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Good morning friends, can I help you with a little something?

I shared with the church last night about how our God size assignments require a God size anointing. We've been looking at the biblical idea of submission and what it means and how it looks from God's angle.

God's anointing is His personal investment, involvement and influence, by His Spirit, that authorizes us to accomplish a God size assignment. It's Him at work accomplishing His own work and establishing His own witness in and through His servants.

So what does this word submission mean and how do we apply it? First off it's a compound word that has tremendous value to Jesus and His people. The two words used to make up this word are "sub" and "mission" and when put together they mean "under assignment." Think about it like this: to be under an assignment, one must also be under orders. Why? Every MISSION comes with a set of ORDERS from the someone who gave and SENT them on an ASSIGNMENT. Think about it, if we're not under orders and on the mission we've been sent on, we're off the assignment.

Biblically, as Ephesians 5 teaches us to be submissive to one another and let the wives be submissive to their on husbands, just as the church is subject to Christ, submission is more about being under ORDERS and on MISSION to the specific ASSIGNMENT we've been given. It's not about being UNDER a man or a pastor or a boss or anyone else, as much as it means to be under and on the assignment given to us by the Lord. Now those orders faithfully place us under the leadership and accountability of others, like those mentioned above, that we may fulfill the calling upon our lives and joyfully finish the MISSION He's given to us.

What does this mean? Your marriage and ministries are more than a just a beautiful relationship... it's a vital part of your mission and He will use you to glorify Himself through it and display the love and beauty of His gospel in it.

Submission has never been about being subservient to people but being subject to Jesus, honoring the Lord, obeying His design, being fruitful, and being a part of something bigger than yourselves, while living life on mission for Him...

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