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Don't despair, have hope and discover new opportunities!! 👈🙂👍🙂


🔥BOSS TALK- SWIPE LEFT🔥Lately it's been trendy to make memes talking about women complimenting other women. These posts say things like "I promise you won't lose your edges by complimenting another woman" LOL! Though they are funny, there is a huge purpose behind women uplifting other women. We sleep on how much we speak negatively about other women, (I use "we" loosely) but we think twice about letting a fellow sis know that she is doing a good job. We base compliment worthiness on if we "like" someone, or if we think they will be receptive to what we say. What it comes down to is that, as women" we are the center of everything. We create those habits, tendencies, trends, and norms within our children who become the adults of this world! Think of Everytime you've needed comfort from one of your fellow women but it wasn't there, or when you saw a woman in need and did nothing. These are norms that we created and they don't benefit us at all! And what makes it worse, is that we pass these tendencies on to our children, which is just a vicious cycle. We've gotta do better y'all, it's time to woman up!!! I love you sis, all of you! WE are the start to a brighter community. Compliment a lady today, and mean it!!!!!

Tick tock.
Inhale. Exhale.
Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. "Help me", she screams and sobs, but you don't hear.
Feet on the water, just to check if it's warm enough on a cold morning, even though they warned that it was freezing.
But she stepped wanting to swim, but knew nothing about it. So she drowned. "Help me", she screams. But you didn't know.
She smiles at the sun, kisses the child. She laughs at the dinner and writes in the mornings. But sobs at midnight and screams for help, and you didn't know.
Her heart clenches, wanting to rip out of the cage. She is drowning and all she sees is darkness. She needs light. She needs help. She needs love. She needs it now. She needs someone to understand.
Her heart breaks into smithereens of broken freaking shimmering hearts, but you wouldn't know.
She doesn't know either, why this is happening. Why would her heart break when she didn't know sadness?
How come depression knocked over her when she didn't know to frown?
She wants to kill it, kill the feeling. But it asks her to vanish and feel worthless. She screams to her Lord, "I can't breathe Rabb, please help me this time, please". Her hand is now above the water, her slender fingers caressing the water, bony knuckles waving, and she screams. But her voice was muffled and you didn't know. She drowns.
You didn't see the tears when she smiled, you didn't notice the abnormality of her I'm doing greats. Her constant physical pain. Loneliness. You could've sensed it if you hugged a bit tighter. At least now you will.
To the depressed, you are loved so very much. There are people who understand you. Seek help. Pls do. Live. Live. One day at a time. Breathe. Those orbs are twinkling with dreams, God made you with a purpose. He Loves you, He will help you. Pls live. Pls hug and cry about not being able to cry. But don't ever go until He Wills. Seek help, love. We understand you.
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