Me laughing at my own joke.

Btw, if you have forgotten: You. Are. Enough.

Better learn some discipline before life teaches you the hard way 🤗 #spiritualgrowth #spiritualguidance #sendingloveandlight #boomerangeffect #vibratehigher

I’ve been trying to learn how to treat myself like an old friend instead of constantly being bombarded with my own self-criticism. I always put these ridiculous expectations on myself and continuously am telling myself that I can’t make it happen, I’m incapable of being this person that I want to be. I think sometimes when you go through a period of loss and confusion in life, we listen to what the world is telling us in that moment and we believe it to be true. But it’s important for us to have an arsenal of kindness stored up for ourselves. Remember your own imperfections, but don’t focus on them. Focus on what you CAN do, not on what you think you can’t do. #justsomethoughtsfromabby #sendingloveandlight #photography #portrait

Today I’ve got my #conniecottonsocks on to raise awareness of what friggin cancer can do and where it can go...and to celebrate the life of a Uni friend taken way to soon. You and your family are in my ❤️ Pat.
#effcancer #loveyoursister #sammyjohnson #takentoosoon #sendingloveandlight

Aprovechando la emoción de la boda real y gracias a un compañero de trabajo que me envió un video (pensando en los Women Wednesdays), quiero hablarles sobre tres valiosas lecciones que he aprendido sobre Meghan Markle y su celebración de nupcias.

La primera lección la descubrí en un video en el que ella cuenta una anécdota de unas cartas que escribió cuando tenía 11 años y el impacto que causaron. ¿Lo han visto? Con sólo 11 años ella entendió, que su voz si puede hacer la diferencia. Ella se sintió indignada con un anuncio y con las respuestas de unos compañeros de clase, pero ella no se quedó con los brazos cruzados, sino que tomó esa indignación y la transformó en acción y pudo ver los resultados. –Tu voz importa y puede marcar la diferencia. –

Las próximas dos lecciones las aprendí de las dos cosas que más criticaron de su boda, su falta de maquillaje y vestidos demasiado sencillos y sobre el vestido repetido 3 veces por su cuñada.

La sociedad nos ha impuesto un nivel de perfección casi inlograble en el que hay que andar regias 24/7 y lo que no se tapa con maquillaje, se retoca en Photoshop o se camuflajea con filtros, y lo peor es que nos preocupamos más por eso que por nuestras bondades internas. Nos preocupamos más por el contenido en nuestras redes sociales que por el sentido de nuestras vidas; nos preocupamos más por nuestra identidad virtual que por la real. Ella nos enseñó que las “imperfecciones” son parte de la belleza, nos hacen auténticas y que una sonrisa de corazón vale más que cualquier atuendo que podamos usar.

Lo de los vestidos repetidos, me recuerda que debemos ser humildes, sin pretensiones. ¿Cuántas personas hacen hasta lo imposible por no repetir ropa en eventos, por comprar cosas de marca, sin poder? ¿Para agradar a quién? Eso me hace que nos preguntemos, ¿para quienes vivimos? Lo que usamos, lo que tenemos, no nos hace más o menos importantes.

Mis Queridas Damas, quiero recordarles que no debemos de seguir ningún estándar impuesto por la sociedad, que debemos de ser auténticas y cultivar en nuestro interior lo que queremos proyectar en el exterior. (Continúa)👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Chipmunk cheeks, messy hair and audible OH,MY. Show love to my friends.
Piercer • @TerryBonin
Tattooist • @CraigCooley

Conjure one joy evoking thought. Hold onto that. 😉

“We’re all mad here” 🤪 Been feeling really good lately^^ aligned with life again :) <3 To anyone reading this: remember that your thoughts create your world, so choose your thoughts wisely 😊💕 #sendingloveandlight 🙏🏻
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Love ♥️this little bug 🐛 so much!
My only dream for you is you grow up to be a loving and understanding person, and that you develop into a well-rounded man, that moves on a high vibrational frequency!
We’re all on a path to spiritually align and to spiritually awaken, let us pray your journey brings you to the truth. 🙏🏾. Mommy won’t always be here, I need you to be substantial enough to handle the things this world encompasses.
I appreciate you, and all that your existence has taught me and continues to teach me. I thank the most high for gracing me with this role.
I love you profusely,
Young warrior 🤙🏾 Much Love 💗 and Respect ✊🏾
Photo Credits: 📸 @rdmblkguy86 😘 ❤️🖤💚
#spiritualalignment #sendingloveandlight

💜🌟💜If you look closely you can sitting momma Robin laying in her nest. Sorry the pic is bad but I don't want to disturb her. 🐦🐔
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Don’t do it to yourself sis #sendingloveandlight 😌☺️

The mat is my therapy. It has peeled layers of my past self perception, images of my weaknesses, powerlessness and fragileness. Despite my insecurities, yoga, meditation and pranayama have opened infinite possibilities and opportunities to love and accept myself unconditionally. Which inspired me to share my passion with all beings.
I have awakened to a powerful guidance, a loving voice whispering “Share your life’s purpose”. There is a deep sense of aliveness! I can barely contain the joy and excitement, I just want my journey to begin NOW- so that i can share it with the universe. Beginning January 1, 2018 for 365 days, I will be devoting my practice- yoga pranayama and meditation to others. Each day will vary depending on the request. It may be for a group, and individuals -perhaps someone struggling, a charity, a cause or a celebration. It really is limitless! The setting will be different throughout the year. Indoor, outdoor, hiking, walking, sitting etc…. I will journal each day. If anyone has a special type of yoga practice, song, mantra, vision or object that they would like me to focus on just let me know. I believe we are all one. We all have the right to be loved. My practice will be done without judgement, with only unconditional love for all beings near and far. Let’s connect through heart, mind and soul.

I’m open to recommendations and ideas. Please feel free to private message me or leave a comment on how i can offer my practice to you. Please feel free to share with anyone needing some compassion, love and healing.

Contact Info:

email: angelahodgins13@hotmail.com

Special Thanks for inspiration and motivation
Anita Moorjani https://www.instagram.com/anitamoorjani/
Bruce Lipton https://www.facebook.com/BruceHLiptonPhD/
Jann Arden https://www.instagram.com/jannarden/
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