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Same girl, different angles, beautiful in both photos.⠀

Bringing it all back to reality for you that the social media often shows you the best bits!⠀

So what I have some stomach rolls? Does this define me, who I am or my body? Does a number on a scale decide my daily mood or what I’m eating that day? No it doesn’t!⠀

I am healthy, comfortable in my own skin and this is what social media should be showing you.⠀

The realities of LIFE! Not everyone has this “perfect” body, what even is a perfect body? Big booty? Flat stomach? Abs?!🤷🏼‍♀️⠀

It’s about finding your self love and your body confidence.⠀

It’s about standing up and saying “no I don’t need to look like anyone else but ME”⠀

Just remember health looks different on everyone so does beauty! ✨⠀

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Skin care is one of my favorite forms of self care. Carefully applying serums, oils, and creams feels like I’m telling my face “I love you” and apologizing for the cruel things I sometimes say to it.
#bodypositive #selfiesforselflove #selflove #selfloveclub #bopo #selfcare

Things making me happy these days: every moment with my family members, The Office, warmer temps, when I put bandanas on my dogs, beer, daffodils, and a dramatic lip + Star Wars shirt combo.
#pinkhair #thingsthatmakemehappy #pixel2 #starwarsfan #darklip #selfiesforselflove #bodypositivity #positivity #septumpiercing #flannel

My hair has grown into a built-in fascinator! 🎩🌸👑 💁🏻‍♀️ Pretend the last one is the girl in the Peanuts comic strip who was always patting her naturally curly hair. Was that the Little Red-Haired girl that Charlie Brown had the crush on? Could also be Alyssa Edwards. 💄💋💄 Lippie is Glo-Minerals Suede Matte Crayon in Sorbet. I love this color, and that makes it easier to smile. I had planned to make this a #speedselfie but no I had to take too many pix, with different angles, some “flattering” 🙄 and some supposedly not flattering. #CuteAF360 Out there in meatspace, people see me (and I see them!) in all kinds poses, and we’re not expected to only hold certain positions... altho now that I think about it, I remember when I was younger a lot of girls, including me, would be sure to not sit or stand in a couple positions that made parts of us look fat. Like, don’t sit with both feet flat on the floor (unless you were wearing a dress) because it would make your thighs flatten out and look fat. This was when I was a size 11 to 13 and was actually considered fat, not just chubby. Most other girls were smaller than me. Oh society, why you put so much pressure on your femmes? (Rhetorical question; we already know the answer.) ⏩⏩🙎🏻‍♀️🤯😡🙎🏻‍♀️⏪⏪ In the non-smiling pic, I was trying to be sultry. Hah. Just looks like my normal #RestingBitchFace (which is okay too). Since I’m not ready to show more of myself (even clothed) I figure I might as well use this time to get used to seeing more of my skin, and trying to see myself as softly rounded or something like that. I would definitely see someone else who looked like this in a positive way, so why not myself, too? Plus I want to do my part for representing and normalizing fat bodies. I don’t have to love my body. Right, just not hating it is a win, and maybe someone seeing this will feel a little better about their body, too. Big thanks to @clmoskovitz and @pinkmantaray for posting pix that took them out of their comfort zones, thus giving me courage to try it too.

I hardly ever wear my hair straight... But when I do, I take a lot of selfies from that day!... so here’s a little tb to yesterday!

The best feeling in the whole world is watching things finally fall into place after watching them fall apart for so long💕


Spent a lovely afternoon hanging out with the brilliant and bad-ass Amy Pence-Brown @idaho_amy.

You may know her from her viral video a couple years ago, daring her body to be written on by strangers in public.
As a body love worker, it can be a lonely road to share a message of self-love in a world that profits from self-loathing.
So I really loved being able to hear all about Amy's path and projects on her own mission to spread self-empowerment.

Can't wait to connect up again 💗
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