Depression *long*
I know a couple, they say they’re not a couple but everyone who would seen it knows it.
They live not close together and on top of all they both suffer from a big depression.
As an outsider I saw them destroying each other in fights and both sides were wrong. They both claimed to both have another relationship whilst this wasn’t true from both sides. And they could see that from themselves if they lost the suspicion from the depression.🙁
Why would you be so jealous of each other? Not without a reason but because you love each other. They also react differently to the depression, she is a bit further away and did a few tries for suicide. It’s very hard for her to keep stepping through every day again and if that’s not enough she feels the pain of missing her soulmate.💔
He tries to be strong but also he doesn’t hold on forever. He had a very difficult time and shot down to everyone. Also feeling the heartache from his soulmate.💔
Your both so wrong about each other!! And I hope and know you will both read this and realize that neither of you had an easy time. But you guys wouldn’t be so suspicious if you didn’t had feelings for each other.
Wake up sweethearts and talk!😟🌸
The partners from people with a depression are often forgotten, they are the silent victims of what we depressants throw at them. In this example those 2 people could be so happy if their mind would let them.
Many things can be destroyed by depression also relationships. There is only so much that you can take as partner maybe. Or your even afraid of your partner. The advise I would give is talk. Talk talk talk which each other. Even when the other person doesn’t understand you, you made clear your not easy and some times. Don’t let depression next to life also take your relationship. I’ve seen several relations break on it and it’s such a shame cause love is basically what you need when depressed❤️
All you need is ❤️

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A helps B and A gets better .❤️

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I am 17 tho but I can relate

Always...💔im so shy that im trying to avoid eye contact, it makes me feel terrible and i cant even unterstand myself...

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