I’m back from vacation and feeling overwhelmed.
I thought about a call I had to return and found myself headed to my kitchen pantry to find something to eat. It just happened automatically.
This time, though, I caught myself. Am I hungry? No. I just ate a yummy lunch and am full. So what am I feeling? Anxiety. Stress. Overwhelm. What do I want? To soothe myself and feel better.
When we are mindful, we can notice our autopilots. Then, we can choose what we want to do next.
For me, I decided to get in my comfy bed with my down comforter and do some deep breathing and a mini meditation. I feel better, and I’m proud of the way I handled that emotion and urge. I’m gonna make that call, I just needed some self-love so my anxiety doesn’t spill out everywhere.
Distress tolerance requires us to first use mindfulness skills. Here, I used mindfulness of my urge, then mindfulness of my body, then mindfulness of emotion, then distress tolerance by self-soothing. Next, I’ll use the emotion regulation skill of opposite action to make that call.
DBT is a lifestyle; it’s a constant move towards mindfulness, towards self-compassion, towards choosing what makes us proud in the long term.
Are you stressed today? Take a breath and ask yourself what you’re feeling. What does that emotion need? How can you or your higher power fill your needs? Give yourself grace and compassion; we’re all in process.
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I swaddled both my "babies" until their startle reflex settled down.  This photo is of my blonde bombshell baby Emily in her Joey Pouch Swaddle Wrap which she slept in from birth.  Emily had clicky hips from birth but after 2 follow up ultra-sounds was given the all clear.
Safe swaddling involves comforting and securing a newborn baby from their
own startle reflex, but not restricting all natural movement. For healthy
development, newborns need to breathe freely, have movement of their arms
and be able to frog and kick their legs.

Emily would self-soothe by sucking on her hands through her Joey Pouch as her arms were not pinned or forced in any fixed position.

We have prepared a blog on swaddling for healthy hips - check out the link https://www.bubbaroo.com.au/blog/blog/swaddle-safely-for-healthy-hips

Shop the link in our bio for our swaddles. 🌏 shipping from 🇦🇺www.bubbaroo.com.au & 🇬🇧www.bubbaroo.co.uk

Hey y'all! It's Mental Health Awareness month. As some of you know, I have anxiety disorder and PTSD. Over the years, I've learned many different ways to manage and work with my mental illness. I'm leading an event that is close to my heart as I know so many who struggle in silence as I did for a long time. 1 in 5 Americans suffer from mental illness but the stigma is sadly very much alive and well and people cannot get the help they deserve and need. Yoga for Mental Health is DONATION BASED ($20 suggested or Pay What You Can). Half of proceeds will be going towards NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). The lovely @alisoncall of @blncyoga in the West Loop has graciously offered her amazing new yoga studio for this event as this is a cause near and dear to her heart too.
What can you expect?
Move through a guided yogic practice to return to your felt sense of experience, learn how to self-soothe, and reorient in the first hour (no, you don't need to be able to touch your toes or stand on your head). The second hour is devoted to exploring additional tools/techniques to help self-regulate your nervous system as well as resources for getting help, starting the conversation around mental illness with loved ones and friends, as well as getting professional help if you don't have insurance coverage/on a budget. If this may be of value to you or someone you love, please share. Message me with any questions. I am here to support you. I see you. You are not alone. Please sign up at link in bio ahead of time as SPACE IS LIMITED! #CureStigma #mentalhealthmonth #NAMI #yogaformentalhealth #joyfulsoulwellness #BLNCyoga #collaboration #creation #selfregulate #selfsoothe #nervoussystem #mentalhealthadvocate

Thought for the day!
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It’s an overcast day here in #sandiego , and all I want to do is stay in my pajamas! When my boys were itty babies, they loved to snuggle up on my chest and hold their soft blankies. I recently added this soft #minkyblanket lovey to my #etsyshop . It is perfect for letting your #baby #selfsoothe during supervised play/lounging. One side is minky, the other side is silky, small enough to pack into your #diaperbag 👜 #babylovey #babyboy #babyshowergift #supportsmallbusiness #linkinbio #axelandbearcreations #wahm #sahm #boymom #breastfeedingfriendly

Freya 😍 this beauty was an absolute pleasure to shoot ! #teethingsucks #teethingsolutions #teethingbaby #soregums #selfsoothe #baby#babyshower #babyshowergifts

Free travel bag and personal milk teeth tracking chart #teethingsolutions #teething #sleepdeprivedmama #babyshower #baby #selfsoothe

In my new office, I will be sharing space with @erinsimonelpc - Erin recently shared how to create a self soothe kit and I thought I would share something that is a part of mine!
I love hummingbirds! They are beautiful, resilient creatures and for the visual part of my self soothe kit, I sometimes head over to @hummingbirdsxoxo to view the mesmerizing videos of these amazing creatures.
Having all the parts of a self soothe kit available is a DBT skill that can help ground and center us in particularly difficult moments. Or even when we just need a pick me up!
For more on DBT skills, check out @erinsimonelpc and to learn more about hummingbirds and experience some stunning photos and videos, check out @hummingbirdsxoxo
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I've been a fan of weighted blankets for a couple of years now, since we first introduced a blanket to one of our boys to help in his moments of anxiety. So it's been on my mind to get a weighted blanket for Ace as well. With his low muscle tone, he feels safer when he's contained and I've found that if he's having trouble falling asleep, putting pressure on his joints helps him relax.
So when @sheltered.co sent this #weightedblanket our way, I was thrilled. It's gorgeous, soft, breathable. And Ace falls asleep with his fingers in the holes (which is adorable). We like it so much it came along with us on our weekend trip and made sleeping far from home feel easier for our little guy. Next step? Getting one of these beauties for myself!

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Some day I'll miss this #littlegreykitty #selfsoothe #chappedlobes

Found this old case of #casettes. Music is a great way to #soothe yourself during difficult times. #DBT #sweatintotheoldies #selfsoothe

I’ve been in Aberdovey this past week on a school trip and part of the trip consisted of an expedition over night in the remotest part of Wales wild camping. We got dropped off 30 miles in the middle of nowhere, hiked for 7 more miles, camped and then hiked 7 more to a pick up point. The total isolation (minus the 12 rowdy kids and calmest instructor ever!) and peacefulness was one of the most amazing experiences. Totally cut off from everything, zero signal, zero decisions to make other than ‘you must walk to get back’ was a total dream. We carried the minimum that we needed, food, shelter and a sleeping bag. We topped our water up from streams and slept in our clothes. The kids had no choice but to explore, play on the rocks by the streams and skim stones. I had no choice but to join in and laugh with them. My mental health felt so free. I felt free from being so overwhelmed by decision making and choice. It made me realise how little we actually need to feel happy.
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COMMUNICATION NOT MANIPULATION // New mothers are often told that once they’ve fed, burped, and changed their baby they should leave their baby alone to self-soothe if they cry because all of their needs have been met.
One day I hope all mothers will smile confidently and say, “I gave birth to a baby, not just a digestive system. My baby has a brain that needs to learn trust and a heart that needs love. I will meet all of my baby’s needs - emotional, mental, and physical. I will respond to every cry because crying is communication not manipulation.” Words by @lrknost .
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I haven’t been able to regulate my emotions for days. This art by @callmealyne captures how exposed and vulnerable I feel, while trying to self-soothe and find solace in something.
Deep breaths.
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“Art galleries are something I never experienced until adulthood, and have found them to be the place I find the most refuge. The sort of feeling I used to get in a charismatic church service, the sort of safety I used to feel at a family barbecue, or a quinceañera. Color, sound, light, and warmth. A place I feel totally okay being alone.”
@spanglishandshakespeare talking about finding things that soothe her. Come check out her visual art at our Birthday event #Nightfall on June 2nd.

If I could only give one piece of advice to parents who want their babies to sleep well, it would be this: Teach your little one to fall asleep unassisted (aka self-soothe). How do you do that? The first step is to put them down to sleep drowsy but awake. Need help with the rest? Click the link in the bio to visit my site or contact me! #drowsybutawake #sleepconsultant #sleepconsulting #sleeptraining #babysleephelp #babysleepexpert #selfsoothing #selfsoothe #selfsoothingskills #selfsoother

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