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Already having flash forwards of this one as a teenager. Lord help me. I constantly worry 'Am i showing her the right morals' 'does she say sorry and thank you enough, will she be a push over, what if she gets bullied or worst what if she is a bully, does she know right from wrong, what if she gets mixed up in the wrong crowd. Motherhood is a constant worry of the past present and future. We can all but pray her support team around her will help build her up to make the right decisions but when she doesnt that the same support team will be there to pick her up dust her off and help to move forward. Heres to her Grandparents, her wonderful 9 Aunties and her 6 uncles, to her great grandparents to her Great Aunty Helen and to her 'Aunty' Beth and even to the members of the slug squad Cheers support team, we got this.

Time to make a #comeback after a #setback

While I’m procrastinating, here’s footage of The Forest City from last summer. #Setback

Well.. i fell off the better eating wagon this weekend 😂 Friday night had pizza, Saturday for lunch had left over pizza, Saturday night I have deep fried hot chips along with a burrito. I was doing so well with eating no junk. Im not angry at myself because everyone has set backs. Today is a new day and ill be moving along. Mango + Banana smoothie for breakfast. Today will be fruits and better food choices.
#setback #moveforward #smoothie #banana #mango #newday

Don't let the unseen hazards along the road detour your plans and dreams! Step on the peddle and hold on tight and you will not regret it!

Hit me up for those presale tickets and let's have a funky fresh time 🤙🏻 #toronto #live #music #sneakydees #setback #amonglegends #gurth #brocoy #allthenachos

Flu: 1. Me: 0. This is my 9th hot bath in 24 hours trying to relieve the worst chills and body aches I've ever experienced. I'm usually healthy as an ox but the last two months of bronchitis, whooping cough and now a nose swab confirmed case of flu...humbling, frustrating and soooooooo not good for my 9 Dragons training. At some point I'll have to assess if I'm physically sound to start #9dragons in just 5 weeks after all these health and training setbacks or if I'd just unjustifiably be courting injury. That realization is not easy. Through it all, what I'm thankful for is that my sister took my son today to, hopefully, keep him from catching this flu. I'm so grateful...she already has her hands full with a 1 year old and she took on my 3 year old on her only day off from running her own business. I'm beyond grateful because getting myself from bed to the bath (~20 ft) required a rest break. #honesty #longgame #longtermgoals #future #ultramarathontraining #setback #tattooedleg #parrotfishtattoo #fishtattoo #tattooedmom #flu2018 #realitybites #

Hey #fitfam! Send some thoughts and prayer my way. Soooooo yesterday I decided hey let’s have a heavy chest and tri’s session at the gym! So I went to hit a 22x2 on incline and I got it, which was great! But my body also decided it’d be fun to pinch a nerve and so I had to cut my session short. But despite this minor set back I’ll still probably end up going to the gym and doing cardio because I WILL NOT BE STOPPED! Plenty of icy hot and ibuprofen today 🙃. If you’re in the area don’t forgot to head over to @peakaz and use my name at discount to save some monies!! :)
#fitnessmotivation #fit #fitness #fitspo #fitspiration #inspiration #muscle #sore #injury #setback #iwillcomeoutstronger #arms #shoulders #gym #workout #workoutmotivation #gymrat #training #noexcuses #cardio #weightloss #weightlossjourney #healthy #lifestyle #instafit #instafitness

Disaster!! My OH put his foot through our new kitchen ceiling!! 😭😭 #disaster #setback #renovation #kitchen #hole #housetohome #firsthometogether #firsthomebuyers #homedecor #homeinspo #housetohome

IF ANYONE KNOWS THE BASTERD THAT HIT ME AND DROVE OFF LAST NIGHT. LET ME KNOW!! 😠😠😡😡 #mybaby #hitandrun #imMadbutCryingintheinside #mr2 #mr2spyder #setback

R.I.P 🅱️rother. You were a inspiration to a lot.

Moving on moving on! Our next show in TO is with all of our friends! Hope to see you all there!

#sneakydees #torontomusicscene #localmusicscene #poppunk #amonglegends #gurth #setback #brocoy #nachos #habanerosontheside

✨ Feeling nostalgic lately. 👶🏻 Been reflecting on my "why" and the craziest week of my life (almost 2 years ago). This little man right here is my "why" 👉🏻 WHY I work so hard. WHY I do what I do every single day. My labor + delivery was the furthest thing from "my plan." I didn't get the picture perfect typical after-delivery family photo. I didn't even get to hold him. He was actually rushed to the NICU (& after 30+ hours of labor I had ZERO energy). That was hard. So hard. But he's a fighter- just like his mama. ✨ When things don't go as planned, I try and improvise, then take a step back and wonder why, how and what next!? 🤷🏻‍♀️👉🏻So many times I compare & wonder why didn't my life turn out like this or that. . .but damn I am PROUD of where I am + SO proud of my little man. He's so smart- it's unbelievable. I hope to teach him to be true to himself, to be unbelievably brave & proud. I want him to know that he is SO capable. ✨ I want to show him that his mama followed her dreams- no matter the setback. That the setbacks are just fuel to the fire. I may not be where I want to be right now, but I'm just getting started. 💃🏼2018 is full of opportunities + this lil mama is about to get after em 👏👏

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