When everybody is against you, and wants to stop you! XD
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Thanks to everyone who posted pics and stopped by the booth for their free tshirt!
Many people who hadn't heard of Dierks Diesel before who seemed excited to find us! And many people played our game and won free bumper stickers and magnets!
My son bought this forged sword from a vendor. My other son got a butchering knife from another vendor. So I had get out my pocket knife 😉🤣Wife got Lula Roe from @lularoekathyscott It was a great Settler's Day. Thanks everyone!

Tomorrow is Settler’s day! We’ll be running bouncy castles by the Hub in the afternoon. Come check it out! #settlersday #bouncycastles!! #vyfridays

Grand opening of the Harry Van Oudenaren Museum! Come down to Settlers’ Day today and take a look! #settlersday

Come out to Settlers' Day - Old Fashioned Country Fair this Sunday at Kawartha Settlers' Village!

#settlersday #settlersvillage #bobcaygeon #kawarthalakes #countryfair #carnival

Come out to Settlers' Day - Old Fashioned Country Fair this Sunday at Kawartha Settlers' Village!

#settlersday #settlersvillage #bobcaygeon #kawarthalakes #countryfair #carnival

We hope you are excited for Settlers' Day - Old Fashioned Country Fair!

Don't forget to take a ride on Dromoland Orchard & Stables's Old town Trolley! It will be a part of our Settlers' Day experience, taking riders on a journey through Bobcaygeon's history.
Trolley rides will start at 11am at Market Square, with stops at the Beach Park and the Library and of course Kawartha Settlers' Village. Rides will run every 1/2 hour.
Be sure to take part and learn some of the fascinating history that Bobcaygeon has to offer.
#towntrolley #bobcaygeon #kawarthalakes #settlersday #history #localhistory

Sam loves him some naps in the hostas. He is enjoying the calm before all of our visitors for Settlers Day on Sunday! #villagekitty #settlersday #bobcaygeon #kawarthalakes

Did you know that the City of Kawartha Lakes is a designated Bee City through Bee City Canada? Settlers' Village has also been designated an official Bee Business. We are joining forces on Settlers' to spread the word about pollinators!

Bee City Kawartha Lakes is a citizen-led initiative promoting Pollinator Health throughout our municipality. We hope to inspire the residents of Kawartha Lakes to create and maintain habitat for our honey bees, native bees, butterflies, moths, insects and hummingbirds by planting nectar and pollen sources, ideally with native plants. Pollinators are essential to our food supply and the health and balance of our environment and they are in trouble. Join us in learning how you can connect with Nature in your own backyard and make our community more beautiful.

Join us at Settlers' Day - Old Fashioned Country Fair for a Pollinator Film Festival, demonstrations of seed bomb and bee hotel making, free seed packets and educational handouts.

#beecity #beebusiness #settlersday #event #pollinators  #education #bobcaygeon #kawarthalakes

Today's amazing Settlers' Day vendor is Barb Day of Origami Owl. Origami Owl custom jewelry - designs custom jewelry that highlights YOUR most memorable moments that are meaningful to you. Barb is located in Lindsay, ON. To find out more you can visit her website: bcday.origamiowl.ca
We can't wait to see you at Settlers' Day - June 10th from 10am-4pm.
#settlersday #bobcaygeon #kawarthalakes #origamiowl #customjewelry #vendor

Next up on our list of amazing vendors for Settlers' Day is Elly Wilson.

Elly's interest in drawing and painting began at an early age., She completed a 4-year commercial art program at Northern Secondary High School in Toronto and a one-year program at the Ontario College of Art. After 21 years in Canada Post Payroll Operations, she was offered a buy-out package. With no hesitation, Elly took the package, retired, and moved to Bobcaygeon. Here she rediscovered her enjoyment in painting and joined the Thursday morning art class at the Kawartha Settler's Village.
You won't want to miss the chance to own one of Elly's beautiful works of art. They are always extremely popular! Join us June 10th from 10am-2pm!
For more info on Elly and her work you can visit www.brushstrokesofbobcaygeon.com

#bobcaygeon #kawarthalakes #settlersday #art #artisan #tibetanhorses #vendor #settlersvillage #ksv #kawarthasettlersvillage #artsandhertiage

Another amazing vendor you can check out at Settlers' Day!
We are Captivating Bath & Body. We pride ourselves on having high quality products without the high quality price tag! All of our products are made in Lindsay, and we use only Canadian purchased supplies, some even as close as down the street from us. We make an assortment of different products such as bath bombs, body butter, shower steamers, fizzy bath powder, foaming bath butter, and many more items. We believe that everyone deserves to have some luxury in their lives, and that's why we love making our product for you. Check out our page @captivatingbathandbody

#settlersday #bobcaygeon #bathandbody #vendors #local #shoplocal #luxury #bathbombs #bodybutter #kawarthalakes

Dawn Smith resides in Lindsay, ON and has been creating jewelry and sharing at local artisan craft shows for the past 5 years. She designs with all natural stone and creates 7 Chakra bracelets and necklaces as well as mala prayer necklaces and bracelets. She also has over 70 various design types of natural stone bracelets and necklaces which all incorporate essential oil, natural lava diffusers. In addition, other items she enjoys designing are genuine boho leather wraps and cuffs.

You can come visit Dawn Smith of Diva Gem Creations at Settlers' Day!

Follow her on Facebook @DivaGemCreations

#settlersday #bobcaygeon #kawarthalakes #vendor #divagemcreations #jewelry #bracelets #necklaces #diffusers #chakra #natural #unique

Another great vendor showcasing their talent at Settlers' Day is Bruce Hobley. Bruce is a photographer, and will be selling photos printed on stretched canvas, photos matted and packaged, photo greeting cards and more! For more information on Bruce Hobley (BOBCAYGEON Snap Shooter) you can call 705 738 5499 or email bchobl@gmail.com.

#deer #kawarthalakes #photographer #bobcaygeon #vendor #settlersday #localartist

We are going to have some amazing artists and vendors on hand for this year's Settlers' Day (June 10th, from 10am-4pm)! We will be sharing some of their products and artwork leading up to the event!
Up first @mediumochre will be joining us with amazing art pieces! Amanda (Woodcock) Barrett is a painter - watercolour and acrylic. Writing and photography play an important role in her practice as forms of documenting and storing information and imagery.
Head over to her Facebook page or visit www.mediumochre.com for more info!
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