"Awareness is ever there. It need not be realized. Open the shutter of the mind, and it will be flooded with light." - Nisargadatta Maharaj

My personality tests always showed "a love for problem solving" and I definitely enjoyed and excelled in that during my professional career. However, at a personal level, having a love for problem solving can be somewhat challenging. Maybe especially for those around me whose problems I am constantly trying to solve... Our gifts becomes our shadows, and our shadows our gifts. Awareness is how I am working on changing it. Not all problems are meant to be solved. And those who are, might not be meant to be solved by me... Easily seeing the challenges and problems in everything is also a challenge for taking real action. For trying anyway. For keeping at it. Another practise of detachment. What's you talent and shadow?
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Share with me what drives you?

Beauty medicine in my garden this morning. :

Following a week of lurgies, the sun is shining, strength is returning and my garden called me out to find this magnolia beauty. :

On Sunday afternoon I'll be gathering with a beautiful group of women to facilitate my final Peaceful + Present retreat for 2018. :

A place to slow down, find stillness and listen within. So dearly needed at this time of year when schedules begin to build with commitments. :

There is space for 2 more if you wish to join us. Expect guided meditation bringing awareness to your four bodies, gentle movement, space for journaling, sharing, kinship, sipping tea and eating nibbles.

Just because things are impermanent doesn’t mean they’re disposable. People say, “Nothing lasts,” as though that were an expression of deep wisdom. But actually, things do last if you take care of them: relationships can last if you work on them, tools can last if you keep them in good working order, and your love of life can last if you keep good watch over your mind. Of course, nothing lasts forever, but the point is that things can last long enough for you to understand the real truth of impermanence, which is that there is nothing in this life you can depend on apart from how you care for what has been given to you. There's a beautiful story about Ajaan Lee getting into a car with a reckless driver. Someone saw that Ajaan Lee’s knuckles were white from gripping the seat and remarked, “That monk can’t be all that enlightened if he’s scared of dying.” Ajaan Lee replied, “This body isn’t mine. I’ve only borrowed it, and I have to take good care of it before I give it back.” That’s a true understanding of impermanence, as opposed to the illusion of disposability that our consumer culture propagates. When you treat people as though they are disposable, it is only because you think you don’t need the goodwill of others to keep you safe. But you do. When you treat your words as though they are disposable, it is only because you think you don’t need integrity in order to find true happiness. But you do. So it’s good to ask, “Where in my life am I suffering from the illusion of disposability?” If your house needs cleaning, clean your house. If calls have been left unanswered, answer them. Sweat the small stuff, as Thanissaro Bhikkhu says. It’s not about appearing more responsible or productive than your neighbor. It’s about finding the good in what you’ve been given and building on it, before it’s too late. - Paul Weinfield

From 5th October to today (16th November) Venus has been in retrograde in our skies - which to me and perhaps others, have felt its effects 💞 revisiting past relationships through journaling, I was surprised to identify behaviours and thought patterns that I’m subtly still carrying and how it’s holding me back in the present - realising it’s never about the person, but that each was a vessel that triggered a wound/pattern/behaviour that just needed to be identified and shed light on. Venus Retrograde also brought with it a such an opening to the heart space - an opening of such tenderness and sensitivity that is hard to hold in these times but so important to move forward into more light and love, groundedness and gratitude ✨ Coming through this phase has brought an increase of self-confidence, resilience, clearness, clarity and inner peace ✌🏼
📷 of my chunky rock; rose quartz - clears and soothes feelings of anger, jealously, resentment and smallness. Opens up the heart chakra to unconditional love and positive energy 💫
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Never tried Pilates before OR looking to refine your technique? SAMARASA welcomes mat Pilates taught by the most fabulous @justinemalick 🙌
Wed & Fri at 10:30 beginning Dec 5!!
Don’t be fooled... it’s harder than it looks😎

Idyllwild, CA JANUARY 11-13, 2019
✨ I can practically smell the crisp, cool air that awaits us in Idyllwild in just two months! ✨I hope you will join me and Malia @maliaewright as we explore our many layers of being, in order to uncover our highest goals and create a focused Sankalpa (intention) for the New Year. We’ll move our bodies, rest in deep meditation, explore Nature’s offerings, and eat deliciously balancing Ayurvedic meals by Chef Josh @joshmerer ✨Space is limited! Reserve your place now at the link in my profile 📷 of Idyllwild by @chasingafterhappy

So much talk about awakening. But to what? There are multiple stages of awakening and in most you are actually still sleeping. True awakening begins when the kundalini awakens and many, if not most, mistake some pranic movement and activity in chakras to the life changing catalysing awakening of this mighty force. I know I did.
When she awakens in your body a whole new journey begins that will humble you, clear karma, activate dormant biological potential, ask you to surrender deeper than ever before and the pulsing throbbing energy will blast you wide open onto a new road where all you ever knew will come to new light.
Where knowing turns to unknowing, and realization of the ultimate truth, the ALL and nothing. The absolute reality. ...Happens. ✨🙏🏻✨
Art Alex Gray @alexgreycosm ⚕️
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Y1D269: Feel (1hour)
- processed an emotional reaction to something that seems to be from the past and much more intense in the present moment than appropriate - I felt into it but also questioned the emotion with the mind
- not an easy process, but unavoidable - there‘s still remaining pain, but it‘s much less
- today also the question came up: why am I thinking?

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Todays balance training.
Nature shows you how to calibrate.

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Day 3 #intothedepths The most common emotions I felt as a child were chaos, anger, confusion, rushing, fear, being controlled....joy & laughter when I think of being with my brother....thinking about it now he was my main source of joy. Even though I did pick on him relentlessly during our younger years. I knew,even then, in my heart that I was doing it out of love... because our mother &the Jehovahs witness world had already picked my poor little soul apart with they're critical words so I wanted to toughen him up so he'd be ready.
These emotions felt foreign in my body, bigger than I could understand. I couldn't really focus on what I was feeling though bc I was too busy feeling like I had to protect my brother and be strong for him. You see our parents fought more than they got along so I was his protector. We are just less than 4 years apart...so at 4, 5, and 6 , etc years old this was a big burden to bear....I can feel the weight even now thinking about it.
Chaos and yelling filled our house. If my brother or I spilled something, we would race to clean it up for fear of being yelled at.
I was always not only scared to fuck up, but scared to tell anyone or admit that I had done something undesirable. Excuses& cover ups at any cost, anything but receiving blame. I remember so much fear& anger&agression throughout my childhood and teenage years, it still claws its way out from time to time randomly.
If I wasn't worried about being accepted in my home life enough, there were always the Jehovahs Witness standards &judgements I had to live up to.

I mean damn, I could never even be free at school bc in middle school some of the JW ladies worked at the school& would LITERALLY spy on my every move and tell my mom if a boy even breathed in my direction, etc. &her son was in my grade all through school so even after I escaped her, he was constantly watching what I did, telling if I cursed or seemed too friendly with the worldly kids etc. I can see him now, he'd say "Jennifer you know you're not supposed to be doing that " &shake his head in disappointment. Not to mention I was always getting compared to him& the other JW kids&always #yoga #butiyoga#love #challenge

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