+creation. it is said that every winter when the stars of pleiades are no longer visible in the evening skies, the #ngarrindjeri believe they're visiting their mother in the sacred waters+according to elder doreen kartinyeri, "the 7 sisters dreaming to us is important because the stars, the moon, the sun controls the seasons."💚 🌿When i see them, i think of Grannie Nelly dancing her 7sisters lore at the 2000 olympic games opening ceremony to the rest of the world. #munyaandrews from her epic book #thesevensistersofthepleiades says that, “the lost sister represents a universal sense of loss and human compassion, the part of all of us that is searching for community, sense of belonging. The energy lines emanating from these navel sites are like umbilical cords linking our embryonic creation to the universe…(a) tale about women rediscovering their own sense of personal power and inner strength, the sacredness of their sex and having a place of refuge in which to replenish, renurture and re-sustain themselves."
don’t you reckon the V of the bull’s head looks like fallopian tubes?! As above, so below. Or as i might put it, follow the fucking map people. ✨🌎🌙

My nightly reading.
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My maternal DNA tells me I am directly related to Helena, one of the #sevendaughtersofeve. She was born 20,000 years ago on a strip of land between France and Spain. There's a 75% chance we are of Celtic origin (but my mother is really counting on the other 25%...either Anglo Saxon or Danish Viking.) #oxfordancestors

I was reading a website concerning who were the first Europeans ("black' or 'white") and this book came up. I'm very interested in how the author links the pale skin nations of Europe to one of Seven Mothers.
We all know the Asiatic woman gave birth to the nations of the earth, so this should be a interesting read. | #SevendaughtersofEve #whataboutLilith #AsiaticMothersBirthedHumanity

Birthday Books seem to have a theme this year #horror #readingisthebest #birdssummerreading 📚

Do you sometimes wonder what branch of the 7 daughters of Eve you come from ?

Finally have time to read this and it's AMAZING! Thanks, Mom. #reading #ancestry #sevendaughtersofeve #genetics #christmasbreak #ilovebooks #bibliophile

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