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C O N N E C T I O N ✧ it’s amazing how much pain and suffering is felt through the false notion that we are separated from one another. How many times have you felt utterly alone? Misunderstood? I know I have. When we can strengthen the connection to ourselves, we more easily connect with one another. Don’t close yourself off to the divine being that you already are. Embrace vulnerability. It’s how you heal. Practice self-love. Blow yourself kisses every time you walk past your reflection. Place your hand over your heart and thank it for beating. I love you. ♡

In the last 2 weeks before comp I got so tired that I would have to nap in the afternoons 😴 15-16 weeks prep total & I transformed my body to the best I’d ever been 💪🏽 I didn’t starve myself at all or so copious amounts of cardio - but after weeks of being in a deficit it definitely took a toll 💯 Comp prep taught me so much about myself - mentally & physically 🙌🏽 My only competition is myself & being better than I was last week, month, year 😍 I think so much of us can get caught up looking at what others are doing and how they look instead of focusing on their own goals & journey 💜 9.5 weeks into my mini 12 week cut & despite the bags under my eyes 😂 I’m feeling good!! Smash your week FitFam 🔥 #MondayMotivation #YouVsYou 😊 xx Anjuli ✌🏽

Love your body...ALL its bits and pieces. Without all your bits and pieces you wouldn't be a functioning human. Stop shaming yourself. Accept yourself and your life with love, and never stop working to be the best you can be 😘
I know I will! Partying​ it up in the old port! You can follow along with the fun by watching my IG stories 😍


I have decided it is time to start loving myself. And not just in the superficial sense of self-love, like exercising regularly and watching less TV.  It was time to really, fully and wholly love myself–top to bottom, inside and out. To love myself to the point of waking up every morning with a heart overflowing with gratitude for all I was blessed with in life.  To love myself unconditionally–quirks, flaws, occasional potty mouth and all.  To love myself the way I hoped for someone else to one day love me.  Fiercely, and unafraid to show it. I didn’t like who I was or who I had been.  I most certainly didn’t love myself. I came to the crushing realization that it was all my fault. It wasn’t for lack of trying.  I wanted to love myself–desperately, even.  But what I eventually came to understand was this: When you’re making poor choices, choices that defy what you know in your heart to be right, you never will know self-love. Every day, we are choosing.  We may not choose our circumstances, but we choose how we react.  In fact, the only thing truly within our control is ourselves and our choices.  It’s all we have. So even when other people hurt us, when our pain is the direct result of someone else’s choices, the choice is still ours whether we let that pain suffocate us, or if we let it go.  Move on.  Forgive. I am enough. #selfloveclub

Was feeling terrible today but ended up having a really fun day testing out all the natural skin care products @alonaturals sent me for another giveaway!! She created a special box curated for those with chronic illness and gave one to me and one for a giveaway (isn't she the best?!?) I'll be posting the details for the giveaway tomorrow!

Today I woke up ready to get my sweat on! My sister, Kevin and I got in a great Sunday morning workout! I was able to record a little bit to show you guys how my week day workouts go. So today, we did 1 minute on the assault bike, and 1 minute doing weights. Then switched back and forth for 35 minutes with 10 seconds between each station. We then end with 10 minutes of core work. I am feeling my legs get stronger from the bike and able to push myself to go faster for a longer period of time, which feels great! I am still using light weights but really working on making sure my form is right and getting my posture right and full range of motion. Squatting today hurt a little on my hips and legs (so annoying) but I again just made sure to not push it to hurt it more, but made sure my posture and form was right. I now feel ready to take on the day today! Working out might not always be easy, or something you want to do, but I guarantee you will feel AMAZING when you are done! Leave it all out there on the floor and sweat it out!!! @basecampburlingame .
ALSO I want YOU to come workout with me!!! There are still a few spots available so make sure to email me ASAP so I can add you to the list!!! I can't wait to meet and hug you guys!!! Xoxo jacquelineadan44@gmail.com .
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Mi cuerpo no me avergüenza, me enorgullece. No lucho contra el, le agradezco a diario todo lo que me permite hacer.
No es perfecto, es único y eso es lo mas valioso 💕

This may be the my favourite photograph ever taken of me. And the best thing my blog has brought me.
This image is dreamy and romantic and sensual. But it’s also real. It shows my soft, roly-poly body as it is. Sure it’s posed, and my skin looks like milk thanks to the wonderful skills of Emma at @laceandpearlboudoir (thanks love!) but I recognise my body in this image and for that I am so grateful. There’s no hiding here. This is my body. And it’s beautiful. 🖤
MUA @kerrybmua
Hair @stephfoster90


Life is filled with unknowns. But instead of fearing them, I’m learning to embrace and enjoy them. I’ve never been one to follow convention, always being one to tread my own path as others around me look on with confusion and apprehension. Sometimes their concern would seep into my skin and manifest within me as fears of my own. My path would be hindered and my soul would crumble. These are the times I found myself lost, not knowing what was to become of me if my dreams were lost. I was petrified cold.
But slowing life back down, taking a moment to listen to my soul’s whispers and answering with courage has brought me to a place of peace. I’m leaning into the unknown with a heart open and mind free. Because this unknown is not a cage. It’s an open ocean.

forgive yourself, over + over, for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it. once you do this, things will start to get easier ☮️+💟
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there are hundreds of reasons to try Pilates, and our throwback playlist is definitely one of them 👌🏻 join @pilateswithloz Mondays and Wednesdays to strengthen your core and get a little footloose 😜

Guten Morgen, Luvs! 😘 Habt ihr gut geschlafen, ihr Dornröschens? 😍🌹 Irgendwie werde ich heute gar nicht richtig wach. Gerade nippe ich an meiner zweiten Tasse Kaffee und warte, dass sich mein Körper langsam hochfährt. 😴 Heute hab ich glücklicherweise noch einen Tag frei, der allerdings für Haushalt und für den Zahnarzt reserviert ist. Ich wünsch euch einen guten Start in die neue Woche, ihr Süßen! #LOVE & #KISSES ! 💫 ✌❤💋
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Back at home,
Where darkness awaits
Where I am drowned in loneliness.
I sit with the photographs
That contain the memories, our memories.
I am shocked, that till date ,
I get goosebumps remembering you .
You walked away ,
Hand in hand with god's angel .
I couldn't stop you even if I tried,
It was a useless battle,
When I knew you wouldn't be there.
I promised to move on,
But tell me how to do it.
I am confused and tired
But please come back
This time ,I am ready,
I can even fight the god .
But as I open my eyes ,
I see you are long gone
I am too late and you are too lost
Time has played it's game
Leaving me behind
To cry alone.

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Posed vs. Relaxed...
Your body is beautiful!
Embrace your curves,
Embrace your lines,
Embrace yourself as you are.
Although I encourage self acceptance,
striving to be your best self is a way to show your self-love.
Be your healthiest and happiest you, whatever that may mean in your life.
#vegan #plantbased #veganbabe #selflove #bodypositive #mentalhealth #curves #posedvsrelaxed #thickgirlfitness #selfloveclub #healthybodyhappymind

You are beautiful. You are important. You are adored. You are perfect. •

#selfiesunday #selflove #selfcare #love #hopefulromantic #selfloveclub #makeup #longhair #face

I feel so much, & it’s been tough ❤️.
Sometimes it’s hard to focus. I keep finding my mind wandering to thoughts of my ‘Rio life,’ playing out almost like a movie in my head as I relive moments, scenes and daily routines. ✨ There I am covered in dirt and sweat, sitting in the shade of my usual spot at Aterro do Flamengo, watching the planes land and waiting the big wave they usher in… ✨ My heart is beating rhythmically fast as I run down the brick red bike path approaching the bend, I take that necessary extra-long stride to avoid the big crack in the cement, just before I cross the crunchy dried up grass patch to meet the sand of Praia de Botafogo… ✨ I am in an XL cotton cut off, leaning out the bedroom window of my 8th floor apartment with my face to the ocean in the night time wind, I'm in awe of the universe and everything around me, pondering my existence, wondering my purpose… and I really feel it, my movements, my breath, my heartbeat, the sounds and everything going on around me, it’s all happening… and then I come back. Just like that. I realize I am somewhere else entirely, staring off into space, completely in my own world, a world that exists now only within my mind and memories. "But it was real, it’s still real… and it’s all still there, but you're here, you are here," I remind myself. "It’s just different now; it’s all so different." I reach for my necklace and close my eyes. Just breathe. --a #sweatsavvysisters

Today I am thankful for learning to love things I may not like at first. For instance boat pose...I could not stand doing boat pose but overtime the stronger I got, the more I started enjoying boat pose and now I can't say I love it but I sure do like it! Also I'm thankful that I just finished my first yoga challenge! It was amazing and I'm so happy to be apart of a community of people that just want to spread love and happiness ✨👌🏻🌱

@thespacebrighton @hayleywarda #yogachallenge #thespaceforgraditude #yogaeverydamnday #yogi #yogini #thespacebrighton #namasteॐ #selfloveclub #yogaeveryday #boatpose #boatposeyoga

The week starts to extinguish just as a new week ignites. Replenish your supply of energy and give yourself a chance to breathe. Set your intention for whatever will serve you as you travel through the week.
📷: @thecourtycourts .
Intention: listen for what I need
xo @chrissyabram

Special thanks to the first #selfmedicators: ☀

@wilmariehuman @t_rabie96, Anri, @gracielove18, @anushka_kempken_art, Helen, @rivonster_pret, @ashlynstorm111 and @kierringaffney for your support the past month.

You all inspire me and I am so grateful that you choose to believe in my stories. You guys are so fantastic to work with! ⚫

Growth I-VI (in order)
Gold leaf, ink, pencil
Dimensions vary between 20 x 30 cm and 20 x 60cm.
R150-R350 each
(I and IV SOLD). #mentalhealth #selfloveclub #positivity ⚫remember that you get 15% off on all new purchases between 19 and 24 November #blackfriday

CREATE a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside.
✨Team Create Change✨

This week your challenge is to notice and appreciate the little things around you. For me, tonight I appreciate the pumpkin pie my realtor dropped off. What a fantastic gesture!

Spent the day unplugged and snuggled up. Today was all about naps and books and football and being thankful that we have each other.

I think it’s important to understand that when a woman of color steps in and says "hey feminists of the western white world, you don’t understand the struggles of WOC and women in other countries”, that is not the same as a person stepping in and saying “hey feminazis don’t you know that women in other countries are beaten and killed just for showing their skin? Just be grateful that’s not happening here!”-

Context is everything. Being called out by women and femmes due to a lack of inclusivity is not the same thing as a person trying to silence your voice. -

Many of us will never know the severity of the struggles women in other countries face, and I do believe that we have to continue to educate ourselves on international issues of feminism and strive to be more intersectional and inclusive. But just because people have it worse elsewhere doesn’t mean that we have no room for improvement here. We absolutely have our own issues to face, and I believe that sexual harassment and predation is probably the largest and ugliest currently. Don’t let people silence your voice, keep telling your stories, and never let someone let your issues feel insignificant because someone somewhere else has struggled harder than you. -
Image from @dothehotpants

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