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馃挄I love myself. It took a long time for me to be able to say that. For the first time in my life, I love my body, my spirit, my mind, my personality. I love everything that I am.

In honor of NEDAwareness Week, I am choosing myself as one of my #RecoveryHeroes.

I chose to recover because I finally wanted to. I could not go on living with my eating disorder, engaging in behaviors everyday & constantly living in fear of food & having panic attacks about the amount of calories I ate or what the number was on the scale. I could not do it. I was tired & worn out. I was losing the battle. I did not feel strong or worthy. I thought that if I told someone they would think I was being dramatic & annoying. I didn't think anyone would believe me because I didn't "look sick".

They did believe me. I was fortunate to have an extremely supportive family & team of professionals to guide me through treatment. They are all my recovery heroes & I am grateful for them everyday.

Eating disorders come in all shapes & sizes. All colors. All religions. All sexual orientations. All genders. All income levels. You don't have to "look like you have an ED" to have an ED. Eating disorders are dangerous. They can be life-threatening. They are not a fad. They are not glamorous. They are not diets or tools for weight-loss. They are not only for women, men also have them.

Over 30,000 people in the US suffer from eating disorders. I am 1/30,000 & I have reached recovery. Recovery is possible, but not without support, research, advocacy & funding.

Not everyone has supports, not everyone can afford treatment. If you know someone suffering, be a support for them. Let them know it is okay & that there is help. If you are able, please give to @neda + @projectheal so that we can continue to fight eating disorders for years to come. We can change the future & the present, if we come together & work to fight the stigma & find a cure.

I fought for myself & now I fight for all people suffering from eating disorders. No one should live the way I did & that is why I do this work. Join me & be someone's Recovery Hero this #NEDAwareness Week (2/26-3/4).


When I first saw this photo I was like "kenz, why ya gotta arch your back like that and make your body bigger than what it actually is?"
Then I thought;
Would I ever think, say or feel that way toward any of my followers, friends or family?
Answer is;
Fucking no. 馃檯馃拋馃槏
Sometimes I forget to treat myself the way I treat the people that I love. And when I do it feels SO good.
Stay present, practice makes PROGRESS (not perfect, no perfection here) and have faith that you will get better at loving yourself. 鉁煉曗湪馃挄鉁煉
@rawkavai 馃挄馃摳馃槏

CONFIDENCE is being able to take a pic in public and not hiding in a restroom! Love yourself enough to know you need to fix your inside (mind&health) as well. #selfie #mondaymotivation #motivationmonday #fitnessjourney #fitfam #selflove #weightlossjourney #bodypositive #nomakeup #nofilters #naturalbeauty #inittowinit #Followpaula #confidence #beyourself

In most interviews I am always asked "do you have any diet or workout tips?" Yes I do; Eat more cake
As a teenager I genuinely thought I was fat, that my thighs were huge, arms flabby and that if I ate anymore bread I'd be disgusting
I'd go days without eating and once I did eat I ate EVERYTHING in sight and threw it all up after in pure disgust with my myself
I felt so ashamed, guilty, confused and unworthy of living
Overtime through a bit of cognitive therapy, surrounding myself with good people, throwing out the scale and a strict ban on "should we go on a diet" conversation with Mum I started to accept me for who I am and my body for what is was
I no longer believe in diets, I don't do yoga for the weight loss, toning or all that jazz
I eat what I want when I want by truly listening to my body and also indulging when I want to
There was a time when I did have stellar abs & I must say, the lifestyle wasn't worth it. There's more to life than a shredded body, there's more to YOU than those shredded photos you see on instagram. You are YOU & fabulous in any way shape or form
Just eat what you know you need and indulge when called to. Restriction overtime only makes for bingeing
Practice more yoga and the balance will naturally come to you over time
Practice more yoga and you'll start to love yourself again
It won't always be easy but it will be worth it
I've never felt happier eating cake 馃巶
Cake does taste better than skinny feels

NEW VIDEO (link in bio to watch).
Here I'm showing 2 variations of the single leg deadlift. In the order they鈥檙e shown...
1锔忊儯-DB single leg deadlift - this is an example of an axial semi-straight leg exercise. The slight bend in your knee actually helps to target glutes WAY BETTER than the straight leg variation.
2锔忊儯-DB split stance deadlift - this is a regression (easier version) the first exercise. The first exercise is AWESOME for glute engagement, but not so hot if you struggle with balance or form. If you struggle with stability, you'll find yourself getting a lot more mid-core engagement than glute.
My advice is to start with split stance deadlift, then as your balance improves move to the single leg deadlift. Comment if you want more nerdy nitty gritty posts like this 馃!

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Meet @hashi88馃挭馃挭
She says:
鉃 I have always been overweight since childhood. Even through high school I struggled with my weight and had self image issues. During my first year of university I tried to change my eating habits to lose weight but had less or no motivation at all. With the stresses of university I ate really bad and continued to struggle with my weight.
I have always wanted to dress nicely and have the curves to show off, but because of my overweight body it seemed a dream.
Then one day a friend upload a group photo with me in it on Facebook , and I got really bad comments on my figure and how overweight I was. I was devastated and had a emotional breakdown. After that I decided to fully commit to losing the weight, so started eating healthy and going to the gym 6 days a week. After 10 months of fully committed to the diet and training, I lost 42 kgs. This change in my body further motivated me to keep going. I started to dress nicely and loved to show my new curves. This added further to my motivation.
I trained harder and became stronger and fitter. My ultimate motivation is the results I see within myself and that itself is my inspiration.#fitlife #fitnessaddict #fitness #beforeandafter #weightlossjourney #weightloss #transformation #inspire #bodypositivefitness #shesquats #training #weightlossinspiration #inspiration #selflove #beastmode #justdoit #beastmodeon #traininsane #transformyourbody #fitnessinspiration #strongissexy #strong #muscles #fitfam #fatloss #fattofit #newme


Day 1 of the @iammelwells 7 day challenge 馃尯 One thing I love about myself at the moment, is that no matter what life throws at me, I just carry on as best I can. Things can get really tough but as long as I have my family, friends & boyfriend around me, I'm happy & I know I can get through it #iamtheone #selflove

~~Self love is the greatest middle finger of all time~~ @elephantjournal
Because even when shit hits the fan, it's imperative to treat yourself lovingly, always.
#selflove #selfloveclub #bekindtoyourself #youareenough #youarebeautiful #youareloved #takecareofyourself #eatwell #dowhatyoulove #betruetoyourself #knowyourworth #spreadlove #peaceandlove #namaste #vegan #veganfoodshare

I'm so thankful that I lived through the grunge garage band era of the 90's. Kurt would be 50 today ... happy birthday to a tortured soul.

Jump in with both feet. 馃専
What is stopping you? Do you not believe in yourself?? Y O U are amazing and capable and with some self love and hard work you C A N do anything!
Be b r a v e and have c o u r a g e Dream big! The only limits to what you can do are the ones you create for yourself. .
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What would you say to your body if you knew it was listening? Would you whisper sweet nothings in it's ear or talk smack? .
During last week's Facebook Live Wisdom Wednesday, I promised to share a love letter I wrote to my body at the end of treatment. This letter helped me see how much my body loved me and in the process heal some of my emotional wounds. .
Let us know if you decide to write one to your body.

馃挮Skinniness doesn't equate to happiness.馃挮
That wonderful picture of me on my wedding day in my wedding dress SHOULD be a day of amazing happiness. But inside was a girl who hated every inch of herself. That starved herself to fit that dress because she had a false image of what healthy was and zero self esteem. I made sure I could fit into a size 0/2...
I couldn't enjoy pregnancy or motherhood like I wish I would have because I was SO embarrassed by the weight I had gained. How much exactly? I gained a total of 33lb, with baby, during my pregnancy (which is totally NORMAL!). Baby brought about a few chronic illnesses that finally reared their head into my life, recreating thoss previous fears of my weight.
That final picture was two days ago. I'm NOT here to tell you what happiness is or what size anyone person should be. I AM here to say that if you are leading a life that is full of positivity, self love and acceptance without comprising your health, then you're doing something right.
My journey is my journey. I can't tell you what works for you, there isn't a magic pill or one size fit all way of life. But I can say hating yourself will only hold you back. Love the moment your in NOW and get to know you, and what you want. .
I wanted a life without feeling like a failure because of my weight, luckily I found it!
2017-??? I definitely stay AWAY from the scale now 馃馃 its all about how I feel. .
Just a note: Yes each picture is beautiful, this isn't a measure of size, it was my mental health that was the problem and how I saw myself 鉁岎煓
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Amen to confidence!鉂ゐ煈狆煉
#selflove #confidenceissexy #abundantlife

When you stop resisting, the vision becomes clearer and your self worth is no longer up for negotiation...... #SelfLove

Me trying to eat healthy lately.

I thought the bridge was cute and artsy 鉁