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I typically don’t respond and/or ignore negative comments because they’re typically from people who are 1. Insecure with themselves or 2. Trying to get attention/get a rise out of you. BUT I came across a comment that I wanted to have a mature conversation about and address. -
When people comment “you’re not fit at all yet you’re charging people for training and advice”. There are a few things wrong with this statement. -
First, I am fit. Am I shredded? No. Do I have bulging muscles? No. Is my butt to waist ratio like 800 inch butt, 2 inch waist? No. Do I have zero cellulite? No. Does this make me any less fit? Absolutely not. There are different levels of “fit”, and sometimes the people who look the most fit aren’t healthy physically or mentally. (Not everyone). Sometimes people who don’t look as “fit” as you may imagine are fit as fuck in different ways. You also need to take into account that some people may have dealt with eating disorders and/or disordered eating/body image issues their entire lives. This means the more “fit” they may look, the more they struggle and the less healthy they are. There are also some people who may not look like what you think of as “fit”, but they are strong as hell, or run fast as hell or long distances, and maybe are experts in their own sport that can be anything besides bodybuilding. It’s also funny because when I’m super lean I can get comment like “you have no butt, you have no muscles, you’re not an athlete, blah blah blah” and when I’m not as lean I can get comments like “you’re not fit or in shape, do you even workout, you don’t look fit, do you even lift, etc.” -
Next thing is the way you LOOK does not always determine your KNOWLEDGE or EXPERIENCE. There are people who have been lifting or working out for a short period of time who sell incorrect advice, cookie-cutter meal plans, etc. all based on the fact that they have great genetics and that they look great. There are people who compete in one bodybuilding show and become coaches (no). -

My freshman year of high school I tried out for the drill team. When my mom dropped me off she kissed me, wished me luck, and handed me two cards. One read "You made it!" and the other "In case you don't". I was so hurried and nervous I shoved them in my bag without a thought. .
Flash forward three hours later -- I sat in the back corner of the locker room as the tears of embarrassment and disappointment I had fought back in front of my friends, ran down my cheeks. I didn't even make the first cut. I fished in my bag and pulled out the two cards. Naturally, I tore open the "You made it!" card first. It read -- "You are amazing honey! You have worked SO hard, and I am SO proud of you. The year ahead holds amazing things for you and I can't wait to watch you blossom and grow. I am your biggest fan. Love, Mom." The pit in my stomach deepened. Reluctantly, I opened the "In case you didn't" envelope. Inside was the EXACT same card, with the exact same handwritten message.💛
Little did she know I would go on to audition for and NOT make EIGHT more things over my three high school years. For my 15-17 year old self, it felt like heartbreak. Looking back now though I am so thankful for those "failures" and for the important lesson my momma taught me that day.
Your value is not lessened by another's inability to see it. WORK HARD. Put yourself out there. Chase your dreams. BE PROUD of yourself. This life holds amazing things for you. No many how many setbacks and "failures" you face, never give up. You will blossom and grow.💛 @kimbickmore .
Photo: @tamjoske for @cleoharper_activewear // mysweatlife.life
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I'm not skinny, but who cares? Since when is less more? I don't think skinny is the new sexy, I think being you - is the new sexy, the old sexy, and forever sexy. 👊🏼 #redgown #love #mumbai #fashionblog #reddress #dreamy #girl #redheadwayfarer #salonichopra #beyou #selflove #zerofucksgiven 📸 by @photowalktd
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Smile! It's another great day to crush your goals! 💪🏼😁

.. I take good care of this body of mine.. for it is sacred. And I will not let anyone touch it who does not treat it as such.✨🌸

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☡TW: Bullying☡

One summer, my best friend’s brother had one of his friends text me. He was going to be a new football player at our school in fall, so we had never met. We started texting and calling each other every day. I became his girlfriend, and we would exchange intimate pictures. When I arrived the first day of school, the football team was congregated outside talking. I ran over to hug him, and he shoved me saying “What the fuck do you want ginger pig?!” I was so shocked, I couldn’t move. The rest of them pulled out their phones showing me the pictures and laughing. It was all a prank. They saw every picture and listened to every phone call. I wanted to die. The teachers were no help, because they were parents/coaches to these boys. Instead of defending me, they joined in mocking me. The principal would call me fatty, cow, and piglet. I had no one to turn to, and each day was more torturous than the last. They even created a MySpace page to call me names and mock my pictures. Finally I switched schools, but things didn’t change much.

I remember my first day working on a group math assignment, and when I was struggling to solve a problem, another group member said, “Hurry up, you fucking moron.” I couldn’t escape. Later in the year, I was giving a speech in English class when everyone started looking at their phones and snickering at me. A guy had taken a picture of me and posted it on twitter with the caption, “SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU YEAST INFECTED GINGER CUNT” I was shattered again. Second grade - senior year I was bullied physically, verbally, and online constantly.

Bullying is accepted as a normal school experience, but it fucking isn’t. It’s not harmless or funny. Children should feel safe enough to reach out to their parents and teachers. Citizens should feel safe enough to trust police to protect them. Politicians should be the ones setting good examples instead of leading the world into more hate. If you’re being bullied, speak to an authority, reach out for help, and don’t just ignore it. If you can’t stand up for yourself, find someone who can. No school, no job, no relationship, nothing is worth sacrificing your mental health and safety.


Rose Jam Bubbleroom 🌹 I will forever be in love with it's fragrance and moisturising properties 😍 even when I use a small amount it's such a beautiful scent and colour. Lovely to chop up too 💘 -------------------------------------------------------------
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There is so much truth in the saying "Smile and the world smiles with you" So often we live our lives at 100mph and get bogged down in the mundane day to day tasks that we forget to just stop and smile! And why when we have so much to smile about?! Our moods are instantly lifted by just breaking a lil Cheshire grin and by smiling at someone, the domino effect begins as they (hopefully) smile back! After seeing @chessiekingg post today I was reminded of this and wanted to post my own smiley piccie because let's be honest, social media needs some brightening up every now and again right?! 🙋🏼 SO let's see yours & let's spread all the happiness! Tagged people let me see your smile with the hashtag smileyselfie & pass it on by tagging 3 friends yourself! Let's fill Instagram with all the cheeky grins! Smiling is the perfect medicine 😃 @veesfitnessfood @healthy.strawberry @hannahnicholas_ let's see your beaut smiles 🤗💕

when Zara tells you you're a 12 and society tries to shame you for it but you post a pic anyway because you know you're fine as hell 💁 #selflove

Namastê! ✨🙏🏻

Feeling better than ever i've ever felt....its all about self love♡
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It’s what you do with it that matters! Watch this quick video on how anger can be a tool to serve you: http://ow.ly/pV6730bftMN
Like this page, share with a friend, and comment below how this video impacts YOU! ❤🙏🏼 in love & Light

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This makes me laugh cuz it sounds a little dirty....⠀
Life goals!⠀
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“If only you could sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.”
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The journey to find myself has been long and hard and I'm still on that journey.
My teacher said today that once you know everything you need to know in life, then life is over.
Don't think that you have to know everything that has to do with your sexuality or gender. It's okay to be confused or unsure about it. It takes a while to know exactly what you want and who you are.
It is okay to take your time and not know💙
Use my code "KADE" for 10% off of your ENTIRE order from the link in my bio😏
You're never alone, my dms are always open🤘🏼💙

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Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted. And experience is often the most valuable thing you have to offer. Tag - Share - Comment 😀

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Good morning from this side of the world! (+17hrs in your future, dear Chicagoans)

I arrived in Kaiteriteri yesterday by having a nice person drive me up here after helping me find my lost luggage at the airport. Thought this was going to be my new home for the next 3 weeks but realized I didn't get the right visa (whoops - but honestly a blessing in disguise cause it does not feel like home ha!)

Now I'm planning on spending a couple days hiking the Able Tasman Trail and yesterday found a miracle ride that's going from here to Christchurch with a funny French woman. Life leads us where we should be! Going to take this as an opportunity to let go, and let things happen the way they should happen without trying to put too much force. (That's a lesson learned in Charleston from an absolutely magnificent and extremely good vibed yoga teacher).

This photo was taken on low tide when this small island formed a walkable path. So many oysters and tiny sea life in between. And if you look at the stone to your right, it looked like a BA woman's head with a beautiful headpiece.

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