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She's beautiful because she knows she is beautiful by her own definition. No one else matters when it comes to self love. Thank you for this morning inspiration running through my body✨✨✨✨ I hope to meet you one day. @winnieharlow
🦁 the real difference isn't my skin. It's the fact that I don't find my beauty in the opinions of others. I'm beautiful because I know it. Celebrate Your unique beauty today (& everyday)! #selflove #confidence #gratitude #selflessness #love

This morning has been just absolutely awesome with Officer Fifer. I just witnessed pure #SELFLESSNESS #GEMS #LRPD

During my college years at SMU, I had the honor to be the counselor at a non-profit organization called Angels Clinic. My experience there allowed me the invaluable encounter to listen to the stories and struggles of expecting mothers who could not afford the prenatal care they were in need of and had no support throughout their pregnancy. At Angels, we provided them free prenatal and post delivery care along with compassion, love, and any support they felt was missing. These women's stories to me are riveting. The trauma some have endured to this day still brings pain when I recollect our conversation. Their resiliency to keep moving forward even when they felt all odds were against them is beyond inspirational. This October we will be having a gala celebrating these women and I had the opportunity to voice my gratitude and encouragement to these women for their bravery. I'm not a mother myself but I truly believe it's one of the most difficult yet most rewarding experiences in life. To all you dedicated mothers, you are a warrior. I treasure and adore you ❤

TBT. It always feels humbling and Powerful to meet His Excellency The President of Uganda or even be in the same room as him. Truth and Compassion give way, always left with resulting wisdom. #Revoluntary #Selflessness #nationalisation

I want you guys to meet someone.. this is Stephan, and his dog "Mr. Beans" of course 🐶 I had a moment today which was put on my by the grace of God to help someone else out in more need then me, which I have been doing more often than not lately, but this moment was special. I was at subway earlier today eating my food when I saw Stephan walk in and ask about purchasing three cookies..within moments of seeing this I dropped my food and ran over to the desk insisting that I pay for his food. Stephan then told me "thank you so much, I appreciate it and most of this is going to my dog outside" I then purchased 3 more cookies and ran out the door and saw Stephan sitting with his dog. I asked if I could join him and gave him the cookies. I then ran back inside and got the rest of my food and offered it to him as he graciously and humbly accepted. I sat down asked him for his name and got to know him. Stephan is from Hawaii and he planned to go back but he lost the papers on his dog and they won't allow Mr. Beans to go with him to Hawaii so instead of abandoning his dog, Stephan decided to stay in LA..now homeless 4 months later Stephan does everything he can to feed his dog, in fact he told me how well his dog eats (from wet food, dry food, human food and treats he showed me as well) I couldn't help but to understand and appreciate life at this very moment. A man with nothing at all, STILL gives everything to something else..one word came to mind: Selflessness. I told Stephan thank you so much for letting me get to know you, and I wrote down my number for him so when he gets a prepaid phone we can keep in touch. As we smiled laughed and interacted with each other I felt so much love in my heart it was unbearable not to ask him for a picture as I said "I want to show the world what selflessness looks like". My heart goes out to you Stephan and Mr. Beans and I will never forget this amazing incredible experience with you two. I've been learning a lot in life lately and the learning never stops, and nor does the love. Thank you for opening up my eyes to see once again how powerful love can be, and how amazing it feels to help someone else out in need 💙💙💙 #selflessness

i'm already ready for soar 2018.. #selflessness

@Regrann from @shay.bless - "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather..." #HIMspired #qotd #humility #valueothers #selflessness #Philippians2_3 #devos #freehand #penandink #typography #handlettering #doodle #doodlesofinstagram ❤ - #regrann...I love Shay's work so much!!! Not to mention the messages.

#Selflessness #Love #Compassion ❤️🌎 Happy Thursday 🙏🏻🏥


Paying respects to #Dr #Ruth #Pfau, a symbol of #selflessness and #devotion

Happy Birthday Veronica Roth! #BornOnThisDay in 1988, Roth is known for authoring The Divergent series. Her newest book, Carve the Mark, was released earlier this year. Happy Birthday! #bnvancouver #bnpnw #bnpdx #Divergent #Insurgent #Allegiant #shaylienewoodley #courage #bravery #standup #selflessness #authorquote #authorbirthday #birthday #vancouver #vancouverwa #vancouverwashington #vancouverusa #vanwa

This morning has been just absolutely awesome with Officer Fifer. I just witnessed pure #SELFLESSNESS #GEMS #LRPD

"इंसान बिना एहसासों का या इक ख़त बिना किसी पते का, शायद एक ही बात है।"

We will have our first Wu Wo tea ceremony today! Wu Wo was brought about in 1980s Taiwan so that one could share their tea with others. The words translate to "void of self" - "selfless." 🙏🙇 Usually, Wu Wo is held outside, but it is too hot for that. 🌳 🍃Instead, I'll be teaching Gongfu style infusion, and we will be preparing our tea for others around the table to enjoy inside.🍵 Maybe we'll have another in the fall, when we can be outside and enjoy the garden. 🍂🍁
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I sit there with my thoughts
On my rooftop after the rain,
Watching the sky blue color disperse
While the clouds fight for their claim.
A strand of my hair is dangerously close to my eye
Ruffling in sync with the leaves of the tree.
It's been a long summer,but I think this is the way nature makes us appreciate,
The eternal smug goes "if there's no heat ,will you really appreciate the heat"

We as a species are weird.We work on the concept of "why" to the strictest sense.There's an inherent lethargy which fails to appreciate beauty just because it exists.We are born in a generation which took things and was taken for granted way before time, rendering us into a bunch of lethargic cynics who fail to appreciate the goosebumps but in a good way after the rains.As I pen this down ,the evening turns darker somehow in sync with my dark thoughts .From where I sit the trees look like they would engulf me but they decide to hurt me by swaying my hair but being indifferent in general, somewhere the trees have become harder over the years as if somehow resentful over my neglect of them.Now that I am having this insane amount of clarity, I decide to stop being so human, I grab my shoes , here's to an evening spent climbing trees and being grateful to the selfless ones.
#nature #instamood #childhood #thoughts #growup #selflessness #writing #writersofinstagram

Everybody can have direct access to me and my world, but those that have been granted that access knows I'm just a phone call or text away. #everybody #access #wont #be #granted #loyalty #honesty #integrity #compassion #selflessness #is #what #grants #you #access #nofrauds

Excerpt from Pieces by Derek King …….A life of trials! Each struggle, each obstacle, each path taken, within each moment in time. Trials of perseverance, trials of adaptability, and trials of strength. It begins with each’s story from that moment of conception and therefore each’s story begins different than the next. And undoubtedly ends different. Through each moment materializes a lesson. Be it that they are an exemplary moment of achievement or a delusive one of defeat, lessons of growth are always certain. Lessons of how to make the next iteration better. To handle it stronger. To handle it wiser. To reflect and gain an understanding of what it will take to accomplish the next one. As you navigate, be weary but be clear. Keep your compass or your heart if you will. Keep it level and trust its purpose. For it is the human heart that never fails. And in that moment when you move from this world into the next, understand the human heart maintains a beat. It maintains the strength to continue life. It remains steady…… "All Rights Reserved"
Copyright © 2017 Derek King

Coming soon, Pieces, a story of perseverance and growth told through the pieces of this puzzle we call life.

Follow and share my page on FB, The Counselor, and @thecouselor17 on IG for weekly words. Also coming soon, additional excerpts from my work for preview. Don't miss out on this developmental knowledge told through the greatest stories of real life!

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