Sporting all my team gear lately! Have you ever been a part of a team? **
Growing up I didn’t really play team sports. I danced growing up, did dance team for a year, and played soccer as a young in. I always was jealous of the team atmosphere; I longed for that. Any sport team, the military, you name it. I liked the close knit feeling and I never really found it, until finding my team with BeachBody that is! Part of the reason this community has success is because we have a community. We share desires, sweaty selfies, motivation, if I don’t check in for my workouts you bet someone will find out why, someone will always be there to answer questions, and more than anything there is always a bunch of people to cheer you on. Who could ask for anything more? If you’re curious about our community shoot me a DM! I’ve got a new free group coming soon and lots of exciting new programs are launching.

When I reached out and asked my challengers and coaches to quickly contribute to a pic collogue of words that expressed about being in a support group, this is what was sent:

I love how we didn’t communicate the selections and yet they were so similar and thematic. The self respect and group support resonates to such an encouraging feeling that I know any growth and change is possible when there is a strong support system.
Our new challenge group is just starting and there are only a few spots left. Message me ASAP so we can help you gain momentum towards your summer goals!!! #TeamCRUSH #MEtime #supporthelps #senseofcommunity #FEcoach #summergoals #summerfun #healthylife #momof3 #accountability #gainmomentumwithus

Azure has teamed up with @ElPolloSubmarine for a food truck event on Wednesday, June 25th from 6pm-8pm! Hurry on down for food and fun!! #AzureOxfordSquare #ThisIsWhatHomeMeans #BozzutoLiving #FoodTruck #SenseOfCommunity #SummerFun

What an awesome Pool Party!!!! Thank you SO much for spending your Sunday afternoon with us! #sundayfunday😎 #senseofcommunity #homeisnorthhaven #poolparty2018

Come join us at North Haven's Annual Pool Party! We'll be here from 1 to 3pm!!! #senseofcommunity #homeisnorthhaven #pooldays☀️

Today I had a wonderful time with @thebenchdog at the #lienielsenopenhouse where the #senseofcommunity is just the same as between #quilters, except it is all about #woodworking. I attended a great presentation about getting the most out of #socialmedia by @1snugthejoiner and I finished another #reverseappliqué block on the side for the #dutchtreatsewalong This #dutchtreatblock reminds me of the #brassfittings on #periodfurniture so it was a good fit😉#reverseappliqué #shweshwe #handstitching #indigoprint

You best believe I’m painting fire hydrants with this shit #fortheculture #senseofcommunity #bloodymary #billy #6ix9ine

It's easy to want to keep your head in the sand. I get a little disgusted by some of the political posts in the feeds. But I believe it's important to vote, and to be educated about the topics I vote on, It's part of staying plugged in as a responsible, productive member of society. ⠀

#recoveringyourlife #vote #bethevoice #voiceofchange #bethechange #speakup #beresponsible #getinvolved #currentmood #senseofcommunity #dontbeanostrich #service #beaware

Simple acts of kindness - so powerful! I saw this vegetable garden while on my way to see a patient at home and it made me so happy - A true act of Ubuntu - “I am because we are” and “humanity towards others” - the belief that we are defined by our compassion and kindness towards others. #compassion #actsofkindness #senseofcommunity #yogaismorethanasana #ubuntu #holismhealth

We hope to see all of our Residents at North Haven's Annual Pool Party this Sunday from 1 to 3pm!!! We will have a DJ, food, games, prizes and more! Come and meet your neighbors while enjoying the sense of community!!! 🌭🍺🏊‍♂️🤽‍♀️🎁🎶🎤#savethedate #summertimefun☀️ #wholehartedpassion #senseofcommunity #homeisnorthhaven #annualpoolparty🏊😎

Mid Minnesota staff had a fantastic day at the turtle races put on by the Nisswa Chamber of Commerce yesterday! Jill Carlson, Dianne Boyer, and Mollie Kennedy judged this great community event! #senseofcommunity #turtleraces

Na tua opinião, qual será o futuro do trabalho? Eu sempre acreditei que as habilidades sociais são fundamentais para o profissional do futuro. Vejam bem, não é só saber se expressar e ser bacana com todo mundo: é gerir bem as relações humanas, criar conexões reais com as pessoas e entre elas e oportunidades de negócios, além de prover a melhor experiência possível de relacionamento dentro do ambiente de trabalho, fomentando, dessa forma, o Senso de Comunidade. O meu core business, hoje, é fazer a Gestão de Comunidades Empreendedoras, uma missão de extrema complexidade que me permite explorar a diversidade de universos que cada ser humano representa (dá um trabalhão, mas é um baita privilégio), fomentar a economia colaborativa e circular e, ainda, a possibilidade de causar impactos positivos na vida das pessoas e ser impactado por elas também. Fazer parte disso tudo é bom mas, ser a diferença, é excelente! #senseofcommunity #communitymanager #communitymanagement #elephantcoworking #coworking #thecommunityrountable #circulareconomy #startup #gestordecomunidades

Our North Haven Maintenance won June’s award for outstanding and extraordinary service with National Corporate Housing #jchart #teamwork #jobwelldone👏 #weareproudofyou #senseofcommunity #carmelapartments

We’re counting down the days ‘till our Summer Pool/Block Party!!! Are you?? 18 days ⛱🍍☀️ #homeisthehamilton #senseofcommunity #poolparty #funinthesun

Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of..... I wanted a sense of community. Friendships that were built on commonality and purpose.
I wanted to surround myself with ladies who never judge my weight, my struggles, who always had my back no matter the circumstances.
Our COACHING team may not be the biggest rank or have the most shiney diamonds or largest paychecks....but damn it we have so much more than I ever could ask for.
Its just awesome when we get together. High five our sweaty hands during our LIVE workout, cheer each other on for business and health goals achieved, be inspired to move forward tomorrow and improve ourselves.
Its just awesome to have these ladies in my life.
Today was awesome..... Thats all.....

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