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Week 3/4 of the Send Cards Spread Love Challenge by @prettybypost It's National Card and Letter Writing Month. This week's theme challenge is spread Love & Kindness. I'm sending this card to a friend who always is spreading around kindness to everyone she knows or doesn't know. #sendcardsspreadlove #altenew #cardmaking #handmadecards #cardmakersofinstagram

Let's do a giveaway, shall we? Tag your favorite Paper Geek &/or Type Nerd, and tell me why they need to be part of the club. I'll choose 3 people to gift patch cards to. 📬❤️ (Giveaway ends Friday at 9am PST.) #papergeek #typenerd #sendcardsspreadlove #write_on

Card 5: A beautiful birthday card from @ramonaandruth for a beautiful friend. Card 6: A classic C&Co card I sent just because I needed to share the bison stamp with my bison loving buddy! #sendcardsspreadlove #write_on #nationalletterwritingmonth

Card 22: Words of entrepreneurial encouragement for an old friend. (Card by @greymoggie) On my to do list today: ✅ Pick up bff from the airport! ✅ Score goals in pub league soccer! ✅ Drink coffee. #sendcardsspreadlove #write_on

Giving and receiving physical mail is amazing. Do you ever send cards out? To past students, teachers, clients, or biz besties?? Sent out this card today...a hello and we miss you message inside. Thanks @prettybypost for reminding us about your #sendcardsspreadlove challenge and national card and letter writing month. 💖

Sending out more #snailmail today: this one got all fancy courtesy of @hallmark lettering artist Nan at a recent work event #sendcardsspreadlove #lorraineclub #namedaftergrandma

Card 14: Sometimes stationery designers edit cards too! 😉 This one went to our superstar reps Shannon & Tera @lovelylittlethingsllc. It's a beautiful thing to find reps that are kind, hard working, and passionate about what we make! We are hella lucky. #sendcardsspreadlove #write_on

Happy Easter! I've been calling this spot on the card rack the "hopeful shelf." I love the new cards from @pilgrimpaperco we just got in! We're closed today and tomorrow but we'll see you next week. ❤️☀️ #sendcardsspreadlove #write_on #tsbcalum

Day 3! A birthday card by @benchpressed, en route to a friend. Swipe to see which card I picked! {April is National Card & Letter Writing Month! I'm celebrating by sending snail mail every day. #sendcardsspreadlove #write_on}




There's a family in need of financial and emotional support and I need each and every one of you to help make a difference!

If you go to www.cardflurry.com, there's a story and address of a family in Alberta who had twin girls, then the mom died just about a month later. Read the story and send them a card/gift!They could use your support!
The GOAL: I won't shave until there are 30 cards/gifts sent to this family from my friends via snap, facebook and instagram! ****Send a card and/or gift to the family and let me know asap!

We CAN make a difference!

P.S. If you want a free physical card and stamp you can send directly from your smart phone, a friend showed me how and I can hook you up with that!

Follow me on facebook @ Andy Magnuson and snap @ajmagnum to keep up to date on thoughts and shares!

#cardflurry #makingadifference #sendoutcards #sharethelove #showyoursupport #cancersucks #family #twinsisters #widower #sendit #share #sendcardsspreadlove

Inside: "Go ahead and celebrate your awesomeness!" Love the Mind Wave sumo and cat sticker from Tokyo Pen Shop. #outgoingmail #envelopeart #mailart #sendmorelove #sendcardsspreadlove #snailmail #snailmailrevival @tokyopengirl @prettybypost

I opened my post office box (after a long absence... eek!) and found this card among traditional marketing mail. This relic of slow communication fills my heart every time I open a letter, invitation, or seasonal greeting from a friend.
But the best part about finding this gem is knowing I can count illustrator Jill Labieniec, a former co-worker, as a current friend. And that's the real treasure.

Can we talk about Rueben Gutenberg?! 🤗 I am mildly obsessed with the cards by @lecanotrouge, but this one of a porcupine at a printing press takes the cake! 💓✨Swipe to read the story of the porcupine printer.✨ I bought all 3 copies I found at the @brooklinebooksmith, so I can't wait to mail 2 of them. 💌 || #lecanotrouge #letterpress #printingpressseries #porcupine #printing #printmaking #porcupineprinter #stationary #write_on #sendlove #sendcardsspreadlove #sendmoremail #reasonstowrite #mail #snailmail #thateveninglightthough #gutenberg

Write to one person in your life.
Someone who needs encouragement or love.
Give yourself permission to write from a place of discomfort, vulnerability, and maybe even awkwardness.
Speak your truth.
Seal it. Stamp it. And send. 📷: @kalbarteski

The @constellationco Card Club is excellent!! https://www.constellationco.com/shopnow/cco-card-club

#writemoreletters #stationery #write_on #sendcardsspreadlove

For those of you who haven’t gotten your #fathersday cards yet, I’ve rounded up some of the best for your biological dad, step-dad, the father of your children or other “father figure”, so you can show your love, appreciation & gratitude. Click the link in our bio.

Happy National Best Friend Day! Send a card, write a letter, text or call your bff/bestie today. Let him/her know how much they mean to you. #nationalbestfriendday, #bestfriends #girlgang

The PbP community is the absolute best! These wonderful thank you cards (for hosting the #sendcardsspreadlove challenge) were waiting for me in my PO Box. I'm so grateful & honored. Thank you a million times @ezgiplatin @cathym53 @37jannieannie ❤️

Today, we have a beautiful & moving guest post from Mary Potter Kenyon on using the loss of her husband as a catalyst for wanting to touch the life of fellow human beings and writing Tuesday morning letters. Also, Mary has a GENEROUS GIVEAWAY for you, so make sure to check out the blog by clicking the link in our bio.

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