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Day three: mental health. OK, so as well as recovering from an eating disorder, having been diagnosed with anorexia for the first time nearly a decade ago now, I also still suffer from bulimia, anxiety, depression and 'high functioning ASD'. The thing is, lots of my friends suffer with similar difficulties to me but have not been officially diagnosed, had the therapy I have had or the time taken off work. Most of the time we are not actually feeling severely depressed, or having a panic attack, or crying in front of a meal and hating ourselves. When we are doing these things, it's normally behind closed doors. We'll still get up in the morning and go to work, we'll still smile and talk to the taxi driver and the hair dresser and go for a coffee with a friend and laugh and dance and drink wine (and sometimes it will make us feel better and sometimes it will become too much and we'll leave and curl up in bed and maybe we will cry). I suppose I just want to make the point that just because someone doesn't have the scars to show for it or the stories of their 'journey' to tell, they still feel. And when the world is this complicated and hectic, I think we should start to think about everyone's mental health, all of the time. I think it would be just so great if we changed the way we thought about it and just all talked openly about how we were feeling, whether that be good or bad or somewhere inbetween. I want us all to look after each other and be comfortable saying, 'im feeling sad today' as well as being comfortable responding with 'that's ok, there doesn't need to be a reason, but if there is, or you want to talk about it, I'm here, ok?' - rather than feeling the need to find a practical solution and 'fix' each other. Does this make any sense at all? I kind of used this photo because it represents a time in my life when I was both enjoying life and hating it both at the same time. The face paint and sunglasses are my memories of a genuinely great day and a secret life of restriction and depression, simultaneously. #endthestigma #selflovebootcamp #selflovechallenge2017 #mentalhealthawareness @nourishandeat @omgkenzieee

Loving me means don't leave the house looking any ol kinda way anymore. Even running to Wal-Mart is lip gloss worthy.
#mylipglossispoppin #nyx #selflovechallenge2017

Today I'm sharing with you the final article of #selflovebootcamp and my thoughts 😱
The final article is written by the lovely @bodyposipanda 🐼🌷
Now it wasn't some in depth article that made me feel the need to have profound words to share. However, it allowed my to reflect on how body positivity has changed my life for the better this month alone.
Obviously January is notorious for fad dieting and "new year, new me", but nobody realizes that the you you currently are is enough.
Body positivity has allowed me to be vulnerable with people I actually know, rather than a strictly online community. And while that has been kinda scary, it has been so so so worth it to have people tell me they think it's cool and ask questions πŸ’­
This challenge has taught me to stop caring about what other people think, and to embrace myself as I am. In fact, I haven't worn makeup in two weeks! Which is so freeing in and of itself, but it's not because I'm lazy or whatever excuse you might make - it's because I am comfortable with my skin (literally). And I've noticed sooo much improvement and I love it!
This challenge has taught me to use my voice on social media and spread a message of love, compassion, and honesty.
It has taught me to value my friends and family, and especially to make the women in my life understand how truly amazing they are!
I hope of you beautiful people understand that you πŸ‘πŸΌ are πŸ‘πŸΌ enough πŸ‘πŸΌ, because this lesson is the best one I have learned by far πŸ’œ
#selflovechallenge2017 #happiness #bopo #lovethyself

Day 4 of #SelfLoveChallenge2017 is talking about things you do to feel good! My absolute favorite thing to do is throw on a face mask, preferably peel off lol if you have my on snap you know my sick of obsession with them, get into my robe & into bed & watch YouTube (story times, monthly favorites, food reviews, 10K challenges or educational videos lol all over the place I know). But if the weather permits, I love to go watch the sunset by myself on the beach & journal without my phone. Or if it's nighttime, go on a long drive with the windows down & blast Take Care or Bangerz. Sometimes I get crazy & do all 3, but all of these make me feel so relaxed & refreshed. 😌

{Day 4: feel good} A tricky one today, I can already feel the homesickness sinking in πŸ˜•I got back to Paris this morning after spending the holidays with my fam ❀ Usually my go-to feel-good activity is hanging with my baby cousins, but tonight hanging in my koala jammies, watching friends, decorating my planner, and eating mom's homemade cookies will have to suffice ❀#selflovefun #selflovechallenge2017 #selflovebootcamp #relaxation

Okay, I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna take part in #selflovebootcamp #selflovechallenge2017 @omgkenzieee @nourishandeat
. .
A bit behind, but nonetheless!! πŸ’ͺ🏼
. . [DAY 1: INTRO]
Hi there! I'm Nadia, I'm in my mid-20s; Bulgarian πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬ live in the UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ and have been living here for over 5 years now!! .
I'm a supporter of #bodypositivity and a firm believer that no one should be put down because of their looks.
I've been through some toughness when it comes to body image... I still struggle sometimes. It was probably kicked off by some people very close to my heart when I was around 12 or 13. I was in a good shape back then and doing judo at least 3 times a week... I wouldn't have called myself 'fat', but they did. Called me names and whatnot. It only happened once and lasted for what seemed an eternity, but realistically was probably about 10mins. It changed me forever.
I hope this challenge will cement the results of my efforts in the last few years and bring more positivity in the way I see myself! ❀️


Loving me means don't leave the house looking any ol kinda way anymore. Even running to Wal-Mart is lip gloss worthy.
#mylipglossispoppin #nyx #selflovechallenge2017

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Day 31 - Self Love Challenge

Why I should love myself ?
The Moon

Loving myself will remove all confusion and make me operate from my inner self. It is the solution to all issues that keep cropping up in my life as a pattern.
#tarot #selflove #selflovechallenge2017 #themoon #tarotreadersofinstagram #oceanwildatelier

Day 30 - Self Love Challenge
What kind of love will help me heal ?
Ace of Pentacles
Love that is rooted in reality, and makes me feel safe and secure will heal me.
#tarot #selflove #selflovechallenge2017 #aceofpentacles #tarotreadersofinstagram #oceanwildatelier

Day 29 - Self Love Challenge
What kind of love will make me stronger ?
Eight of Wands
Love that is backed with action when it comes to expressing it, will give me confidence and make me stronger.
#tarot #selflove #selflovechallenge2017 #eightofwands #tarotreadersofinstagram #oceanwildatelier

Day 28 - Self Love Challenge
In what way will love come my way ?
Seven of Cups
Discerning between love and illusions about love will make way for love to come my way. Being open to receiving love in whatever way it comes will fill my life with love.
#tarot #selflove #selflovechallenge2017 #sevenofcups #tarotreadersofinstagram #oceanwildatelier

Day 27 - Self Love Challenge
What is my current goal ?
Four of Swords
The month of May has been very hectic and I have been experiencing immense exhaustion and a burnout. I am looking forward to some quiet time, solitude and rest to recuperate.
#tarot #selflove #selflovechallenge2017 #fourofswords #tarotreadersofinstagram #oceanwildatelier

Day 26 - Self Love Challenge
What is my hidden talent ?
Queen of Pentacles
I can transform heartbreak and hurt into creativity and learn my life lessons from such experiences. The Wheel of Fortune flew out while shuffling- I can flow with the ups and downs in life.
#tarot #selflove #selflovechallenge2017 #wheeloffortune #threeofswords #tarotreadersofinstagram #oceanwildatelier

Day 25 - Self Love Challenge
What is my amazing trait ?
Queen of Wands
I am strong, courageous, independent, and can take care of myself even in the face of adversity.
#tarot #selflove #selflovechallenge2017 #queenofwands #tarotreadersofinstagram #oceanwildatelier

Day 24 - Self Love Challenge
Why will I be loved ?
Queen of Pentacles
I will be loved for being someone who is independent and self-sufficient, and yet has time and energy to be loving and nurturing towards my loved ones, while following my personal passions too.
#tarot #selflove #selflovechallenge2017 #queenofpentacles #tarotreadersofinstagram #oceanwildatelier

Day 23 - Self Love Challenge
Why am I loved ?
Page of Cups
I am loved because I am free, creative, intuitive and inspiring. Oftentimes others feel that I am speaking about what's in their heart, unexpressed or unheard.
#tarot #selflove #selflovechallenge2017 #pageofcups #tarotreadersofinstagram #oceanwildatelier

Day 22 - Self Love Challenge
How am I growing in general ?
Six of Wands
Recent victories have helped me to trust my abilities and feel more confident. I am in a position where people know the quality of my work and are willing to work with me. I am now more focused and clear about my life journey.
#tarot #selflove #selflovechallenge2017 #sixofwands #tarotreadersofinstagram #oceanwildatelier

Day 21 - Self Love Challenge
How can I grow from my best quality (The World)?
Eight of Wands
I am ready to follow my soul's calling and to do that I need to focus on my goals and act immediately and effectively. It's time to spread my wings and fly, and by doing so I can make the most of my best quality.
#tarot #selflove #selflovechallenge2017 #eightofwands #tarotreadersofinstagram #oceanwildatelier

Day 20 - Self Love Challenge
How can I grow from my worst quality (Queen of Pentacles)?
The Hermit
Meditation and solitude will help me to gain clarity about what I truly desire. Soul-searching, introspection, self-examination will help me to align my personal life path with my higher purpose for this lifetime, without being concerned about my material security and wellbeing.
#tarot #selflove #selflovechallenge2017 #thehermit #tarotreadersofinstagram #oceanwildatelier

Day 19 - Self Love Challenge
How does my inner beauty help me ?
The High Priestess
My inner beauty helps me to remain connected with my intuition, which helps me to operate from my creativity and wisdom.
#tarot #selflove #selflovechallenge2017 #thehighpriestess #tarotreadersofinstagram #oceanwildatelier

Day 18 - Self Love Challenge
How does my inner beauty help others ?
Four of Swords
My inner beauty creates space for others to put down their defences, and encourages them to look within for the resolutions for their issues and problems.
#tarot #selflove #selflovechallenge2017 #fourofswords #tarotreadersofinstagram #oceanwildatelier

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