Be REAL Not IDEAL ✨ when I learned to accept And Love My self just the way I am I was able to step into My Power and start creating amazing things in my Life. When I recognized My Power; I started healing and leaving behind so many beliefs that were not allowing me To see my Potential. Yes I still have my moments but now I am aware of my inner greatness and I know I have the Power within me. I can heal and shift this world without pretending to be something that I am not ✨


Over the years I've had to get VERY comfortable with the word "FAT". It used to sting every time I heard it- when it was directed at me and even when it wasn't. Can you even imagine? Just the mention of one word making your soul wince? Now, I work hard on accepting the dimensions of my body. They may change, they may not. But, one thing is for sure, I won't let a simple descriptive term make me feel worthless ever again. 💪🏽💪🏽
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What would your life look like if you chose in this moment to be authentically you? 💛 Every decision, thought, and action based on the gifts you have to give to this world. 🌎 Tag a friend who you believe is glorious whether or not they see it to be true ✨ Spread love and compassion like wildfire!

Loving this campaign by @chnge
In a world that makes you question everything about you on the outside, remember you are more than your body!

Without filling your emotional bank account first you have nothing to give to others.
Be rich with Self-love and others will benefit from your prosperity 💝

Sincerely, Amour Fou 💕

Darling ! Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first ❤❤
As I began to love myself I began to free myself of anything that is not good for me - food , People, things , situations and everything that drew me down and away from myself. Some people called it Egoism, I call it SELFLOVE !!
Selflove is the new #RelationshipGoals 🤗❤
Happy Valentine's Day ! ❤❤
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Hey all 💖 @ladiyfestbristol this last weekend marked the end of a v hectic two months of event organising & fairs, I am from today getting back into the rhythm of things. Apologies if I’ve been a nightmare getting back to people. I’m making lists and planning things (mostly short term as, ya know, Xmas) but stick around for
- my Etsy shop reopening ASAP! 💕
- a thank you giveaway cause omg still can’t quite believe 10k souls know about me 😱💕
- new products! 💕
- I’ll be available for commissions so get in touch ASAP if you want them in time for Xmas 💕
- #selfloveseptember will now be #selflovesunday every Sunday to the best of my ability! 💖
- a @girlgangartshow v2! 😍
- some sweet sweet collabs! 👯
idk there’s probably more but this post has become super long and I can’t think of anything else 😘
LOVE YA LOTS, thanks for the support 💕💕

By @thelisabelle
Day 22 of my #selfloveseptember drawing challenge - super cute anonymous submission for today 💕 can we please stop automatically sexualising big boobs? They're just a body part! / for all of September I'm going to be drawing submissions (now closed sorry!) to spread some body love. Keep checking in 💕💕
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Makes my heart soar when people instagram pieces of my books that are meaningful for them. Had a ball collecting all the quotes for Tarot Diva - especially this one 😄Thank u for posting @fablesden ✨🙏✨ #Repost @fablesden (@get_repost)
☀Truth, Truth, and Truth☀ Revisiting Sasha Graham's Tarot Diva and found this gem of a quote. 😘 #tarotdiva #sashagraham #tarotbook #loveyourself #selflove #selfloveseptember #authenticity #beyourself #youdoyou #perfecrlyimperfect #beallthatyouare #manifestspirit #innerjourney #spiritualjourney #selfacceptance #selfcompassion #beyourownfriend

#ChezzaOuttaNowhere hit 10k views on #YouTube and I re-gained YouTube #Partnership and #Monetization. These are all important to me, I don't believe in being a #starvingartist or toiling my black woman labor away for nothing. I've taken time over the past year to #listen and #learn everything I can about the way YouTube was changing and I actually am super down with the changes at the end of the day, due in large part to listening to @robertoblake discuss it. Of all platforms, they are the only one that shares their ad revenue, and while I can use my other social media platforms to boost my #personalbrand , and gain #opportunites , it's YouTube that values creators enough to break #adrevenue bread with us and in the larger scale, that means a lot. Anyway, #gratitudeattitude aside, I want to thank my friends and folks who just like the content as well as the platform for allowing me to be me and saying "I value that". It means a lot. ---------------------😘💄🍷💋
If you're not doing so yet, you can subscribe to Chezza Outta Nowhere on YouTube #linkinmybio. I'm going to post 1 more video then take a break during #October to clear my plate. I will be posting #prerecorded, late ass #SelfLoveSeptember videos when I can to keep it active. ------------------🎃
Would anyone want this as a poster? Leave a comment if you would. I would...I'm probably going to make it a poster...yup💋
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