It’s nice to be home. He missed me so much he pooped under my desk tho 😒 #welcomehome #separationanxiety #angrypooper

If I hide in the pillows Mom can’t go out of town and leave me again, right?!? #separationanxiety #adoptdontshop #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedog #dcdogs #dogsofdc

That feeling when no one has opened your Snapchat yet... **sound up**

This goofball. 💗Some of you already know Os is a rescue who, after being picked up as a stray, went into rescue, went thru multiple failed fostering attempts, and came back to the shelter after each didn't work out. The culprit was really major separation anxiety (think, chewing, breaking things, and at one point, climbing out a second-story window). Then, I came along! And I fell in love with this goofy, emo doggie. In my overly self-confident mind, I thought, "surely it's not that bad." Well, let's just say...it was. Broken doors, windows, kennels, electronics, etc. While that type of anxiety never completely goes away, it can be significantly reduced - so, for months and months, I worked on changing his behavior slowly, but surely. Eventually - after many doggie daycare visits, lots of practice (and patience), tons of work, many declined social events, help from family members & friends, and a newfound appreciation for all dog-friendly locations in STL - we got to a place where Oslo felt (mostly) relaxed at home when I was gone. There were still anxieties, and some chewing - particularly with mail carrier visits - but we had come SO far. And, for the most part, it's been that way for the last few years. However, recently, especially as of the last few weeks, Os has regressed quite a bit. Not to the place he was at when I adopted him, but to a much higher level of anxiety and panic, which has meant broken items in our home, much more stress, and heightened "nerves" all around. I realized this week, I've slacked. I've let myself, my busy schedule, stress, anxiety, and even frustration get the better of me recently. Ive let Os and myself down. So, starting today, Oslo and I (and Dean and the whole pack) are "starting anew." My anxieties need as much work as Oslo's, if I'm honest. Today is Day 1 of re-committing to a better routine, more exercise, better breathing, better energy, less "freakouts," more patience, and a less anxious, less distracted me - for myself, for my family and friends, for the whole pack, esp my sweet Oslo dog. #RescueMom #SeparationAnxiety #RescueLife #Packmom #PackLife #Anxiety #Day1 #WeCanDoIt #AdoptDontShop #Pittie #PittieMom

Day 3: From seating beside her, Cyan already agreed for me to sit behind the classrom. 😂🙈 #babysteps #improving #separationanxiety #firstdaysofschool

Guys, guys! Big progress with the separation anxiety training.

Last night, I left Bailey home alone for a full three hours. The last time I did so, a few weeks ago, I returned home to a beyond-panicked little pooch (which lasted hours) and a piss-drenched sofa.

Last night, I returned home to a very excited welcome, and nothing more. We're getting somewhere!

I took him for a long walk before I left, had an Adaptil diffuser plugged in and a Spotify playlist called Calming Music for Dogs on the stereo. Some/all of those things must have made a difference. Yay!

#dailybailey #dogsofinstagram #separationanxiety #dogtraining #adaptil #spotify #adoptdontshop #rescuedismyfavouritebreed #progress #jackapoo #latergram

Hot off the #dogmountain press. My sweetie pie, Jackson ☺️
He and I are both adjusting to his new self after his recent ✂️✂️⚾️⚾️. What a change in his demeanor and personality. It makes me sad. His vitality and confidence have decreased. Yet his anxiety still remains. We’ll see, I guess... #bostonterriersofinstagram #dogbaby #anxiousdogs #separationanxiety

Baby girl was 7 months yesterday ! She is such a little character and the biggest sook ever. The attachment is real. 😅😍💕

Who’s ready to settle in and hibernate? Serena the Sleepy Bear! She’s all set to snuggle into a little one’s arms and take a long nap. Serena even comes with her own super-soft blankie so she’s extra cuddly!
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You enter a team finding yourself a new wonderful colleague, the type that when you leave you remain a good friend.
Grazie Ile 😘 #nerdclub#pleasegiveherthespace#minchia

#052218 This marks the day when Mommy finally find the guts of letting you try flying with your own #wings from #ourownnest .
Remember anak, Mommy will never get tired of teaching you and molding you to become a better person. Mommy just need to loosen up a little so you can slowly, slowly learn to become one independent young man.
No matter what it takes, you will always be Mommy’s Little Boss. 😘
I love you anak. ❤️❤️❤️
#tjsfirstdayofschool #separationanxiety #mylittleprep

Update: Day two and i still have a chicken in my pocket. It screams literally every breath if i put it in the pen with the others that we hatched out this week. #separationanxiety #spoiled #brownleghorns #chickensofinstagram #chipmunkchick

Do you think your #dog worries about you when you’re gone? Have you ever thought your #pup might suffer from separation #anxiety? .
Tomorrow’s post will discuss how accurate owners are at #understanding their dog’s separation-related #behaviors when left home alone. .
Do you think owners are #good or #bad at understanding their dog’s separation anxiety? Comment your predictions! 🐶✌🏼
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🌱Hemp Oil and Anxiety🌱

It is normal to feel anxiety in certain situations, but when anxiety occurs on a regular basis and for no apparent reason and alters the quality of our life, then we can say that we have a serious psychological problem.

When someone experiences anxiety during daily tasks, the health and well-being of that person can be severely affected. As excessive anxiety can actually disable a person. In other words, that person will not feel capable of performing his or her usual tasks and lead a normal life.

In America alone, 40 million people suffer from anxiety disorders, a situation in which each of these people needs medical attention. When a person receives such a diagnostic, the regular treatment involves antidepressants, like Prozac, anxiolytics, like Xanax, and psychotherapy.

in your brain there’s a limbic system and it’s made up of the amygdala, basal ganglia, hippocampus, hypothalamus and then the neocortex.

And what happens with anxiety depending on how your amygdala is perceiving what’s going on. It attaches emotion to situations, to events, to words that are said, to looks that are given.

If the amygdala and this whole limbic system is off, then that would be a trigger to increase anxiety.

What Hemp Oil has been shown to do is:
Reduce anxiety in social situations It helps reduce hyperactivity (through this action in the limbic system),To activate adenosine receptors (which are calming)It activates adenosine the 5-HT1 receptors (which again help with serotonin and they’re sort of the happy modulating neurotransmitter)

new hope emerged for all the people that have to deal with anxiety every single day, under the form of a treatment that is highly effective and extremely safe.

The answer lies in Hemp oil, being a non-psychoactive  type of cannibinoid that is extracted from the cannabis plant.
#anxiety #depression #depressed
#selfhate #mentalhealth
#sadness #alone #ana
#broken #mentalillness #socialanxiety
#separationanxiety #hempindustry
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Meet Emma! Emma is taking some private lessons to gain some basic obedience skills, learn to live in her apartment complex more successfully and work through some separation anxiety. She is just getting started and we will be working through a lot of new dynamics with structure, relationship and freedoms in addition to working through obedience skills under pressure and distraction. #digmancanineacademy #happyvalley #statecollege

missin my babies and our disgusting awkwardness extra 2day :,( #separationanxiety

Пройдено, были минусы и сложности, но графика и саунд трэк компенсировал! И самое главное что, можно в нее играть вдвоем!!! #psp #16bit #megadrive #marvel #separationanxiety #sega


Est ce que vous avez déjà pris une décision que votre mental vous a dicté alors que votre corps et ce que vous ressentiez vous disaient le contraire?
Pour ma part, OUI ça m’est déjà arrivé et plus j’allais à l’encontre de ce que je ressentais et plus un mal-être s’installait en moi.
Aujourd’hui, j’ai dit STOP. Depuis plus d’un an, j’expérimente plus ce que je ressens pour prendre mes décisions et j’écoute moins mon mental. C’est incroyable ce que j’ai pu réalisé et faire durant cette année et demie!
J’ai réalisé que d’écouter son intuition en se connectant à quelque chose d’invisible m’a ouvert le champ des possibilités tout en restant les deux pieds sur Terre car notre vie est bien MATIÈRE. Trouver un équilibre entre les deux devient pour moi une évidence aujourd’hui. Pour toutes celles et ceux qui souhaitent découvrir tout votre potentiel, je vous invite à me contacter pour vous accompagner à être aux commandes de votre vie.

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