Precious Moments in Time. Missing Miss fashionista AlexaKate #sesttlewashington #seattlemoments @fashion #love #family #babybunny #babyfashion

Homemade Carmel on these apples! You can get yours at the mother's day pop-up shop @ Martha's loft #homemadecarmel #turtleapples #chocolatelovers #chocolate #walnuts #dippedapples #partiescakescraftsohmy #sesttlewashington #seattle #kent

Final step - sew it all together. Hand sewing is a rarity since it's so time consuming. But it's really the only choice if you're looking to create a piece that will last. It is so much stronger than machine sewing, and I use an extra durable waxed corded nylon thread. If you're creating heirlooms, you make them the old fashioned way. Shown: guitar pick trifold wallet by @moxieandoliver

After my pieces are painted I hand dye each one to give it that rich, beautiful, leather color. Since each piece is hand dyed they all turn out a little different- leather is a natural material, after all, and each piece accepts the dye differently. Some even show marks and brands of the cow, telling the story of the history and journey of this piece. Next step is assembly - riveting and stitching by hand.

Short post - my phone screen is completely shattered. I'll be back to longer posts later....

Good morning! Caitlin from @moxieandoliver here for day two of my takeover. Yesterday I showed you the materials and the branding - the next step in my process is to hand-paint each piece. I treat the leather before painting to ensure that the paint is permanent, and then add special leather paints to add bright color. These colors act as a resist to the dyes I use so they remain vibrant on the finished piece. Next step - dyeing!

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