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Vaba laupäeva õhtu kõige kallimatega enne varsti saabuvat jõuluhullust.. 😋 Nii mõnus! 😄 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 🦄 💞 #familytime #saturdaynight #huaweip10 #perfect10 #huaweieesti #selfiestick


#Hello to everyone who wants to be on Top!✨
#Today about objections.
Do not treat "no" as a final answer. Overcome objections. Most of the objections that we hear are false. Here are the most common of them:
1. I need to think.
2. I do not have money for this.
3. I need to discuss this issue with ... (husband, grandmother, guinea pig)
4. We will not hurry ...
5. I'm not ready to buy yet
6Now the crisis and things are not going very well
7.We want to consider other offers
8 You have too high prices
Behind these polite and streamlined phrases there are very specific reasons in the spirit:
1. There are money, but I'm too stingy
2. I am afraid that I can not get a loan to buy.
3. I am not in a position to make a decision alone.
4. I think I can buy in another place cheaper.
5. I have a friend from whom I used to buy / cut / dress
6.You (your product or company) do not cause trust.
Sometimes an objection is a form of interest. The buyer wants to know more about the product and company, "feel" the opportunity to reduce the price or get additional bonuses.
I think you did it yourself with traders in the eastern markets, rolling your eyes and saying NO it's possible to reduce the price.

Sincerely Yours, ZT PRO💚
Author: Elizaveta Vorobeva

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Special night with special friends!! #friendsgiving2017 #selfiestick

Thank you @heelysworldwide for my package! Can’t wait to test the bad boys out!!! #heelysworldwide #showusyourheelys #whywalk #heelys #selfiestick

squad goals. 👵🏻👵🏽👵🏿 via @artsxdesign

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Hard to keep it in focus fully extended, but I think I'm about to have a lot of fun using this 'selfie-stick' with a real purpose.

#Agkistrodon #contortrix #mokasen #northern #copperhead #selfiestick #snake #venomous #sphagnummoss

Windy Santa pics 🎄⛄️#selfiestick #Santa

galavanting is very serious business 🌲

Happy Bday Bro 🎉

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