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So after 6+ weeks of recovery on Mickeys right back leg post CCL surgery...Tuesday he partially ruptured the back left CCL. Now we are scheduled for yet ANOTHER CCL surgery Monday morning. Only his first leg isnt completely built back up. Watching our boy in pain yet again is fucking crushing. #sendlove #sendlight

My BFF is in the hospital. Cause is unknown. Please send her love and light. She is one of the most supportive people I've ever met. Love you @tosh2.0
Picture is July 2016 Vegas for her Birthday.
#sendlove #sendlight #getwell #fellbettersoon 🙁

be open & find what feels good✨ #sendenergy #sendlove #sendlight #spiritualgangster

You know what this means.... the flu has struck out household. So far the poor kiddo hasn't been able to keep anything down but the crackers and 7UP makes me feel better (I'm not actually sick) #wishusluck #flubughasbitten #2down2togo #sendlight

Sending big hugs and love to my bestie and her puppy Bohdi. He was attacked by her neighbour's dog this morning. Thankfully she was able to get him to the vet right away and he will be ok. @okalake #sendlight #sendlove #loveher #besties #furbabies

Please, Angelo, you've got to start eating your special food. I know you don't like it very much and I understand how difficult it is to get used to something new. But you have to eat this special food or you're not going to make it. Mommy is heartbroken 💔if you don't want to live I will do my best to accept this fact and let you go. But you still have time. Don't give up 🙏🏻😭 #scaredtodeath #callingallhealers #sendlight #mybestfriend

I have like 3 projects underway. Needless to say, I'm a bit overwhelmed. No I cannot leave two and focus on one. They all call me, with such fierceness, to produce. God be a successful launch date. I'm reminding myself to be in the present and love the process and KEEP GOING. It will come. Took courage for me to display vulnerability, but I pray it will encourage someone to keep going. #SendLight #GoodEnergy #Prayers #4thQuaterGrind


Sending love, light and a sprinkling of fairy sparkles✨ to you all🦋🌈✨ #spreadlove #sendlight #smile #naturaluplift #naturaltheatre #naturaldrama #naturalinspiration #inspirational

This! Growth is being able to send love and plenty of light to someone who is not in your life. Setting boundaries is healthy, what you don't accept needs to be voiced. How someone handles that is their choice. Never stoping on sending that love is yours. 🎈 #Growth #Boundaries #SoftHeart #SendLove #SendLight

Please, Angelo, you've got to start eating your special food. I know you don't like it very much and I understand how difficult it is to get used to something new. But you have to eat this special food or you're not going to make it. Mommy is heartbroken 💔if you don't want to live I will do my best to accept this fact and let you go. But you still have time. Don't give up 🙏🏻😭 #scaredtodeath #callingallhealers #sendlight #mybestfriend

☽\:/☾ ṃѧɢıċ ȏғ ṭһє ғȗʟʟ ṃȏȏṅ☽\:/☾ Heat lightning whipped the skies during our full moon ceremony tonight. What an extraordinary, natural gift from the elements of our planet and universe to be witness to. 🙏namaste 🙏 .
#namaste #earthgifts #universe #earth #planetearth #heatlightning #fullmoon #fullmoongift #fullmoonceremony #cleanse #mothernature #lightning #lightningbolt #ceremony #givethanks #peace #peaceonearth #peaceinourtime #peacewithin #peacebewithyou #givelove #sendlove #givelight #sendlight #loveyourself #loveyourneighbor #love #loveandlight

Freud und Leid liegen oft so nah beieinander, aktuell kann man es gerade sehr gut spüren. Die Reizüberflutung ist extrem, wenn man die Nachrichten betrachtet. Stark konzentriert wird der ganze Fokus auf die Ausschreitungen gelenkt und natürlich ist es wichtig, dass wir wissen was da geschieht, aber nicht um zu verurteilen und zu toben. Wenn wir darauf nämlich mit den gleichen Gefühlen wie die Verursacher reagieren, dann wird es auf keinen Fall besser. Denn Krieg mit Krieg zu bekämpfen, macht wenig Sinn.

Meiner Meinung nach ist es ein Teil unseres Kollektives, der sich jetzt gerade dort entlädt. Der ganze Druck, die ganzen Ängste, die Wut und Trauer von jedem, haben jetzt einen Anlass gefunden um auf(s)zubrechen. Und genau das finde ich beängstigend, wie machtvoll unsere Gedanken doch sind und wie grenzenlos sie sich in diese Ohnmacht/Wut verwandeln...oft ohne dass wir es begreifen. Ich versuche diese Angst in mir zu fühlen und sende den Betroffenen viel Licht und Liebe, in dem ich mich mit meiner Herzenskraft verbinde💖

Lasst uns das gemeinsam tun🙏🏻💖 #makelovenotwar #openheart #peace #sendlight

Our team needs your love
Our team needs your prayers
Our team needs any strength you can spare 💔
We are a company that strives on light. That helps one another at any and all costs and goes above and beyond to deliver the best possible adventures and experiences to our students💧
At this point in time our beautiful water sister, one of our brightest lights needs all of our love and support.
Our hearts are with you V ❤️
We love you unconditionally and are here for you indefinitely.
Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we are all here❤️
#sendlight #sendlove #watersister #limitlesslight #limitlesssupyoga

Alguien me falto aquí, En algún momento de mi vida prometí venir a este parque con alguien muy especial en mi vida, pero la vida me hizo otra jugada, y aunque no estuvo fisicamente puedo decir que estuvo conmigo en cada momento en cada foto en cada diversión y en mi corazón. Hay amores que duran para siempre, aunque terminen. Siempre te dije que formarías parte de mí para toda la vida. Siempre te dije que ocuparías en mi corazón ese espacio como solo tú sabes hacerlo, eres parte de mi y eso nada lo podrá cambiar, mi amor sencillamente durara para siempre ese "para siempre" que rompe las fronteras entre la vida y la muerte y nos lleva sencillamente al infinito... #disneylove #goofy #park #love #thankful #loveislove #disneyfan #losangeles #california #tbt #memories #throwback #sendlove #sendlight #sendpeace

I am running slow today,
Half-speed at best ☺️
I'm so damn grateful for the friends and family I've been able to spend this holiday with. 🙏🏼
But my heart is also heavy, I feel too much when I love someone in pain or suffering. Today I can't get @heidiyogi out of my mind and I don't want to. She is so loved and so strong but her body is being attacked. I can't say how strongly I wish I could send her some of my health. My family's heath. My friends' health. But I have words. And prayers. And energy. She can do this. Her family can do this. She is a force to be reckoned with. And she has so much power in the love this family has for her. I love you @heidiyogi. Keep fighting and smiling and being you through and through. #loveforheidiaroundtheworld

Day 73: Grateful for the lesson to step back and not get too caught up in the moment. Traveling can be stressful, especially when you go to a foreign country and don't speak their language. Oftentimes meaning is lost in these interactions. Sometimes even each party's intentions or attitudes may be lost. Had a few interactions in the Seoul airport earlier where I felt like I was being treated rudely or impatiently by airport staff, which frazzled me. Looking back I didn't realize that may just be a part of Korean culture, or perhaps those staff members have some dissatisfaction going on in their lives (though to be fair they shouldn't bring their personal life to work). After having a few subsequent positive interactions and calming down a bit, I'm reminded I can't take things too seriously or personally. I am not to blame for a lot of their dissatisfaction - it's coming from within. Am learning to laugh at situations more often, or just send light to whoever is sending negative energy my way. With a roll of kimbap as a last Korean hurrah, and now sitting at my gate, all is well again. 🙆🏻🍙💜 #sendlight #everyoneisdealingwithsomething #consciousgratitude #findingjoey

Wont be on that much for awhile...Life has a taken a turn amd I dont know which way its going....Ready to hit crossfit tomorrow and work out my stress. ..
All I can say is if Im alive then Im alright...✨ #dontquit #fitness #train #moveforward #lessonslearned #dobetter #grind #train #dreadsandbarbells #motivate #quotes #fitgram #sendlight #selfcare #fitlife #fitspo

Have a great day loves. And remember to smudge yourself. There is a lot of negativity out there trying to take you down but just remember how important you are and how much of an impact you have on your family and friends and friends. We need you and your sparkly spirit in this planet to make it awesome. So smudge away bad vibes and feelings. When something isn't sitting right with you smudge and meditate. You will feel better. In the words of Ru Paul "if you don't love yourself how the hell anybody else gonna love you." #sage #smudge #meditation #love #peace #harmnoone #sendlove #sendlight #loveandlight #manifest

Dear Soul sister we're gonna find our meditation community very soon. Late to yoga and exhusband at Quaker meeting and all, the universe is showing me at every junction we're making things work and we'll arrive sooner than later, or at least together. #lifeisgood #lifeismeditation #talktostrangers #buildcommunity #askquestions #meditate #freeyourmind #freeyourheart #bebrave #letgoandletgod #orwhateverotherdietyoufollow #sendlight #havegratitide #center #poststhatmakemymomproud

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