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我的老師可愛嗎 #seow

Happy Early Birthday ERJIEEE!! I wish you nothing but the best for you!💃🎉 #birthday #bnw #seow

20170326 Happy Birthday Papa, the only guy who call me every day hahaha, may this year be a prosperous year for you and please exercise more, smoke less, worry less and love me more. Love you💝 #Seow #daddy #birthday

Work trip 💼👠👜📱hello Singaporee!
#singapore #orchardroad #worklifebalance #potd #seow&associates

#Happy Mother Day💓#Seow Family💋

Got my hands on my first short-eared owl today! This is Darwin, an education owl at the Illinois Raptor Center with a partially amputated wing. Through a partnership with the raptor center and others, hopefully by the end of the week I'll have a wild short-eared owl or two in my hands and my thesis research will finally be underway! #shortearedowl #SEOW #thesisresearch #gradschool


En sesión de foto y video con nuestro cliente #lozanuez #plantadenuez #trabajando #seow

#Happy Mother Day💓#Seow Family💋

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Time to take a break from great horned owls for a little while. Here's one of my favorite hunters, the short eared owl.

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