"Non c’è deserto peggiore che una vita senza amici: l’amicizia moltiplica i beni e ripartisce i mali."💎❤

Hey #saturday ✨💗
Dia lindo por aqui ☀️- com essa mesa clássica daqui de casa hahaha - meu café foi o mesmo dos últimos dias, por motivos de : TO VICIADA NELE -> Pão🍞da @lifeme_lifeme com 10 g de pasta de amendoim!

Aproveitando as pequenas férias 💙

Beautiful lazy morning enjoying this nice breezy Pa weather on the back deck. #goodmorningworld#nofilter#selfienation#photo#selfielove#nomakeup

When you get caught taking that afternoon selfie because your loves roll up in the driveway behind you! 🤣🤣🤣🤳🏽HA! #dontmindme #iwasjustfeelingtheseaccessories #selfIElove

Bueno pues llegó el Sábado..."sábado sabadete, ropa limpia y la vecino de arriba de abajo ya ha echado el polvete, porque me ha despertado temprano con sus gritos jajajajaja" #chiste 😄
#FelizSabado a tod@s
#igers #selfie_españa #selfi #selfie #selfietime #selfielove #man #hombre

Mama is in town ☺️

Meu agarradinho.🐒 #selfielove

I’m as free as a bird, and this bird you cannot change🐥♥️
I got myself some new ink yesterday and I’m in love with how it turned out!😍I’ve been wanting to get Free Bird as a tattoo for awhile now and am so happy I finally did it!🙌🏼as for the meaning of my tat, it is really because as I was growing up I was always made fun of for having a a big nose👃🏼then my close friends began calling me by the nickname bird in an endearing and teasing way that truly helped me gain confidence in my nose and not give a fuck what others thought about it♥️I used to want a rhinoplasty but not anymore🙅🏼‍♀️I love my big nose with all my heart😊after that even though I was already a Lynyrd Skynyrd fan, I really began to resonate with their song Free Bird after I gained confidence in my nose and fell in love with the lyrics which is what I quoted in the first line of this caption✨I believe I am a free and beautiful soul and I cannot, and I do not need, to be changed in any way, physically or spiritually from who I am and I finally feel so full of self love and confidence in my life through working on my self image and mindset and am so happy to be in the place I am today🙏🏼💓so that’s the story behind Free Bird🐥♥️I’m off to get my nails done with my mommy then I’ll be working all night😊I hope you all have a beautiful Saturday🦋sending you lots of love and good vibes🌻xo
p.s. yes my tattoo ink is cruelty free♥️if you’re in Omaha looking for a great tattoo studio I would highly recommend @american_tattoo as they have done all 6 of mine and I love them all😊🙌🏼♥️


Been there ,done that!

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