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Just a little derpy silly-Willy to make you smile ❤️ #william🐱squad #derp

"You are the author and the sentence is life." #semicolonproject

@Regrann from @little.c8 - I'm shaking as I write this because I literally can't believe the two vet clinics I called because Simba is peeing blood and meowing in distress and it's an emergency... they will NOT see me unless I can pay the bill immediately. No grace period at all. The first clinic said to "understand that we need to call the vet down and to be fair, he needs to get paid" to which I answered along the lines of "what about what's fair for my sick cat" – and with the second clinic I said, "so basically, no money, too bad for my cat?" and the person on the line was like "er... ya". Just an fyi, I KNOW there'll be after-hours emergency charge; I just need time to raise the funds but the message was loud and clear: MONEY OVER ANIMALS' HEALTH. I am so upset and crying in frustration and helplessness right now.... can't believe what's just happened, and that I'll have to wait till the vet opens to take Simba in. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I'm so heartbroken. - CL #simba🐱squad #sickcat #help #tabbycat #catsofsingapore #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #instagramcats #catsoninstagram #catsofig #catstagram #catsagram #cats #coicommunity #semicolonproject #endthestigma 20/5

"I despise you and yet I need you." 📸 by @the.social.izing. Check out Monika's page & "Patient", her stunning photo series about living with #lupus. #sufferingthesilence

Unbelievably happy with my new tattoos💉 big big thanks to @staceygow93 for being amazing😍 and the best yet, matching with my bff @abbiburrows_ ❤️ love u gal ❤️

"A semi colon is used when an author could've chose to end their story but they didn't. The author is you and the story is your life." Today I got my first tattoo, it's something I've been thinking about for a while. This tattoo means a lot to me, it represents my strength to not give up on life even when all of my mental health problems got the best of me. Bipolar disorder, oppositional defiance disorder, bulimia all of these things have plagued my life and still I have continued on, I have survived. I AM and ALWAYS will be a surv;vor #tattoo #semicolon #semicolonproject

A semicolon is used when an author could have chosen to end a sentence, but didn't.
May is mental health awareness month. I got this tattoo in honor of my anxiety and depression. When times get hard, I want to quit my fight. But, I continue on.
#semicolonproject #tattoo #mentalhealthawareness

No better way to start another week of speaking for @icbc than at one of my all time fav schools King David!!! THANKS grade 11 & 12s #JustWiggleYourToes #JWYT #Pixhug #TheWalkingSchoolBus #KingDavidHighSchool #IMAlive #SemicolonProject


Let's talk about #mentalhealthawarenessmonth for a sec because whether it directly affects your life right now or not, it's important. A year ago I was emerging from a long journey through clinical depression + learning to navigate life again. You may not have known it just by looking at me, or maybe you could tell just from a glance, but my world was caving in on me + I was struggling to find the will to keep going. This was not the first time, as I struggled battling depression in adolescence as well. Still, figuring out what was going on took forever. Doing the work to find light in the darkness that had taken over my life took a lot of vulnerability + a lot of support. This is the case for so many people. This thing, this depression, some people don't understand it + others know it all too well. its not just something you overcome and never deal with again. It leaves scars of the past + can come back in waves or all at once. I make a daily choice to keep living. I make a daily decision for wellness. Some days it's really for me + other days it's only for my children. This will always be part of me + my story but the most important thing is that I know my story is not yet over. If any part of this is you, know that you are not alone. Say it out loud even when you don't believe it one single bit. You are not alone in this world + your story is not over yet. Choose to keep on writing your story🖤 #semicolonproject #semicolon #mentalhealthawareness #choosewellness #mentalhealthadvocate

//One Last Time//

How Many Times Have I Failed?
How Many Times Have I Failed To Do You Proud?

Pardon Me Amma,
I Didn't Mean To Hurt You.
Forgive Your Little Boy Appa,
He Tried All He Could.

I Miss The Kisses Amma,
It's Been So Long Since You've Had A Smile At Me.
Your Little Kid Will Miss Your Smile Amma, It's Beatiful!

You Were My Superhero Appa,
I Miss Cuddling With You.
Your Boy Will Miss You Appa, He'll Make You Proud One Day.

I'm Sorry Amma And Appa,
I Was Too Fragile To Shine.
I Know I Was Miserable,
But Appa You Wanted Me To Chase Your Goals.

I Wanted You To Believe In Me Amma,
I Wanted You To Listen To Me.
Forgive Your Reckless Child Amma,
Today, I'm Gonna Leave Without Your Permission, For One Last Time.

I Love You Amma And Appa,
Your Words Hurt Me A Lot Sometimes.
I Took A Lot You Know? More Than I Could Bear.
Nevertheless, I Wanted You To Be Happy And I Failed.

As You Say Appa,
I Bring Shame To Our Family.
What Do I Say Amma? What Do I Say?
I Will No Longer Bring You Shame Appa, I Will No Longer Fail.

I'm No Poet Amma And Appa,
But I Dedicate My Words To You, I Dedicate My Life To You.
Perhaps I Did This Right, Perhaps You're Proud Afterall.
I Will Always Love You Amma And Appa, Even From The City Of God.
- Abdul Rahman

Suicide Isn't The Solution To Anything.
With All Due Respect, This Poetry Is Written To Spread Awareness Against Teen Suicides Which Is Increasing Every Year.
In Dedication With The #semicolonproject #projectsemicolon

In Collaboration With The Amazing @aircraft_lover_
Thank You So Much For The Picture💖

May is Mental Health Awareness Month 💡🌿
Go green for mental awareness! ✳️
You were given THIS LIFE because you are STRONG ENOUGH to live it. 💚🦎
Mental Awareness is something I stand strongly behind, some days are harder than others and most people don't see the affects and symptoms from a mental illness. So join me and stand up to help bring awareness to Mental Health! 🌱📗
Are you thriving or just surviving?! There is so much more to life than just surviving it. You got this! 🍀🐸
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Mirror pic of my first tattoo #projectsemicolon #semicolonproject

Unbelievably happy with my new tattoos💉 big big thanks to @staceygow93 for being amazing😍 and the best yet, matching with my bff @abbiburrows_ ❤️ love u gal ❤️

My lil peek-a-boo semicolon. This tattoo was for myself and everyone else in the world who has struggled. #continue #semicolonproject Thanks @nickalcorntattoo

Any tattoo that I've gotten within the last three years are all symbolic bc I'm so big on meanings but these two that I got last night mean something real special to me

The heart & semicolon is for when sometimes I felt like giving up I kept fighting.What my heart and I went through was some tough shit, undoubtedly, but I kept going. Where some people would have put a period, i put a semicolon! A lot of people think I'm strong and I am, that shit took years and sometimes I still feel lost cuz I am human ..my Own thoughts are my worse enemy, but this serves as a reminder to keep going. Also I love the #semicolonproject & everything it stands for. ❤️ #mentalhealthawareness
Anchor tattoo was led to me from church service on Sunday he talked about how sometimes we are distracted or drifting from God, he'll put us in situations to bring us back to him. I don't want to be distracted, I want to be anchored in Him ⚓️ #anchortattoo #projectsemicolon #mentalhealthawareness #suicideprevention #depression #anxiety #love #fightthroughthatshit #ilovejesusbuticussalittle #iloveyou #tattooedchicks #tattoo11

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