Anxiety makes me incapable of noticing beauty.
Depression makes me incapable of experience beauty.
Today I sense the beauty in the small details of life.

Obligatory map 🗺 and compass shot. One more sleep to go before being ferried 🚣‍♂️ over Loch Linnhe for Day 1 Of 8. Registration and Kit check all went smoothly, organisation was like clockwork @oureaevents 👏 Put a big smile to my face seeing familiar faces are volunteering at the event this year 👍 Still finalising packing and route planning on the map. Kit laid out for tomorrow with one big shower 🚿 to be had as no such luxury en-route. Good luck to everyone racing Manchester, Hackney and the guys on the trails of Coed y Brenin 💪😗 #ultramarathon #running #myreasontorun #c25k #happyoutdoors #outdoors #runtoinspire #kitcheck #ultrarunner #trailrunning #Scotland #enduranceathlete #camaraderie #Capewrathultra #adventuretime #selfnavigation #mapreading #orienteering #multistage #race #expedition #imoveme #asicsfrontrunner #asicsfrontrunneruk #asicsfrontrunner2018 #asics #asicsrunning #standwiththesun

Silva Great Lakeland 3Day completed and absolutely the hardest PHYSICAL challenge I’ve ever faced, and the first time I’ve ever thought I’d like to quit!! So glad I didn’t! I’ve run a lot in the Lake District but not even that prepared me for how tough this self navigation 3 day running event would be. Unrunable ups and unrunable downs - think hands and knees scrambling and rock climbing! Vertical climbs and downs! Fell over several times, got stuck in a bog, horribly sunburnt, sunstroked, mashed up toes, screaming quads, dehydration, getting lost, hardly any sleep, unable to eat, bramble scratches, insect bites, dodgy tan lines, refilling water bottles from mountain streams - if a mountain stream could be found...! But I’ve learnt so much too, more than anything just how strong I really am!
Total miles covered: 48.9
Total elevation: 12,618 feet
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Zero running weekend due to a calf strain. However, did manage to hike all the three days of the @greatlakeland3day on the ‘C’ course. A self-navigation event in the unfamiliar hot climates of Lake District ⛰ A brilliantly chilled event, ideal for first time self-navis. Fun camp site with its own ‘Lake Party’ 🍻 Great to have @unitedwefell as my teammate, good to meet new athletes, sharing war stories and also bumping into the familiar faces. Using this as a slight tune-up, feeling slightly more confident with preparation, just have to be mindful and monitor the calf situation.

Extended weekend, don’t mind if I do. Off to the Lake District adventuring and learning to self nav for the weekend @silva ‘3 Days In The Lakes’ event. Send out the search party 🔦 🐕 if I’m not back by Tuesday. Picked up a calf injury 🏥 during mid week so it will be a leisurely hike with zero running. Looking forward to meeting up with other fellow @capewrathultra athletes over the weekend. Have a super weekend Instafam, good luck to those toeing the line @extremeenergyuk Devils Challenge and @centurionrunning TP100 You’ve got this!! 🤓👌

Risk will always be in the shadows of every move you make. As you focus on accomplishing personal goals Internal or External, you will see risk in the peripheral view of your consciousness. Sometimes you will sense the risk is enormous and you will feel the pressure of it’s weight behind you, right at your heels.... Other times you may be aware of how to manipulate risk, allowing it to strategically propel you forward. Just know that Risk doesn’t lessen your ability to achieve, its a life tool, it sharpens your sense of Mastery, critical thinking and precaution from within. It challenges you to match your WILL with PERSEVERANCE, because it is ever present. Risk charges you to weigh your priorities with thought and precision, allowing you to take it —- or step away from its consequences. So whatever you do — don’t be afraid of Risk; allow it to center and mold the insight to your truest heart desires. Take the Risk and make it YOURS.

#wholeness #courageous #challenges #Selfnavigation #risks #focus #priorities #deepestdesires #strengthwithin #caution #connectivity #boldness #brave #innerbeliefs #blacktherapy🔑

I struggled to complete my first 30km self navigated run for the year..missed a checkpoint and was penalized accordingly but was glad nonetheless especially when I stopped to capture this glorious glow as the sun began to make its presence known.

#kuchingultra2018 #sunrise #run #running #selfnavigation #morning #waterfront #riverfront #dawn #kuching #sarawak #nofilter

Yesterday we had the opportunity to learn some useful navigational skills at the @neverstoplondon Navigation Workshop.

From reading a compass, understanding grid references, plotting a route, taking bearings, and putting it into practice in sub zero temperatures at Hyde Park ❄️🧤🧣

If you’re thinking of doing a self-navigated race or planning a solo adventure then @efn_kogma is the man to help you understand the basics! 📍🗺

Thanks @silvaglobal for supplying us with the equipment and thanks @neverstoplondon @thenorthfaceuk for organising.

I had an extreme obsession in electronics in the 4th -8th grade. And build allot of cool stuff with my friend @toxiceuphoria We were building robots that had Rockets attached to them and or blowing up the neighbor kids with our homemade landminesI’m going to say we had a very exciting creative child hood #robotbuilding #spacex #hometown #childhoodfriends #builtnotbought #homeade #creativity #diy #drones #rockets #basicelectronics #battlebots #selfnavigation #801customs #blacksheep #investing #creativeminds #schematics

7 muddy miles testing out Richards self navigation route. If this numpty can do it then it's fool proof! 😁 #selfnavigation #selfnavigationvirgin #trailrunning #planestrainsautomobiles

Just returned from a conscious choosing to be Off The Grid for a couple of nights, to Be in wide open space near water, With Nature ... simply because I Am given invitation to do so, Thank You 😉 ... more and more I Am choosing to be With The Silence Of Self and more and more I Am developing a deeper Inner Peace, a deeper Knowing Of Self. For those out there looking to discover more of Self, choosing a pathway of Self Navigation, in my experience there is much to be said for BEing With The Silence. If you are given opportunities to go Off The Grid, to the Remoteness, without reception, without anything except the Beauty That Surrounds You, then it is my suggestion the opportunity is conducive to BEing With The Silence Of Self where the Magic Happens, where the Self Navigation is given full opportunity to expand and develop further, where the Inner Peace resonates at cellular level in perfect tune with the trees, the birds, the flowing water. Have a Super Sunday, I Am xxx

#SelfPower #Nature #Opportunity #FourStrongWinds #IAmThisIAm #Beauty #SilenceIsGolden #FlowingWater #Magic #SelfNavigation #Beautiful #YoursTruly #BigLoves

I don't want other people to decide what I am. I want to decide that for myself.😎😘 #selfNavigation✌👏👊💪💯

GPS Handheld @garmin kini tersedia di @patagoniaoutdoorstore, tersedia dgn berbagai tipe, sangat cocok untuk kamu yg suka berpetualang baik itu mendaki gunung, trail running, mountain bike, kayaking dll. (Back ground foto bos @patagoniaoutdoorstore 😂😂)

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