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We stand here. Basking in the ambience of the love we made. Washing away our scent off each others skin. We are happily exhausted. You rest your lips on my forehead. Then I kiss the tip of your nose. Our lips touch. We press them firmly together and you bite my bottom lip, as we part. It's only been a few minutes and we are already having flashbacks of the exhilarating, breathtaking and heart racing sex we just had. We adjust the temperature so heat streams and steam comes from the showerhead. I kneel to give you shower head. You coax me to stop and kiss you. I do, then I turn my back to you and sway to the sound of pitter patter beating your back and thought of you beating me up, fills my mind. You cup my breast, then caress my thighs. You part my legs, just a little and place yourself in the middle. And now you stand under and in running water simultaneously...Round two.
Muse: unknown.
#seshatarose #blackauthors #blackauthors #blackpoet #blackerotica #showerlove

Channel sensual energy into creative energy or expel it through dance. Dance it is.
Muse: Seshata Rose
Music: Rocket by @beyonce

Yoga is teaching me to be patient with myself. That time takes as much "time" as it needs. That I will fail at some things but that doesn't mean that mastery is out of my reach. It's helping me practice consistency with my physical health. (Don't mind the dance break lol 😂) #seshatarose #beginneryogi

A friendly reminder to breathe. #seshatarose #breathe #stretch #balance #selfcare


What I’d give to leave my lipstick on you. MAC stained skin. Kisses on your neck. Shoulder. Your member. Can I tattoo smears of reds, browns or purple, on your shaft, until every trace leaves my lips?
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No need to wait for someone to end your sexual frustration. My fingers are here for your penetration. Send sensations up your center until waterfalls come down. Until you cum and calm down. Ready to go again. I'm here at your service. Plunging dildos deep towards your cervix. Sole purpose is to free all tension. You deserve to enjoy some of everything. Switching from low vibrations to hard pulsation. Pulling the skin back, until you lack control. I'm here for you. Those late nights when you can't rest without being touched. Those broad day light hours, when you seek something to clutch. Because I love the feel of you. The mix of soft and wet between my finger tips.
Muse: @bareitall.live_
Photo: @artbykr_
#seshatarose #selflove #touchher #pleasure #sensuality #selfexploration #blackwriters #blackauthors #blackpoet #atlantawriters #atlantaauthor #atlantapoets

Surrender to higher self.
Muse: Seshata Rose
#seshatarose #findingcenter

Don’t forget to rest your soul.
#seshatarose #beginneryogi

How I let off steam... Haven’t done any spoken word since the summer. I was super nervous. Stumbled once. Overall, it was refreshing. Just a snippet from tonight’s piece.
Disclaimer: This piece is not to shun parents with children with real learning disabilities. I empathize greatly. I do however have beef with parents that allow labeling of their children for a check. I do have beef with a system that uses these labels as another way to marginalize our children.

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Find you one that gives their heart. You will always find love there. You will find care there. They bear your barrens so you can be bare. They’re selfless and you’re self with them...
Muse: @chianexo
She is the epitome of this quote. Rare do you find people who have a genuine care for others. Always see the good in others. The furthest from self centered as you could conjure a person to be. The buzz in my ear to maintain self care, when I fall off track. I’m grateful for her presence in this life. Look forward to our adventures in the next. Only two of these shirts exist on the planet and she wears one. I appreciate your support. Not just in my creative life but all together. Love.
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Dating a writer is cool until you learn that all of the anguish you read about really exist. Until you see that the pain on paper really persists. Until you see that the creative mind resist any form of captivity.
Muse: Seshata Rose
#seshatarose #frolove #blackwriters #blackpoet #blackauthors #protectyourheART

We're treated badly by many because we're not viewed as equal. We're not viewed as people. We're seen only a tool to further their agenda and labor forces to increase their wealth. #seshatarose #thoughts #quotesoftheday

Publishing is one of the scariest things I've ever done. I have such a respect for the art. I sat on these words for two years. There was a moment when I thought about scrapping the entire manuscript. I was nervous it wouldn't be received well. I was my own worse critic, editing over and over. Feeling it wasn't good enough. Fearing no one would connect to it. Thinking about how my simplistic nature counters the populace. Despite that, I went for it. It was for me. Accomplishing a goal I set for myself. Nothing compares to that moment, when I finally saw my words, my images in print. To feel the spine and turn the pages. To trace the words with my fingers and let the pieces speak to me. To read and travel, from my own creativity made it all worth it. This process taught me so much. It showed me that whatever I set my heart out to, I will do it. Even if it means putting my heart out. Even if it means being vulnerable.
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The greatest act of courage: falling in love. You are at your bravest, when you choose to be vulnerable to another being. Letting someone into your world and peek into your soul. No greater risk. No greater reward.
Muse: @teyanataylor & iman
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Love/relationships are like graphs.
Some downward quadratic, erratic
Parabolas, increasing quickly
reaching the vertex and falling as quickly as it came about.
But you see us,
we're exponential.
Slowly opening up.
Rising steady.
Growing, then blasting towards infinity.
Muse: unknown.
#seshatarose #mathpoem #lovepoem #blackpoet #blackauthors #blacklove

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