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"The only way to have a friend is to be one." #Emerson. Great day with @arianamitha & @alisha.mitha #seniorportait #gorgeous

Another from my shoot with Darcy! 📚

Photo inspired by Darcy's love to read and one of my all time favorites, @truecreativeportraits
#alanabraundphotography #seniorportait #sneakpeek #classof2017 #wiseniorphotographer

glowing goddess @ginaawilsonn a couple weeks back for her #seniorportait this girl really knows how to rock #makeupbykrideout 😍😍

Apparently, I can pull off that "Jay Gatsby" look #gatsby #seniorportait

There are few people on this earth who have joy overflowing like @allison._brown. It's a sweet gift she shares with everyone around her. I love your heart dear girl, and it was such a blessing to get to do this photo shoot with you. I'm so proud of you. Rock the world :) #photography #seniorportait #niece

Bring on the snow!!! Here's a little throwback because not everyone panics when it snows :)
#throwbackthursday #tbt #samellisphtography #seniorportait

The typical #seniorportait post. Even though I don't even like it

#wasillaak #wasillaphotography #seniorpicturesunday #seniorportait senior pictures. Now booking sessions.

God damn who would a thunk? I might just fucking make it!!!!! #seniorportait


Gettin better every time🌲✨


Bringing home the Axe! Victor Valley High School 2017 Axe game Rivalry. This rivalry is almost 100 years old. Rachel and I did this shot for them to celebrate. #vvhs #vvhsfootball #axegame2017 #rivalry #sports #sportsphotography #photography #football #footballrivalry #jackrabbitsfootball #art #fineartphotography #dtla #dtlaartsdistrict #danielnoblephotography #danielnoble #seniorportait #fitness #lifestyle #menshealth #athlete #seniorphotos

Tomorrow is Friday? Lookout weekend, we see you! 🤗 Oh, and this is just a #senior with the cutest and most contagious smile ✌️❤️ We'll be sharing more on this beauty soon 😍

There are few people on this earth who have joy overflowing like @allison._brown. It's a sweet gift she shares with everyone around her. I love your heart dear girl, and it was such a blessing to get to do this photo shoot with you. I'm so proud of you. Rock the world :) #photography #seniorportait #niece

Here's another one of young Skyler. I feel like I was able to get so many great shots it was hard to narrow it down.. His photo album will be going up on our facebook page this evening so please go check it out!
#Friday #seniorportait #2 #bridgeofglass #tacoma #photography #wondermomphotography

How stunning is this image of Cydney! I am so in love with the colors of this image!! Are you looking for a downtown senior portrait session? Let’s chat

A senior shot from last year🎓

National javelin champion and more importantly the closest thing I ever got to being a big sister ❤️ so proud of this guy.

#vsco #vscocam #wedding #weddingphotographer #junebugweddings #greenweddingshoes #justgoshoot #makeportraits #createexplore #canon #markiii #darling #thatsdarling #artofvisuals #allshots #instagood #senior #seniorportait #moody #moodygrams

Court was really feeling herself and I was 💯 here for it.

Learned yesterday that I get to shoot @mikhaylahughesshaw again for @missiowaorg and I couldn’t be more excited!

Wrapping up Senior Avery’s final picks ♥️ can’t wait to share them with this amazing senior and his family!

Gah. I love details so, so much. #playball

Ooh! This senior session is hitting my heart just right 😍

Mondays are for editing & story telling 🌻read to be taken down memory lane ⬇️ #seniorportait .
As the session continued, I was reminded of my high school days & big heart open to possibilities. I was reminded of that pivotal time - the in-between season of dreaming & making it a reality. Right before college, I had tons of ideas, beliefs, & wonder. .
Self identity was at an all time crisis but it felt good to recreate myself 😳😂( I soon chose a major & became enthralled with the Art scene... again.)
I am in that mode again, the re-creating of self, the ideas, possibilities, and wonder of choices and faith. .
It is a process that I now realize never really stops. I love that today, I can choose to start a new passion project or pick up a new hobby or make new connections! .
Anyway, this is simply a reminder to keep that sense of 'wonder' and childlike faith full of possibilities in your heart. To remember that you can start new today and become who you have been called to be.
I tagged a few people who have inspired me to continue resting in joy & wonder! Thank you xoxo hopefully this all made sense 😂❤️

In camera and I’m already love 😍 heartthrob, amiright?

Late night post full of cuties and fall loveliness. 🍁

These were my seniors props for tonight’s shoot. A girl after my own heart 😍

📸“Step into that grass”
🙅🏻“I feel stupid”
📸“It’ll look beautiful”
🙅🏻“🙄” .
I was right. She looks beautiful.

This glow though 😍 this session was on fiiiiiire

One of my most FAVORITE seniors. Loved spending my evening chasing fall sunsets with this stunner ♥️

The girls are up on the blog!

My most favorite season with some of my most favorite teens ♥️

All the fall feels.

A brisk fall afternoon with some stunning chicas.

Those. Eyes. 😍😍😍

Still in camera and I’m already enamored with these ladies ♥️

@luepdog went up on the blog today! Grab some inside details on not only our sunny session, but also the very awkward beginnings of our friendship. Creep our site for all the details!

It was 80+ outside, but we had to throw on a sweater and pretend it feels like fall outside 🍁

This museum is forever for one of my favorite locations with its gorgeous glass and flattering open shade. 🙌

A beautiful afternoon with a pretty awesome senior. 👌

Had a great weekend #seniorportait session with the second of three sons in the L family. Isn’t Dominic handsome? He’s even more amazing on the inside with a heart of gold.

I had ally first #SeniorPortait shoot in a LONG time. And of course it is a #Realtor's daughter so that's the reason I did senior portraits. And I happened to bump into a homeowner at the park! She recognized me and she has only seen me for a split second before taking her dog out for a walk while I photographed her house. I didn't even know what she looked like. She was like, Hey! You are the guy who photographed my house! I was like, Yeah! Which house? (I was thinking of some Russian couples house cause she looked Russian) then she told me the address and I was like 😱😱😱 lady what is going on, she must be like "Betta recognize" (old school hip hop inside joke) with #JAHSTAHS AKA Justus (@cloudd617) Anyways, thanks @meghanpion for taking this snap of me behind the scenes! 😘-$100 was made today

#photoshoot #stanleypark #tallgrass #seniorportrait #photography

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