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UPDATE: Judie-pie is looking for a foster. She had her masses removed (waiting for pathology results) and is ready to leave the vet. She is jn Los Angeles area. Who can help? GOOD NEWS: rescued! Thank you Road Dogs Rescue! Can you tell she is submissive and gentle and docile and sweet and polite and absolutely perfect? She is a stealth Cupid and steals hearts in her quiet way. So here is the important stuff: Jude, a 16 pound DACHSHUND MIX with a cropped tail is at the Baldwin park shelter in Los Angeles and needs out by Thursday the 25th 5 PM. ID #A4621626. She is 11 yrs old and thx to not being spayed she has 8+ masses with 3 being the size of a pea and one being the size of a quarter. She needs a dental and one of her ears has a thick area. She is one of the most unassuming, most polite and gentlest dogs I have ever met. And I've met a lot of dogs! Pls hurry! She was surrendered over a month ago and only has until Thursday 5 PM. #dachshundmix #love #rescue #help #timeisurgent #unconditionallove #calmdog #seniordoxiemix #lifeisindanger #savealife #baldwinparkshelter #sweetdog #submissivedog

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