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Diamonds 💎 ain't nothing when I'm rocking with ya ... #latenights #selfies #selflovefirst❤️

Focused. Intelligent. Motivated. Oh, and CUTE❤🙈😋 #selfobsessed#selflovefirst❤️

i know looks aren’t everything, ☺️but i have them just incase😍❤️😍🤪😝😜😘#selflovefirst❤️#work#coldweather😡😠😲😵lovingmypeircing

I'm working on becoming a better me. #selflovefirst❤️

.::I love who I’ve been but I really love who I’m becoming::. #growth #beardedgent #blacknbearded #baldgents #selflovefirst❤️

@priscillelens - "Be what you are. This is the first step toward becoming better than you are." - August W. Hare #selflovefirst❤️ #newyorktinz #teamcameroonians
Photo credit @im.jazmeann😘

Late post is about Saturday @kennywedding may God bless ur new home dearie #selflovefirst❤️


Sorry for the language, Mommy! Make it a beautiful day! ❤️🙌 #onpoint #blessed🙏 #selflovefirst❤️

So this post is going to be a emotional one for me. I am going to share my love / hate relationship with my body. This self love project has taught me a lot. Day 5 of it and today I want to tell the world how much I love my body. I battle a disease everyday that affects me in so many ways and it's been hard to accept.The first five months I struggled to find something positive about multiple sclerosis. It took me forever to love myself when I was so mad with struggling to walk, struggling to do anything.I was so frustrated. We only have one body, I had to learn how to love mine. The first 6 months after being diagnosed with ms, I battled a eating disorder. That was how I started to loose weight. I'm not happy with it. But I have overcome that battle after being in California.When I was on steroids I was afraid to eat anything.It stuck with me for 6 months after being diagnosed with ms. I am six months free from my eating disorder. We all have our struggles and mine was my weight. Once I came back from California my head was in a different mind set and I started to find me bettering myself in a more positive way. So today's self love post is a big one. I have a lot of insecurities with my stomach. It sags because of my kids. It has stretch marks. It has a few scars from surgeries. But today I am embracing it and showing that after today I am going to work my hardest to love and accept this body. Because this stomach has held 5 earth bound babies and 5 angel babies. Each stretch mark is a memory of a kick in the middle of the night or a belly rub to my then unborn child. One day I will accept my sagging but that won't happen anytime soon. I hope one day it will. So here I am. This is me. This is my body I battle everyday with my disease. And despite hating this disease, I love my body. It's given me five amazing children. And I accept every imperfection on it. I'm perfectly imperfect. #selflove #selfloveproject #selflovejourney #iloveme #multiplesclerosis #mswarrior#findingconfidence #love #confidenceiskey #confidence#selflovefirst❤️ #selfloveiskey #selflovematters #allaboutselflove #loveyourself #lovelife #bodypositive #size14 #lovemeorhateme #focusonthepositive

i know looks aren’t everything, ☺️but i have them just incase😍❤️😍🤪😝😜😘#selflovefirst❤️#work#coldweather😡😠😲😵lovingmypeircing

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