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We had to say goodbye to our beloved seniors today! Y’all will be missed but we are excited to see what the future brings for you! #seniorsendoff #criedlikea👶🏻 #foreverandalwaysmybabiesyoullbe💕

#TBT to simpler times. #RUDZ #SeniorSendOff #BTsRadford

Gotta love a senior who insists on including Old Glory in his photo session. 🇺🇸 Actor, Musician, aspiring Military Man...this kid does it all! Did I mention he’s a two-sport state champion?!! #senior2k18 #seniorguys #seniorstyle #seniorinspire #southlake #704 #seniorsendoff #seniors2018 #vatech #seniorstylemagazine #senioryearmagazine

@thecamsmith back in the lab! “The Journey” continues! Process to overall 99! 🌴#CreatedPlayerCulture

Finishing up this #seniorsession this week and I had to share another fav!

Wishing everyone a happy new year! Here’s to hoping 2018 brings as many awesome memories as 2017 did! 💕🥂🎉

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As the year comes to an end, our final #SeniorSendoff is dedicated to our sister, Krizia Kahla 🌟 “As my two years in Alpha Xi come to a close, Ive reflected on all that i’ve learned and all the beautiful people that i’ve met on this journey. Alpha xi has taught me to fight for what I want, stand out and make a difference. It’s showed me to push my limits farther than ever expected and just when you think you can’t do it, someone will be there to push you so you can. Not only have you given me friends for a life time but you’ve also evolved me into the woman I am today. So many memories were made that will forever be cherished. It’s a bittersweet feeling walking away for what’s contributed so much to my college career, but i’m excited to see what’s to come. Thank you Alpha Xi for the experience I’ll forever hold on to & thank you for being the place I call home!” We are going to miss you so much, Krizia! There are doors of opportunities set before you that are just waiting to be opened. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the future! Love you always, @kriziakahla ♥️ // #axid #axidfiu #fiupanhellenic #fiu21

#tbt April 23 eight months ago in Dallas, Texas, when our Lava West 18 Adidas squad took home Gold at the USAV ‘17 Junior National Championships! We’re excited for more success with all of our @lavawest teams in 2018. Go LAVA!

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“My 4 years in Axid have been one of my favorite experiences in FIU. This chapter has truly molded me into a strong individual who isn't afraid to take on a challenge. I have gotten to meet so many inspiring women who have given me amazing memories that I will keep close to my heart. I want to thank my chapter for giving me my best friends, future bridesmaid and my most precious gift, my little! I promise to keep our letters strong as I take on life and I also promise to never stop DABBING! Much love, Cassy! #GOSPORTS #Lavish #Fun” Thank you for always putting a smile on our faces and never failing to make us laugh! We love you, @casssy 💛 // #seniorsendoff #axid #axidfiu #fiupanhellenic #fiu21

Today was graduation so for our #seniorsendoff we say bye to the two Zeebs moving to bigger and better things!

First, standing at about 9ft tall and weighing 110lbs after taking a shower we have Adam "Varsity Botterman" Tisser! Adam is a member of the alpha class, served as BDD and now plans to join Lavar Ball's high school graduate league.

Next up: We'll miss playing our favorite game "Where in College Park is Alex Gilbert?" Alex is the last member of our founding father class which makes him at least 50 years old but hey at least he's not washed up like Fred.

On the real, we're proud of both of you boys and everything you've accomplished. Congratulations and it's great to be a Zeeb!

"Reflecting on these past years, I know my collegiate memories wouldn’t be the same without Alpha Xi Delta. I am truly humbled to have been a part of an organization filled with future CEOs, aspiring doctors, and lawyers-to-be. These amazing women are the ladies I have the honor to call sisters, future bridesmaids, and some of my best friends. Thank you Theta Xi for helping me realize my potential and for helping me make unforgettable memories along the way. First in my heart you ever shall be." We love you so much @lissyperera ⭐️ #seniorsendoff // #axid #axidfiu #fiupanhellenic #fiu21

Last but not least for our #SeniorSendoff is brother Alec Croissert. Alec is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal justice. He's a member of Epsilon class Fall '16 and served as our 2017 Internal Vice President. Alec says that his biggest lesson from ZBT has been that anything is possible if you put your mind to It. Through his time as an active brother there were plenty of instances where high expectations were placed, especially as an eboard member, that he sometimes doubted he could do but with the support of the brotherhood he was able to do the best he could. We wish you nothing but success in your career and future endeavors, and as always #ItsGreatToBeaZBT #FIUGrad P.C. @m.eye.key

Congrats to the best football roommate I could have asked for. Gonna miss you and the bottle flipping next year #canesby90 #seniorsendoff

✌🏼out fall semester! Here's what our sister @nickyymarie had to say about her time in AXiD: "From the moment I joined Alpha Xi Delta three and a half years ago, I knew I was making one of the best college decisions I could make. This organization taught me to always chase my dreams fearlessly, have passion in everything that I do, and made my love for philanthropy grow indefinitely. ΑΞΔ has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and molded me into the woman that I am proud to be. I am forever grateful for all the values, best friends, family tree, and beautiful memories that I have made within this sisterhood. From the times I have learned life lessons, to the funny moments in chapter, to the hour long conversations around FIU, to the times we laughed until it hurts, I cherish it all with my whole heart. It's bittersweet to be graduating, but with this sisterhood there will always be a home within my beautiful Theta Xi" 💙💛#seniorsendoff // #axid #axidfiu #fiupanhellenic #fiu21

Still can not believe I’m officially an alumni brother of Alpha Kappa Psi! 💎 Thank you for building me up this year on a path I could’ve never imagined.
-In U & I....💛💙 #lostfiles #seniorsendoff #Brother4Life #AKΨ #gradszn

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.' #drseuss Congratulations 🎊 to the fairly new graduates of @montclairstateu !!!!! Throwback to your senior send off !!! #baselinep @baselinep .
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END OF SEMESTER PARTY STARTS TONIGHT 🎓🎉☃️ FWEM FWEM FWEMMMMMM‼️ #seniorsendoff #snapchatdjcalvis #fwemfwemfwemmm

CONGRATULATIONS WCU GRADUATING SENIORS! 🎉Celebrate with us TONIGHT! $2 Miller Lt/ High Life Bottles all day! $2 well drinks & $3 Three Olives Drinks from 10-midnight! Acoustic with Ed & Steph! Well see you tonight & let the celebrations begin! :
#seniors #wcuseniors #seniorsendoff #wcu #wc #barnabyswc

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