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Little clip from Vivianna's surprise dance #Sept2

Cepatnya masa berjalan & tup tup dah 12 tahun budak ni. Kihkih. 🤣😱 Selamat hari lahir yg ke-12 Aireen Batrisya. 🍰❤️ Semoga mendapat keputusan cemerlang dalam UPSR nanti & harap2 hajat nak masuk asrama macam kakak tercapaiiii. 😈🤤 Tapi jangan dah masuk asrama nanti pastu nak keluar nak balik Ipoh pulak. Hahahaha!! 😝😆
#Sept2 #birthdaygirl

+1 alert🎉🎉🎉🎉 A kvng was born today😀😀 faithful God I say thank you😢😢 dad and mum I love you forever....my siblings u guys are the best.....my friends thanks for the love💞💞💞 happy birthday to me💪💪
Shot by @moh_visuals

Dose of Me ❤️
Snapchat - oshinbrar 🐣
#25saal #sept2

Happy Birthday To Me 💝 I Want To Give A Special Thanks To My Family And Friends For Making Me Feel So Special On This Day. Love You All. #Sept2

You can't fuck wit me if u wanted to💯
Almost QUEEN day #sept2

Summer workouts: ✔️ First fall camp as a Liberty Flame starts tomorrow. Time to shock the world‼️ #Sept2 @ Baylor ⌛️💰

#Last spam 😂😂😂
#sept2 #mhachaki #clashofclans
#nagachief's meet....


So I left Instagram for a bit... and now I’m hogging it, but... I’ve had a rough year and he helps me through! #weddedbliss #Sept2 #love #mydarling #weddingday #allsmiles #husband #neverthoughtidfindhim

First of all, Introduction. #Sept2 #Thatfaithfulday #Makeke #Akoko-Edo

It was so hard choosing a single picture when I wanted to post like 100 of them but you look especially perfect and just so peaceful in this one. I know my life has been a bit overwhelming and pretty stressful right now but somehow you manage to be extremely patient with me and just find the right words to say every time. Even before we started dating; you'd treat me so right. And I always thought being in a relationship with someone would be an extra thing to do and just more stress on top of everything else but you have proven to me that it's not always that way. You make my life easier and just bring me so much happiness. I enjoy getting to know you and just getting so hyped when we find out we both like the same things. You are the most amazing, attentive and loving person I have met. I love how you're not just my girlfriend but best friend as well. Happy one month love and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us. I am so thankful and appreciate you each and every day 💙 (she's so beautiful and fucking perfect, I know) #SEPT2

I have been happily married to this man for 1 MONTH today! We have both worked a ton this past month, but know the grind is worth the end reward. Setting goals and working towards building a future with you has been nothing short of great thus far!
Even though I'm only human and far from perfect, thank you for making me feel perfect and beautiful in every way. Everyday I feel lucky and blessed to call myself your wife. We have grown together so much already and I look forward to the months ahead. .
Know that you are truly valued and appreciated! I love you TGB. .
#brockthisway #solidasabrock #onemonthdownforevertogo #sept2

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