The only photo of my car so far. 📷 @esco_exposure still can’t get over how much fun I had this weekend. Hanging out with our friends and meeting new ones. The laid back constantly flowing track made it so you were always leading or chasing someone new with a different driving style. With the track hot for so many hours all 3 of the days you never felt pressured to get out and make every penny of the entry fee count. You could allow your car to rest and eat if you were hungry, repairs could be done slowly and needing to source a part didn’t mean drifting was over for you. I can’t thank @villainssportsland enough for all the hard work and can’t wait to go back.

Got a package from @eqvipped today! Thanks brotha it matches my airbag nicely.

I was nervous about driving the cressida this weekend but everything went really well. I’m glad I was able to meet new people and drift with my family.

#vsl3 #veihan #cressida #mx83 #serialnine #advan #villains #xcessive

Finally after 800 years we're actually on a dyno 😄 #SERIALNINE #sedankings #aesauto #mustangdyno #fusefabrication #spectrummotorsports #koyorad