“ Who else but us” by Brandon Breaux #annex.asia #kilolounge #taksugalleries #bbreaux #seriesofintentions

As a part of @soi_collective’s journey, @kilobali just become the perfect fit to escape the crowds from its district in Bali. A soulful hideaways concept will bring you a mindfulness experience in every plate that come to the table. Be in mind to choose Kilo Kitchen as your first choice to relax and unwind. 🥂 #kilobali #kilokitchen #soicollective #seriesofintentions

We're in search for passionate individuals who would like to share an experience with us. We've got the following spots open:

Series of Intentions Collective
1/ Social Media Intern
2/ Graphic Design Intern

1/ Full-time Bartender
2/ Team Leader (Service)
3/ Part-time Service Crew
4/ Trainee Cook

1/ Part-time Service Crew

1/ Part-time Hostess — *All positions are only open to Singaporeans, and on a full-time basis unless otherwise stated.

Drop us an email at careers@seriesofintentions.com to apply and to find out more.

Our team at @kilokitchen have been working tirelessly to bring you new selections at #KiloKallang that we’re confident you’ll love. Tomorrow, 3 April, join us as we reveal a brand-new menu in celebration of the restaurant’s 7th year anniversary. 🎉

Come on a journey with us at @KiloKitchen with food that draws influence from all over the world. #KiloKallang #KiloKitchen #Kilosgoturback #SeriesofIntentions

Take it slow this Sunday as you wind down over platter after platter of delicious roasts with your loved ones. #CampKilo #CampKiloCharcoalClub #GetCrackling #SeriesofIntentions

Soothe your work woes with us at @KiloLounge cause #Kilosgoturback. #KiloLounge #SeriesofIntentions

Hang on a little more for the weekend is fast arriving, and come give yourself a treat to a hearty meal at @GrainTraders for making it to the mid-week. #GrainTraders #FeedingPeopleRight #MixEatLove #SlowFoodRealFast #SeriesofIntentions

Wind down after a hectic workday with slow conversations over hearty food by the riverside. #KiloKallang #KiloKitchen #Kilosgoturback #SeriesofIntentions

A balmy afternoon calls for a day out with your best pals with lots of roast meats at @Camp_Kilo to feast on, and a handful of ice-cold beers to accompany your meal. #CampKilo #CampKiloCharcoalClub #GetCrackling #SeriesofIntentions

Our team at #SeriesofIntentions would like to wish everyone a very prosperous and fruitful Chinese New Year. May all things be abundantly blessed!

Camp Kido is back for an activity-filled day full of play, exploration, and discovery. Come join us, and rekindle the inner child in you at @Camp_Kilo; more information on #CampKilo’s Facebook page. #CampKiloCharcoalClub #GetCrackling #SeriesofIntentions

We hope you carried the month well because the next one’s about to get even more exciting; we can already feel it in our bones. #SeriesofIntentions

Fuel yourself up and usher in the weekend with us at your favourite dance floor. With music this good, you’re always in for something electrifying at @KiloLounge. #KiloLounge #Kilosgoturback #SeriesofIntentions

Start your week right at @GrainTraders with an array of dishes that are prepared carefully to feed your tummy and your soul. #GrainTraders #FeedingPeopleRight #SlowFoodRealFast #SeriesofIntentions

You know you’re in good hands whenever you step into @KiloLounge—ride the beats and let loose on the dance floor. #KiloLounge #Kilosgoturback #SeriesofIntentions

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