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hey good morning ✨
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When the weather was just perfect in Basel! 👌🏻😉Have you seen the latest #ootd on the blog? Check it out -> www.modacapital-blog.com ( ohh and if you want my cute dress you can find the exactly link there) // Cuando el clima es perfecto en Basel, Suiza y puedes llevar vestidos como si estuvieras en México 👌🏻😉 ¿Ya vieron el post mas reciente en el blog? Chéquenlo www.modacapital-blog.com (ohh y si quieren ver de donde es mi lindo vestido les dejo el link exacto en mi Blog) #Basel #BaselWorld 🇨🇭

#MarchBookstagram [Shelfie Sunday] .

Here is a rare picture of the Cait-creature in the wild. The Cait-creature has no head, unfortunately, but can be identified by its tendency to carry 394039 books and squirrel them away to its lair of dark doom. The Cait-creature is strong due to living exclusively on cake. .

Approach with caution. Or better yet: Don’t approach. Leave alone to reeeeead. .

In other news my #bookshelf is organised by rainbows because THAT IS THE BEST WAY TO ORGANISE A SHELF. Can I marry my shelf? I’m gonna marry it. .

QOTD: How do you organise your shelves?? .

Jealousy by @LindaBlacker

I wanted to explore the emotion of ‘Jealousy’. As humans, we experience so many emotions, but I feel like we never really talk about the 'bad' ones.
I wrote a poem too, which you can read below!

What do you think of this photo? How does jealousy make you feel? Let’s have a chat in the comments!

The jealousy, it blinds me.

It creeps up from inside my soul and curls it’s cruel talons around my very being.

Are they better than I?
They taunt me. Their empty sockets stare, judging, watching, knowing.

The jealousy, it blinds me.

I want what they have, why can’t it be mine?

A rage washes over me, followed by a heavy blow to my gut, knocking me to the ground.

I am small, I am weak, I can not compare.

The jealousy it binds me.

It hurts now. I feel cold and invisible.

A cloud of shame hangs over me, blocking out the sun and it’s comforting warmth.

They still stare, their empty sockets judging, watching, knowing.
The jealousy, it blinds me.

#lindablacker #photography #photo #jealousy #portrait #selfportrait

I woke up like this...and decided to be even more bold today.
I love the time right before the birth, anything is fucking possible even though I'm scared of the dark and cry hard.
Without darkness there is no light.
Room as is, 🚽 and all. 💕😘
#thenewoldself #createforfreedom #girlgaze #hairwhipandbathtubs

Assymetric hem and a bold sunny hue, take a tip on stand-out style a la @bagather's frilly shoulder-baring fit | Screenshot or 'like' this pic to get ready-to-shop details with the LIKEtoKNOW.it app | http://liketk.it/2qNUY #liketkit


Some people say photographers learn by taking self portraits of themselves, whether it be with studio lighting or in this example a reflection in the Pioneer Place Sign in downtown Portland. #photographylover #selfportrait #reflections #streetphotography #pioneerplace #portlandoregon #hardatwork #blackandwhitephotography

Even if it’s an illusion, Or just a dream, If only I could see you 🎵🎵🎵 Selfportraits for my homework
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"Tu risa me hace libre, me pone alas." Miguel Hernández

in loving memory

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