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Eeevvvvrry now and then i feel like my out loud voice is making sense! #Repost @tattoobambam
Wise words by @paulbooth himself, Camaraderie and brotherhhood are the key principles. #consafos #seniority #paulbooth

So I did my very first "Promposal" yesterday... #seniority Thank you for being my date 😌 @ngelicaannn #KNGSMN #extra #BCAD And thank you to mah bros for helping me out on this one @christianjnguyen @ethan_nintendo Couldn't have done it without y'all 🙏🏼

Here's to my last first day of high school 💯 #seniority

Uno Mas! #Seniority 🌴

Shout out to the coolest cousin ever.❤💓 She is one of the few genuine people I can truly share my heart with. I miss you hunny boo boo. We have so many inside jokes it's not even funny the likes of #seniority , #ifeelitcoming . It's never a dull moment with @andile_mpofu.
Oh yah she is the reigning
#MissZim-USA🇿🇼🇺🇸 #MissAfrica-Washington
and yet to be #MissUN-USA *fingers crossed*
I missed your 2 peagents but for your third one I'll be the loudest one in the crowd😄
Much love😍😍

Da boiz, A1 fresh. #seniority

F*** good we demand great💯#L17 #souljahz4life #seniority


And rain it did! We were doing a prayer walk / just walking up a hill and taking in some neat nature brought to you by yours truly, God. So all in all a good day. Also, feel free to see this as a happy belated bday post, @hannahpauwels . Proud to say I'm a day older than you. #seniority

I suppose it's all about seniority! #bigdoglittledog #seniority #dogs #rescue

Happy 20th anniversary at United momma!!!! They are so lucky to have your thrive, motivation, commitment, drive, ambition, toughness on their team! #unitedairlines #seniority @ratita65

This pretty girl went to Petsmart and left the other two crazies at home 🐶#1 #seniority

Smyrna best new restaurant! Now hiring servers, and dish washer! Business is booming and growing every second. Get in now #seniority

Hello, big boy! 🕶

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