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I’m far from shy. I won’t wait for you to make a move or give me permission to take what’s mine. I get what I want and right now I want you. So lay back and relax. Let me take away all your tension. Suck your cares and worries away.
Muse: unknown.
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Delicious reading that goes with my yummy lunch! 💗Check out Atlanta's @seshata_rose and her book of poetry "Soul Touching", with gorgeous photography by my friend @expressionsuntold_! It awakens the senses in a beautiful way! 😍 #soultouching #expressionsuntold #poetry #atlantaauthor #seshatarose

So happy this made it before my next trip. Thank you @seshata_rose I look forward to reading it. #soultouching #seshatarose

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You have to love my body in its entirety. Not just the parts that are ideal to you. Not just the features that your societal eyes are trained to see. You must love the whole surface. The stretch marks. The oily skin, responsible for pimples to rise. The back rolls and love handles. That stubborn little pudge in my stomach. You can't tell me you love the jiggle of my ass and thighs, but despise my bat wings. You can't love what my full lips can do but not my wide nose and every strong africoid feature I possess. These are your options: ALL or nothing at all.
Muse: unknown
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@Regrann from @seshata_rose - When you said "I want to explore you on every level". My heart internalized it. Mind visualized it. Pussy fantasized it. I was helpless against your energy from then on. Unbeknownst, you took me for keeps. I don't think anyone's ever said that to me before. If they have, they didn't mean it. Because males always make me feel like I am too much of one thing and not enough of another. But you...you take me as I am. Like any other way is incorrect and doesn't suit you. Like planting a seed of progression with anyone else, wouldn't be fruitful. Like loving anyone else wouldn't be useful. Being one with any other being, I refuse to. Because I know every moment with you will be divine. Souls intertwined. The unity of your masculinity and my femininity. I look forward to learning and loving you in every capacity. 📷: @bennierose
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...🔥🔥🔥✊✊✊😲😲😲@Regrann from @seshata_rose - Sex was always more than just a physical action. It was our escape from a trying world. A break from the upkeep of social norms. The angel of death to facades that dimmed our light. My soul always felt free with you. I could always "be" with you.
Muse: Seshata Rose & @noraa_futura
Photo: @expressionsuntold_
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I lied by omission. That's one straight out of your playbook. It bothers me so much because I always pride myself on being completely open and honest. It irks my soul because I know how much I forgave you for, due to technicalities. Because you decided to leave out vital information, until it surfaces. I'm disgusted with myself because I didn't fess up on my own. I was asked and I refused to lie. You've tainted my soil. Pesticide it with your dishonestly and now I fear I won't bare natural fruit. I've never been on this side of the fence. I've had my trust betrayed countless times but never I someone else's. Even though I'm genuinely sorry, I don't want a pass. I don't want to lose them either. I can now see how you were so convincingly apologetic. You've taught me more then I'd like to admit.
Muse: Seshata Rose
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You're wife material.
I am told this as if I'm suppose to be impressed.
I am told this as a way to suggest
I'm favorable.
I am told this
As if being a wife is the only thing a woman should inspire to be.
As if being a divorcee means you failed at something.
As if the sum of my success can only be measured if there's a man beside me.
Then comes the blatant looks of pity
Because I don't need a stamped and sealed piece of paper to tell me my true feelings.
Because I don't need a mans acknowledgment of my beauty
To know I'm beautiful
I don't need a better half because I am whole
Before you come for me.
Ask yourself. Are you a king?
Have you taken the time to self love and focus on healing.
Have you examined yourself in an out and accepted your whole being?
Have you seeked truth, growth at all cost?
Are you seeing, where I'm going with this?
Or are you angered yelling FEMINIST! In your mind.
You're wife material
Your compliment is actually an insult
It's like adding salt to a wound.
So stop that shit.
Muse: Seshata Rose
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So happy this made it before my next trip. Thank you @seshata_rose I look forward to reading it. #soultouching #seshatarose

Delicious reading that goes with my yummy lunch! 💗Check out Atlanta's @seshata_rose and her book of poetry "Soul Touching", with gorgeous photography by my friend @expressionsuntold_! It awakens the senses in a beautiful way! 😍 #soultouching #expressionsuntold #poetry #atlantaauthor #seshatarose

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Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside will manifest outward. Thoughts are so powerful, so you must make sure you maintain a positive thinking space. You are going through a transitional point in your life, always. Battling who you've always been and the person you need to grow into. Now examine yourself. Identify your weakness and negative traits; work on them diligently. Love you, because there is so much to love. Move continuously towards truth, love and light.
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If only you'd just hit me. Let me watch my skin swell, blister, bleed even. Turn the prettiest mix of purples and reds. Then watch my body's magical healing powers, seal the wound. Color return to my peanut butter brown. I'd take that over this heartbreak. This long drawn aching nagging pain the permeates the air around me. I can't take not knowing when it'll end. Not knowing what little thing will trigger the levees to break and waterfalls to stream from my eyes without notice. Loves to happen when I'm out in public. That burning in my chest. Lump my throat. It suffocates me now, as I try to swallow my agony. I just want to make it home, where I can cry alone.
Disclaimer: I don't condone physical abuse in any form. Just writing what was on my heart.
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