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one of my favourite poems from my book earthsong 🌿books available from Amazon and signed books from etsy loveaprilgreen 🌿 #poetsofig #poemsporn #repost #earthsong #poetry #healing #aprilgreen #selflove#selfempowerment #femaleempowerment #soul

It's so important to big up yourself. A person will tell you confidence is key, yet down you to appease other people. Nobody has your best interest at heart but you!!! Love yourself so much that no matter what people say about you, no matter what people think about you, YOU KNOW YOU ARE EVERYTHING. It's a hard process especially if you are struggling with low self esteem or depression, but it can be done. The most important thing is to start somewhere and that starts with you!!!! #thehunniexperience #sweetashunnidesigns #love #loveyourselffirst #selfesteem #positive #rolemodel #selfempowerment #mefirst #loyalty

Teaching the young bloods how to assemble sculptures out of found objects today @theunionomaha #selfempowerment

"I find it extremely #liberating to #see that I was the cause to all my problems. With this #realization I also have #learned that I am my own solution. This is the great big gift of #personal accountability. When we #stop blaming external #forces and own up to our #responsibility we become the ultimate #creators of our destiny" #spirituality #spiritual #soulfood #spreadlove #selfempowerment #loveyourself #change #freebird #happiness #acceptance #awareness #love #pastel #pastelhair #girlswithtattoos #spiritualhealing

Don't wait until you've reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal! 💖💪🏽👊🏼👏🏻

I definitely needed this. Just a change in training to make me refreshed on training and just work in a team setting again.
There's something about these kinds of things that I feel connected to random people just because we're going through something we both haven't done before and it's indescribable. Even if you've done a OCR before there are always new or different variables. •
The camaraderie is awesome. Not to mention but a valid excuse for me to train topless lol 😂
Thank you for reading this far and stay well!
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So many little surprises are yet to come and I can't wait 🤗🌸 on another note. Bali accomodation #2 has just been finalised, so excited. 5 weeks to go #surprise #bali #flowers


When we are in denial about our problems; the thoughts and behaviors that hinder we miss the awareness that is needed for change.
Change requires being uncomfortable, to understand and accept where the discomfort stems from.
Recognizing the beliefs we hold onto that hold us back will enable us to begin to change our thoughts and behaviors that inhibit us.

It's up to you to make the choice to have faith and not leave it to chance!

I Believe I Can,

So I Did...

|my words, my poetry|
Something I've struggled with is seeking external validation- seeking the love of another human to make me feel whole. I put my happiness in the hands of others, when in reality I held it in my own two hands. ~if you are single, remember that you are whole as you are. You are so loved and you are so worthy of love. Do not settle just because you think you need someone else's oxygen: you have plenty of your own. ~stop looking for a relationship and just live your life, enjoying the journey. Adventure, travel, explore... make yourself the best you yet. ~one day you're human will come along and love you hard: but that human won't complete you, just enhance you. //you are loved. you are whole. you are worthy.// 💓


11 days straight, meditating every morning! And still I panicked, today. (It happens). But I was devastated; and I had to explain to my love that I needed his help. I tried on my own, I did!
_I struggle with asking for help. I feel as if I shouldn't have to, or it makes me weak. Well...my EGO feels that way, 'I' don't.

_Mental illness carries such a stigma in this country. We have grown up thinking we need to hide it, and so no one understands why we act/react the ways that we do. "Buck up, Buttercup", "Get over it", "Smile, why don't you?", or my favorite: "What's wrong with you?" _Nothing is wrong with me. Evolution created me with the ability to see that this world is not as it should be. Everyone is hurting, but I am pledged to carry it on my sleeve.

For I am an initiate, of Chiron the Wounded Healer. I hurt, so I can teach you not to.

I need to not be ashamed of my anxiety, my depression, my 'mental illness'. _For my pain, my fear, my panic, they are our blessing.

And sometimes I need help, coming back from the ledge, in a moment. I need help, to know that you still love me, though I am wounded--Nay, BECAUSE I am wounded.

_I need help to know that my journey does something special for all of you; and to value myself for that.

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Photo by @ronbrillantes

Be patient. Timing is everything.

Feedback about this event: "I was one of the attendees this morning, it was great and just what I needed. Such a lovely way to start the weekend, thank you Abigail. You held a lovely space for us all. I highly recommend to others if you're thinking about it and it was nice to be around like minded women that want to take charge of their minds and thoughts. I think there is no greater gift you could give yourself and your loved ones than to take time out to look after yourself and be at your best! 🙏" - Katrina
If you feel called to join us, you can check out the details on the ATTEND tab of my website (link in profile). #reiki #reikihealing #reikimaster #chakras #iict #chakrahealing #healing #selfempowerment #empoweredfromwithin #wholeness #wellnesswarrior #energyhealing #spirituality #meditation #meditationclasses #carolinesprings

Being authentic can take a lot of exploration. Sometimes you may wish you hadn't started asking yourself the hard questions and unearthing all the crap. Don't worry, keep asking, keep digging anyway. Feel your way through it. There's no other way to get to the good stuff, and you can have a lot of un-training to get back to the real you. “What a long time it can take to become the person one has always been! How often in the process we mask ourselves in faces that are not our own. How much dissolving and shaking of ego we must endure before we discover our deep identity – the true self within every human being that is the seed of authentic vocation.”
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For many years I struggled with allowing myself to be seen. Unconsciously I 'hid'. A reflection of this is my instagram name wander beyond. This is a picture of me, one week after returning from the jungle of Peru, an experience that shifted a lot of things but most of all catalysing the journey back to self. A journey of being comfortable and accepting of who I am, Lucy. A name that means light (luz, pronounced luce). I almost changed my IG name without saying anything but realised I wasn't honouring how challenging it has been for me. Funny because it seems so simple and easy. But to close this cycle, to be real, and open im letting go of @wander_beyond . Yay for us all becoming more true with ourselves and our own uniqueness ✨ 📷 @tamara_tuatara_

LOVE | Wordt het je allemaal even teveel? Haal dan een paar keer diep adem! Dit kan zo fijn zijn! 💗 #growlovehealth

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