What if you stopped
resisting this moment?
What if you stopped
resisting this experience?
What if you stopped
telling yourself
that things should be different?
What if you just allowed
to be here
where you are
as you are?
What if you just felt
whatever feelings
show up to be felt?
What if you just observed
whatever thoughts
pass through your mind,
without attachment,
without grasping,
without thinking
about those thoughts,
and instead
just noticing the thought.
What if
you were just
right now?
What would that feel like?
What would that look like?
What shows up
when you think
being present?
What if
instead of believing
the thoughts
that tell you
you can’t
be present,
you can’t
slow your mind down,
you can’t
do this the “right” way,
(but like,
there is no “right” way
to do this),
you can’t
let everything
outside of this moment
what if instead of believing
these thoughts,
you just observed them,
you just allowed them
to be here
and then
when they show up
instead of thinking
more about them
you just felt
what it feels like
to have this thought?

Vision, Mission, Valori: alcune volte in azienda si crede poco a queste cose, ma forse bisognerebbe imparare a credere almeno alle proprie di vision...
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Who I was
is not who I am now.
I keep getting
better and better.
I keep growing.
I keep evolving.
I keep fucking up
doing things
that feel
out of alignment,
learning what
in alignment
feels like.
Even though I've tried
to do this thing
who I am now
is not
who I was
This time will be different,
this time is different,
because I'm different,
and I just keep getting
better and better.
My past is not proof
of my limitations,
but of my

The word perfect
is not a problem.
How we use it can be.
When we refer to perfection
as something
outside of ourselves,
outside of this moment,
it becomes a problem.
We feel a sense of lack
like something is wrong,
something is not enough,
like we're not enough.
You start working harder
to find it,
to create it,
to receive it,
running in circles,
chasing your own tail,
forgetting that what you want,
is already yours.
We are perfect,
as we are.
And this experience
is perfect
as it is.
And the sooner we remember that,
the sooner we start experiencing
what we want
and feeling
how we want to feel.

How do you choose to live your daily life?
Do you love without judgement?
Do you love with understanding?
Do you love with compassion?
Do you love with joy?
Do you love with passion?
Do you love with strength?
However you love, make a choice to love openly. Don’t save your love for a select few. Don’t keep your love to yourself in order to feel safe. Share your love and witness the world transform around you. #loveopenly 🦋🌎💗

I adore my job! Editing photos, working with high performers, creating change, beauty, and transformations are totally my thing!
However, the passion for what I do did not come easy. It took me 18 years to figure it all out and even now it is constantly changing.
Will I do personal branding photography five years from now? Maybe. Will I be sitting on the beaches of Santorini? Most likely! The point is we are always changing, growing, learning, and creating. If we aren’t we are stuck and that is dangerous.
Follow your dreams, passions, and joy. Create the life you want now no matter how scary. Take baby steps or giant leaps, whatever you do just take those steps. Only then will you discover what makes you truly happy and without regrets! #followyourpassion 💓🙌🏼💥

But what if my intuition is wrong?
What if my heart guides me in the wrong direction?
fearful small ego asks,
wanting to stay small
pretending it's less scary to stay small
when really,
staying small,
just means staying in fear of the fear
and the discomfort
that's already here
while doing what you don't want to do.
Playing big,
showing up authentically and in alignment,
just means
doing something that has a greater chance of bringing you joy,
and freedom,
without being afraid of
or limited by
the fears and discomfort.
Fear and discomfort will always be there,
whether you do what you love to do,
what you feel called to do,
what you're being guided from within to do,
or whether you're doing what your fears and worries tell you you should do,
what other people's fears and worries tell you you should do,
what you think the unfulfilling but safe thing to do is.
We're so scared to do it wrong.
We're so scared to be wrong.
And we just let that fear guide us,
instead of questioning,
what would happen if my intuition is wrong?
What would happen if I did the "wrong" thing?
Well then I would learn something
and that would allow me to grow
and evolve
and be better.
What would happen if you remembered there's no such thing as "wrong"
because everything is always working out in your favour
and the worst thing that could happen
is that you'll have to feel a
you might not want to feel.

Sometimes you just have to take the plunge!
Try something new, do the unexpected, mix it up, or take a deep dive from a new point in life.
We form habits and stick with them, some good, some bad. Regardless, these habits can keep up from pursuing new adventures, cultivating change, and going after our dreams.
Don't fear the unknown by staying where you are. Dive into uncertainty with beautiful form and be refreshed by what you may fall into. 🌊💃🏻 #divedeep

"I don't need to seek love, I am love"
This is the affirmation I've been using
when I notice my desire to impress others shows up,
when I notice I'm modifying
my words or behaviour
in fear of judgment
in need of love and acceptance.
When I remember I am love
and that I don't need to rely
on their approval
for love,
I can show up fully
and share love
and create a high vibe experience
for everyone involved.
Love is not something I need to find
I am love
and I get to share love
and be love
in other people's lives.
And that feels way better
than trying to impress others
and showing up in the world
in fear of my own incompleteness.

Create your freedom and your journey by making choices that are congruent with who you want to be.
I’m sure some of you are asking “What the hell does that mean?” Simple, if you are in a situation where you feel ‘off’, afraid, unsure, or where something just isn’t right, think of who you want to be, live in that moment as if you were already that person, and then make the decision.
I did that this week. I was in a situation that wasn’t sitting well with me, it was making me a person I did not want to be, and I felt off. I decided to correct it, move past my fears and live as the person who I knew I wanted to be.
The freedom I felt was like no other, it put me in alignment with my heart, soul, and purpose.
I am creating my unique journey in life freely, openly, and with love. I see who I want to be, and so I am her. 💃🏻💥❤️ #createyourownadventure

Let your shadows guide you into the light of Consciousness, reflecting your truths and empowering you to grow as you awaken to your Authentic Self.
Do not fear them. Do not become them. Release them and let go of the stories for they do not serve you.
Instead ask yourSelf: “Why does this trigger me? What fear, what self-limiting belief is this bringing to the surface? Find space between the darkness, the thought and the story. It is in that space you will discover your light and Sense of Self.
Aho 🦅

Oh hello Spring! Have we met? Gosh your smell is so refreshing and your colors are amazing! . We love how our #pets are constantly #teaching us #lifelessons #growthmindset #stopandbreathe #reflection #beauty #nature #itsthelittlethings #stopandsmelltheflowers #wellnesscoaches #selfempowermentcoach #rescueandadopt

I talk a lot about thinking intentionally to create the experience of life I desire,
this is how I do it:
I decide what I want in my experience of life
(how I want to feel,
what I want to create),
I use self-awareness/mindfulness practices to observe how I think about the thing (like if I want to feel more confident, I observe how I think about my body, my style, my presence, my voice, how I interact with others, how I show up in the world etc..)
I do some healing and releasing work on the old stories and beliefs that I no longer want to create
I choose what I want to believe instead,
I work with specific affirmations that help me feel how I want to feel and see life/my experience/my self/my relationships the way I want to see them.
I keep working with those affirmations until there isn't a seed of doubt left in me,
or until I'm ready to move into another affirmation
and way of thinking
(because the affirmations evolve as my thinking evolves)
everything else just flows and happens to me, through me and for me,
and I celebrate living in alignment and experiencing what I desire 💃🏻
So, in a very basic summary,
that's my process.
I used to only work with a couple of affirmations at a time,
now I work with a lot
and always go back to ones I've used before,
because once I put them in my toolbox,
they're always there for me to use!
Do any of these affirmations resonate with you?
Which ones do you want to believe/experience/allow?
If you want to learn how to do this process for yourself (in way more specific and practical way) and uplevel your life and step into your power, dm me because I'm going to be launching a self-empowerment course soon and I'll make sure you get all the deets when I do!

I even questioned posting this.
Our thoughts are powerful.
Whether we use them to empower ourselves
or disempower ourselves.
It's crazy how many amazing ideas
never come into fruition
because of this one thought,
how much we limit ourselves
and hold ourselves back
from showing up fully in the world
because of one thought
and all the feelings
and old stories
that show up in our body
when we think that thought,
making our hearts feel heavy,
our limbs feel weak,
our stomachs filled with knots.
Because of a thought.
One thought
repeated enough times
can be the difference between
living a life of freedom, happiness, fulfillment, authenticity, vitality and abundance
or living a life of fear, stress, doubt, judgment, shame, unhappiness and lack.
Imagine if we started thinking
that what we want to do
and feel called to do
is more important
than what people think of us.
Because, the truth is,
what you think people think of you
has nothing to do
with what people actually think of you
and everything to do
with what you think of yourself.
And what people actually think of you
has nothing to do with you
and everything to do
with what they think about themselves.
So next time you're about to stop yourself
from doing something you want to do
or feel called to do
because you're afraid of what people will think of you,
ask yourself,
What do I think of me?
and work on changing/healing/recreating that belief
instead of changing your actions
to change someone else's thoughts
that never had anything to do with you
to begin with.

This is what its all about. Capturing a moment of true #joy and #laughter together. When you feel completely whole just being where you are, and so #grateful for the life you have. These goofy little people fill my heart with so much love I feel like I can take on the world, and nothing will hold us back. Moving into the next chapter of #conqueringlife with everything I need to drive me forward. #showtheworldwhatyouremadeof ✨❤️ 🌎


1. Dont settle for less then what you know you deserve in your relationships.

2. Ask for what you want and need from others.

3. Speak your truth (in GROUNDED honesty), even though it might create conflict or tension.

4. Live, act and and behave in ways that are in alignment with Highest values and sense of Self.

5. Make choices based on what YOU want and believe, not on what you THINK others want.


Taking a moment to reflect on the intentions I set at the end of the year and all that has happened since.... and all I can say is woooah! Theres some real magic happening in 2018 - And we are only a 1/4 of the way through.

Yup! The seeds you planted over Winter Solstice and the New Year Super Moon are beginning to grow. Many opportunities and doors are beginning to open, the fruits of your labor now coming into action.

DISCERNMENT is essential at this time. Embark on new projects and adventures that set your SOUL ON FIRE 🔥. Anything less will not serve you in the Long run. LISTEN to your inner voice, the one that knows what it is you really want. Then march forward without fear as you turn your dreams into a reality. ✨
#throwback to Gili Days with the most epic NYE crew 🔥💦🏔🌲⚖️ #fivelements

[Part 2/2]
To be honest,
when I started not wearing a bra
it was really uncomfortable
and scary
and I had to be with
all the limiting beliefs
and fears
and old stories
and “what will they think of me” thoughts.
I had to consciously roll my shoulders back and down
because my body wanted to hunch my back
so nobody would see
or know
that I wasn’t wearing a bra.
It takes practice.
But the more I do it,
the more I challenge the limiting beliefs
that I don’t want to affirm or create anymore
the easier it becomes,
the more natural it becomes,
and the more I experience
the joy and freedom I desire.
You’ll never be happy and free
conforming to the limiting beliefs
of a culture
that don’t serve you,
support you,
or honour who you are
and who you are called to be.
Go be you today.
Even if it’s uncomfortable.
The discomfort of being yourself will pass
and joy and freedom will emerge.
The discomfort of not being you
will only grow into pain
and a fear-led life
and more of what you don’t want
for yourself
and for the world.
Contribute to the world today
in a way that feels right
and in alignment
with what you want to create
for yourself,
for your experience of life,
and for the world,
by being you.
Leave your bra
and all the old untrue stories
about who you have to be
and how you have to show up in the world
at home.

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