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Just me and my baby strolling in the city for baby checkup. Still nice weather here, enjoying it before it over #septembertoremember #consultativebureau #mama #baby

😍😍😍😍 #trippledoseofsellybration #septembertoremember
@Regrann from @cartelbigj - Today is exactly 1year since I said I DO and I will continue to say I DO till my last breath. I love you desperately. @sellygalley #LoveTillCasket

Genesis 21:2-3 KJV
For Sarah conceived, and bare Abraham a son in his old age, at the set time of which God had spoken to him. [3] And Abraham called the name of his son that was born unto him, whom Sarah bare to him, Isaac.

God's promise to Sarah and Abraham came to pass at the appointed time. He's a promise keeper. I want to urge you this morning, not to give up on waiting on God for that promise He made to you. As He did it for Sarah, so shall He do it for you.

Just like a pregnant woman in her early stages, you may not know she is pregnant as it doesn't show much. But just because, it's not showing, doesn't change the fact that she is still pregnant. Some of you, just like Sarah your gestation period is almost over. As we end this month of September, your miracle is coming your way! It shall be a September to Remember! Keep holding on!
#SeptemberToRemember #KeepWaiting #PromiseKeeper #WayMaker #ThatIsWhoHeIs


I had too much fun girl...happy bday again!! #SeptemberToRemember #GazaretteForLivity

Catching up with good ol' korean friend @yuleejung 😚 Thank you for bringing us around Jen 😘


Just because it's throw back Thursday #twoweeksago #somewhereincalabar #septembertoremember. . .
@daezeal_ behind the 📷📷


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09/09/2016 • vol. 3 • #septembertoremember 📷 @trunovaphoto ⏰идёт 6️⃣ !!! неделя вахты... последний рывок и начинаю паковать чемоданы 🚀🛍поздравлять с днём рождения по телефону 📞 уже норма, праздновать позже тоже 🥂пропускать маёвки 🍢🍻можем умеем практикуем 👍🏻 скучаю дико и радуюсь, что хоть чуток, но графики совпадают 💞 семья вахтовиков 😎 мы ценим время вместе 💁🏻🙋🏻‍♂️ короче говоря #хочудомой

#throwbackthursday 🔥WHOS READY TO JOIN ME🔥

Taking back to an amazing day!! I remember as if this happened to me yesterday. What a day for me and 99 other individuals in our #itworks family.

So i was entered into a drawing over hundreds of thousands of individuals!! The prize was that our C.E.O was giving away 1 million dollars on bonuses of $10,000 . To 100 individuals.
Come September i was entered to this drawing by busting my ass and i was one of 100 ppl to get a $10k nonus added to my acct. This forever changed my ways

If this wasnt a sign that it works is real and it works really pays off hard work and that i was meant to do this then i dont know what is !! This is real guys , yall want life changing bonuses, then you need to join me now.. we still have these big 10,000 and more bonuses on the line for yall to grasp. I can show yall how to do it !! Stop doubting it and start living it
#itworks #itworksway #septembertoremember #commitdontquit #nowthatslegendary #buildingleaders #freedom #payingdebt #zerodebt #becomemore #makingmoneyfrommyphone #makingthingshappen #tbt

#tbt This picture of my dad cracks me up every time. We were heading in to pack out my 2009 Utah bull. We had so much fun on that hunt, this was what our faces looked like the whole time! #elkhunting #septembertoremember #utahelkhunt #bowhunting #huntdiy

Took this bull on my first and only elk trip to Colorado in 2008! It was my first out of state elk hunt and we had a ball! Can't wait to get back there this fall for another hunt! #septembertoremember #kuiunation #elkhunting #crispiboots #vortexoptics #throwback

Coming soon let's join with us on research party 2017 #septembertoremember @plc_psychology @researchparty2017

let's join with us on research party 2017

Had a wonderful time with the longest friend I've ever had, I couldn't have done it with out her @spearskim ... REGISTERING FOR BABY GRAYSON! #mkolague #babygraysonO #septembertoremember #friendssincechildhood #babyregistry #sundayfunday @mike.olague

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