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“What we give to ourselves is what we demand to be given by others.” - ma girl April Kline, from episode 011 of the podcast.
I love how we’re always the last to know what it is we’re REALLY doing…like in the grand scheme of things…
Yesterday, I connected with my life’s work in the most deep and profound way. And the funniest thing I learned was that, I don’t have the answers to my own questions…I’m living them haha!
How do we do relationships at a soul level where pleasure and connection feel easy?
Where projections and false identities we place on our partners are no longer needed?
Where the truth of the soul contracts we made before we came here are freely talked about and understood and seen with perfect awareness and clarity for what they really are?
What does it mean and look like to love, relate, and communicate with each other at this next level?
How will relating to each other in this new way affect our children and society? What could change and what would be possible for humanity?
I don’t have the answers. But, I have steps. And steps lead to answers…
I was excited to see how many of you replied to my post yesterday that the reason for starting a jade egg practice was because of # 2 – more pleasure, confidence, and connection in the body.
This is huge and so important because the way that we relate to ourselves is the way we relate to others…if you’re shitty to yourself, have no self-respect or boundaries, not confident, lack pleasure in your life, and grossly disconnected from yourself…people will feel that way about you too and relate to you in a poor, disconnected, non-pleasurable, non-confident way.
It starts with you. If we demand to be given the world by others, we must give it to ourselves first. That’s the only way.


È il momento di farsi travolgere dalla sconfinata femminilità dell'intrigante @baby_sabry_, nostra fidata e adorata collaboratrice.
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F**k this.
Can I say it?
F**k the society that shames the different, that fears the stranger and blames the unknown.

Let's make a smiley f**k to all those that need a change in their lives, to remind them how important is to feel loved - unconditionally - and with no judgemental strings attached.

It is us who decide who we want to be in front of other people's eyes.

Do you know how to look in the mirror and go out being absolutely proud of how you look and what that tells about you?

I have traveled so far to find this answer and this f**k is for all those that stood in my way.

It is in my power and I know now.

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