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I know Work is Worship, but so Is My Food! 💙
Channelizing those 15 Mins. of My Worship with Food & How Full I feel in my Body ❤ ✌😍 #foodisworship #holyfood #holywork #workisworship #food #foodie #workaholics #selflovejourney #selflovequotes

LMAO. in all seriousness though, please put yourself first. do not continually allow yourself to stay where you know you aren’t appreciated. love you first! and then get some turkey hill kiwi strawberry✨❣️🍓 #FATGIRLROYALTY

5 facts about me 🤗
Lovely @lindalautstark tagged me to write 5 facts about me, here we go:
☝️My eye color is something between green and blue with brown sparkles. What do you see? The pic has no filter 🤗
✌️Music is life. It‘s the greatest when the perfect beat flows through my body and I‘m totally in the present moment.
🤟I love to eat really good bread. With avocado. The best!
🖖I‘m the big sister, my brother is 2 1/2 years younger than me.
🖐I‘m driving the car so rarely that I got a bit afraid of it meanwhile 😑 Stupid, should drive more in 2018!
What about you lovely women? 😍
@bente.yoga @aerialsilk_girl @frau_anker @inga_lessmann @somewhat_rad @be.the.yogi @herzzeit_reiki_yoga @villa_kunterbunt_deluxe .
☝️Meine Augenfarbe ist irgendwas zwischen grün und blau mit nen paar Tupfer braun. Was seht ihr? Das Bild hat keinen Filter 🤗
✌️Musik ist so wichtig für mich! Es ist ein unbeschreibliches Gefühl, wenn der perfekte Beat durch meinen Körper fließt und ich komplett ins Hier und Jetzt geholt werde.❣️
🤟Es geht doch nix über eine richtig gute Stulle. So echtes, qualitativ gutes Brot ist einfach was Feines 🤤 Avocado drauf und rein in den Bauch 😍
🖖Ich bin die große Schwester von einem 2 1/2 Jahre jüngeren Bruder.
🖐Ich fahre sehr selten Auto, so dass ich inzwischen schon immer etwas Bammel hab, mal wieder hinter‘m Steuer zu sitzen. Total blöd, ich sollte 2018 öfter fahren!
#5facts #5factsaboutme #5faktenübermich #thatsme #nofilter #heartwideopen #weareallconnected #trustyourjourney #heartconnection #lebeliebelache #yogini #yogimind #yogilife #yogablogger #persönlichkeitsentwicklung #yogablog #yogablogger_de #yogahamburg #yogadeutschland #lifestyleblogger_de #blogger_de #blogger_deutschland #makemoments #selflovejourney #createyourbestlife #diewocheaufinstagram #theweekoninstagram #ohyesyoga

Be different! Not for the sake of trying to prove a point...but rather for the sake of being a leader!!!

Truth is... we all are people of influence! (believe it or not) The younger generation looks up to us and the older generation is counting on us to save the world. What YOU have to offer through your natural skills/talents is what will make an impact!

Today, I invite YOU to be BOLD and step into your greatness. The grass isn't always greener on the other side... the grass is greener where you water it!

Here are 3 Ways To Step Into Your Greatness:
1) Honor Yourself.
2) Love Yourself.
3) Be True To Yourself.

Don't settle anymore for ⤵️
👉🏼a job you hate
👉🏼mediocre love & relationships
👉🏼poverty & brokeness
👉🏼poor health & a weak mind
👉🏼anxiety, depression, & doubt
👉🏼anything less than you deserve
DM ME if you're ready to start showing up each day in a POWERFUL way and attracting into your life the success you owe to yourself and finally get over what's been holding you back. I AM here for you! Sign up for a FREE strategy call with me and I will personally walk you through how to step up and show up each day in your most powerful way.

OK- this might make me sound crazy AF 🙈 butttt... Remember how December was a super weird month?? Like everyone was feeling those mercury retrograde, full moon, winter solstice vibes HARD and all the sudden it was the NEW YEAR?? 👊🏼💥Haha! Anyways so if you can relate to allladat.. Am I the only one who is like struggling to create the new now that some of that old baggage is gone?? 🙆🏼‍♀️ Like... where do I go from here?
I’ve been in a weird spot lately, not feeling much like myself, got realllly sick for several days (or like a week? Idk) and then jumped right into a brand new workout booty building program. (BTW 😏... Day 9/80 ✔️🍑) It’s 80 days, the workouts are KILLLERRR💦 and we have a timed nutrition meal plan to follow so I gotta be on point with my food (which is usually where I FAIL 😬😂). I feel like I’m slowly moving in the right direction but still sorta... stuck? Anyone relate?
I wanted to share this because I never want anyone to think my life is all sunshine and roses. Part of my job is doing daily personal development 📚 so that I can learn to “grow through what I go through.” 🌱 I’m so grateful for my online fitness groups for keeping me accountable when I was really feeling like doing the BARE minimum. Nothing more inspiring that people accomplishing their goals who are JUST like you and who want the same things. So much easier together. 👭
If you need some like minded people to help keep you accountable, a coach to help you get started and a proven method to get you results please reach out! It’s my job to help you get clear on your goals and create an action plan to achieve them! Always here ot help! 💌😘

A moment from my mat ♡
For too long I have held on to the belief that relationships will improve
I have trusted that others will take ownership & responsibility for their behaviour/actions
I have believed that things will sort themselves out
I have been courageous asking for what I want
I believed if you treat someone with acceptance & kindness they will treat you the same way
I have been fearful of loss & of people not liking me
I have done a lot of people pleasing & doing what is others want/expectof me
I have stressed & worried about why someone has chosen to be so nasty ,cruel & unkind to me
I have sobbed, cried & made myself ill trying to make everyone happy
I have been vulnerable ,trying to explain my feelings
I have asked, communicated openly & tried to create options to move forward
I was so afraid of losing...
No more!
What I needed to do was create boundaries & no longer accept the way people treat me as being okay.
I need to understand that it is okay to no longer have someone in your life that disrespects you, is manipulative/excludes & is just deliberately unkind & cruel (even if it upsets others )
I need to be honest about how I feel & what no longer serves me
Life is too short to waste anymore energy
Today I choose JOY ♡
I continue to work on myself & be the best I can be
I believe that there will be those that will like me ,maybe even love me ,support me & appreciate the person I am.
They are the ones I want in my life ❤ "Losing will not always amount to a loss, sometimes you have to lose those toxic relationships and bad habits to create a space for better things" - Gift GUGU Mona
Love me xo
#letitbe #releasetoxicpeople #yoga #yogaeveryday #learnings #lifelessons👏 #boundariesarehealthy #healthyhappy #ichoosejoy #myhappiness #selflovejourney #wellbeing4you #bethebestyoucan be#healthychoices

You want to have the successful business you are envisioning, that you see other people having.
You want to feel confident in your message and how you’re showing up.
You want to understand what you’re unique gifts are so that you can really stand out from all the rest.
You want to feel empowered to use your intuition to guide you rather than always doubting yourself.
You want those damn 5k, 10k months that everyone is talking about.
Guess what?

By simply thinking it and having the desire, it ALREADY EXISTS!! All you have to do is allow yourself to receive it.
But that’s the tricky part that feels practically impossible, right?! It’s not that you don’t get to have it, you just have to learn how to open up and receive it.
Enter… SoulFire mastermind.
Through this program you will learn how to apply this art of allowing to everything that you desire so you can become the master creator of your life.
It will, quite literally, change everything for you!
Curious? Drop an emoji below or PM me for more details!

Xx Hannah B .
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3 Things my Instagram account taught me about myself, that really made me laugh, are these:..... (continued!)
#1 I as mentioned (previous post) - everyone starts somewhere and I am very aware that I do not have it all figured out. (Who even does these days?!)
Here are a few posts from my Instagram that clearly make note of my higher than average expectation for myself. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Look what I wrote back on December 9, 2015: "currently working on my cure for perfection - I know this one will take awhile"
And then again on Feb 28, 2016..
"...To me this means that when I step into the uncomfortable zone- the area that lies a mystery until the moments arrive- the times I can not simply plan it all out... It's best to breathe in the chaos, embrace the unknown, and dance it out until I feel lighter again. Asking myself "does this feel heavy, or light?" Has been a game changer for me."
annnnd then again on Feb 6, 2017.
"I don't have it all figured out - but I do know a lot..."
Lesson in this?
Relax and chill. We're all exactly where we should be.
[POST 2/9 - stay tuned for more of this story!]

I'm learning what it means to live abundantly 🔥 I've slowed down & no longer chase what doesn't want to stay. It's okay for me not to fully understand & let go. I let loose of expectations for others & happily hold myself accountable. I'm gentle when I make a mistake because I know there are more opportunities to do better next time. Life really does feel a lot more fun when you stop trying to control it 🌈 ☀️

“Lean towards the camera”
Is it just me but I look like I’m about to go to the toilet……….. I don’t make a good model. Im just going to stick to teaching, learning and educating people how to kick arse in life.

👉🏼inspired by @selfcareissacred👈🏼
Follow for more high vibe posts!

Love conquers all.
Love is the answer.

Woman, most people who do and say painful things is because they are in pain themselves. Most of the time it has nothing to do with you!

Sooooo many of us are needing healing, forgiveness, and love!

Putting it out there so please no nasty comments. Here we are 6 months pregnant and 6 months postpartum. I may not have a 6 pack, I am certainly anywhere from 3-5 kg heavier than I was pre Isi but jeez this body grew a human we were told I wasn't capable of doing! Not only that it is returning to its trusty old self strong, healthy & happy all the while nourishing that baby. So proud of how far we have come.

post partum body blues .... this has taken me a while to build up the confidence to do this so positive vibes only (no haters🙅🏼) In a not so perfect world we strive to be this perfect image . We are expected to bounce back to pre baby weight so easily and get active and exercising as soon as possible. We see these images on social media of woman one week post partum looking like a Victoria secret model and we start to judge ourselves and put pressure on ourselves on top of all the stress we already feel with adjusting to a new born. I am guilty of being exactly like this , especially after my second baby where by body has gone through so many more changes then the first and I found myself waking up so negative and hating what I saw in the mirror.
today I am going to change that mind set! We shouldn't be ashamed of the extra cellulite, the sagging boobs , the stretch marks, the extra curves , the bigger hips and everything else that comes with a post partum body . We should learn to embrace it, life is so short to worry about being this perfect image . We as mums are amazing ! It's amazing what our body's can do ,so start loving the body we have . This body of mine created life and no longer will I look at it in a negative way! No more comparing , we are all different and on different journeys!
I'll work on getting my fitness back eventually, but it will be for myself and for the positive effect it has on the mind and I won't put pressure on how long it takes me, until then I'll spend my days cherishing these moments (swipe left). #10weekspostpartum #confidenceisbeautiful #journey #empower #selflovejourney #embracebodylove #mumbodiesrock #postpartumbodylove #happiness #positivevibes #nomorenegativity #2018goal

And at a young age I had my fertility taken from me by a monster disguised as a human being. I'll never get it back, I'll never hold my own baby boy or girl in my arms, someone else's maybe. I'll never be able to forgive myself for being a dissapointment to my husband, who wanted nothing more than a family. Another thing I cannot give you.
People often ask when I'm going to settle down and start my own family? I want so badly to say when the adoption papers go through. I want to tell them to fuck off and mind their own business.
But they are just human and they don't understand they're hurting me the way they do when they pry and ask. Then tell me 'my life didn't even begin until I was a mother'. I usually go to the bathroom to cry after.
They don't know that growing up I carried dolls around until i was 14 years old because I wanted a real one one day once I was ALL grown up.
They don't know that that monster raped me at 17, taking away all of that innocence. I was pregnant once..and that amounts to my mother hood, a tubular pregnancy. You should have seen the dirty looks I got going in to have it sucked out, but how was I suppose to give birth to a baby conceived in such an awful way with an awful person who TOOK it from me.
But I keep hope alive everyday, I keep saying MAYBE maybe when the man comes to me. #MeToo #infertility #ithurts #bekind #abortion #prolife #rape #sexualassault #darkplaces #ruined #selflovejourney

The beautiful thing about broken homes is that we, all the broken ones, end up finding eachother. This always been a favorite. #vividale #poetry #repost #beautifulwork #selflovejourney

💫My little calendar💫 Every day is a new little motivational saying. If i don’t get to reading my PD book, listening to a podcast or team training for the day, at least I fill up with some positivity at my own desk where I am daily❤️ .
It’s so easy to follow in someone else’s path, or to wish you could be someone else or have the life they have, when in fact, WE hold the power to change that. Does the vision for your future exceed your desire for short term comfort? (I got this from my PD, The 12 Week Year). Because “without a compelling vision, you will discover there is no reason to go through the pain of change. “. And this my friends, is why I try to fill my cup daily with those “self help” kinda books. Or what I like to call Personal Development 😃

Back to tracking calories, again. First day was a reality check of how much relaxing I have done. This is a journey for a reason. I will hit my calories most days and on others I will enjoy the cheesy goodness of a burger or pizza. 🍕🍔 because balance, folks. 👌 #enjoytheprocess

And everyone asks me why I can't be more like her or why I can't justbe happy? As if your questions will unfuck my head. .
I guess if I knew the answer to that I wouldn't be here. .
#comparison #comparisonskill #try #weallbleedred #selflovejourney

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