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Cinderella didn’t once ask for a prince. The truth is, she asked for a night off to take care of herself. She asked for a dress and what she knew she deserved - to feel special and be reminded of the intrinsic beauty we all have.
Change your focus and mindset, it’ll change your life!
#PranceOn 👠

Relax & unwind.
We all deserve a day just to do nothing but jam in jammies! And, my idea of such day involves books, netflix, wine and of course, my bed! Share your idea of a day off with me?
Take a picture of you in your favourite jammies and how you jam! It can include anything you like to do at home to unwind. Tag @jockeyindia and use the hashtag #XOXOJockey
📸 by my precious @natashasehgal 🍋
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The conflict cure.

Guten Morgen ihr Montagsmuckis😝🙄 Bei mir sitzt die Brille noch auf halbacht🤓 und erstmal hab ich einen weniger schönen Termin😡, aber danach freue ich mich darauf mit viel guter Laune und einem zweiten Frühstück in diese schöne Herbstwoche zu starten 🍁🍂Was steht bei euch heute alles an?😘 Lasst es euch gut gehen und vor allem lasst euch nicht ärgern😉💪🏻Aufregen verursacht nur Falten und bringt am Ende sowieso nichts🤗
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That is so true 🙏✔️
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It wasn't success, a degree, or money,
That ignited my inner spark.
Awakening the light I'm learning to be,
Began by facing my dark.
#embracethepain #itsablessing 🖤

Came a looooong way. Couldn’t find an older picture for comparison. #neverendingjourney #selfacceptance #selfempowerment “YOU make you and YOU break you too” Choose wisely and keep pushing. Blur the nay sayers out and tell em “Hol up, peace out”

Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles; Notice them 🔮 #womenstrength #beautydeeperthanthesurface


We all have a little child living inside of us that needs to be heard, seen, validated and valued.
This is a universal need, yet we are conditioned to look outside of ourselves for fulfillment.
I learned the truth the hard way by depending on others to make me feel better than I did about myself. My desolate inner worth had always been filled through achieving, by being the best, through a perfect appearance and the list goes on.
The girl in this photo still desperately sought validation. She was prisoner to her world so long as she gained her sense of self worth from it.
The practice of rebuilding self worth took me on a journey inward where I uncovered the false belief that my worth stems from what I do or how I look as opposed to who I am.
If we constantly go seeking outside of ourselves to feel like we matter or are good enough (or any other thing we need validation for), we will always be giving our power to others. We will always be relying on others for what we ourselves must provide.
If you are feeling imprisoned by the need to gain outside approval or validation, I challenge you to look within.
What if we were the ones who listened to our needs?
What if we saw our true worth?
What if we became our own source of validation?
What if we could finally accept our inherent value?
What we are seeking outside ourselves can only be found within—for deep down inside of us is our source of worthiness.
We are born entirely worthy; oftentimes someone comes along and makes us feel we must earn their love and acceptance. A belief is then born that can derail our entire perception of self worth and lead to a life of striving to regain it.
God wants us to know that our worthiness doesn’t have to be chased or earned. At any moment we can choose to come home to the truth. We are already loved, accepted, and cherished by our Heavenly Father.
God desires for us to see ourselves as He sees us: perfectly worthy in every way. Once we adopt this new viewpoint, we begin to open up to the good that God has in store for us: an abundantly beautiful world that reflects our true worth.
Karilyn Ann
#selfempowerment #empowerment #empower #worthy #selfworth #spiritual

Stretching after my second workout today. Feels good to be in the gym, even if it is arm day 💪

What do entrepreneurs + trauma/sexual assault survivors have in common?  ADAPTABILITY.
Sexual assault survivors who are willing and able to speak out or process the aftermath of assaults have the same character traits that make entrepreneurs successful. .
However, 99.9% of us are never able to exit the slavery cycle of job-therapy-rent because we have ZERO support from society and family to lift us out of poverty.  All of our paycheck goes to therapy and barely keeping a roof over our head.  WE NEED YOU, ENTREPRENEURS!  We need you to teach us financial literacy and how to capitalize on our innate skills and talents so we can set ourselves free.
We believe that entrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to create the type of relentless change that is needed in order to bring about a safer world.

Needing this backdrop wall in my room now 🙌

Encouraging clients to use good coping skills over thanksgiving 🦃🍂🍷

Eckhart Tolle, spitting bars, delivering the exact words I’m needing right now.

I’m guessing the same might be true for you, too. •

Life breaks us at times in the form of different complicated situations and circumstances. To come out of such difficult situations we need to put up a great fight and it is quite obvious that sometimes we might get injured and at times it might change us as a person too. It is the story of every person who has not only given a tough fight to all the difficult situations of their life but also emerged as a winner on the other side. There will be scars deep within each of us, but scars are a reminder that we can survive and that we are strong enough to lead our life with grit and determination.
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I'm the friend that you're not always going to like... For this exact reason: I'm going to hold you accountable to your goals and I expect you to do the same for me.
I know that word, accountability, carries such a negative connotation to it... and it doesn't have to be like that. Accountability conversations SHOULD be empowering and leave you motivated and ready to take action.
For example, if you tell me you want to get in shape, I'm going to make sure that when I'm around, you're eating right and working out... and we're DEFINITELY going to have regular conversations about your habits.
If you don't like being held accountable, you either don't want your goal as much as you say you do OR your ego is in the way... and both of those will cause you to surround yourself with "yesmen" who might make you feel good NOW, but who will allow you to get away with the excuses you keep giving. Yesmen are TOXIC to your goals so I will NEVER be that friend. I expect that you're going to set HUGE goals and work your ass off towards it and I'll do the same. We'll hustle together, struggle together and succeed together. That's the only way I want my friendships to be.
The key to having productive accountability conversations it to do them the right way. It's not nagging or harassing someone about why they didn't do it, it's about helping them gain clarity so they can take massive action. Here are the six questions you should be asking (it doesn't have to be this formal or in this order, this is just a guide):
1. What was your goal?
2. How did you do?
3. How do you feel about that?
4. What is your new goal as a result of how you did?
5. Is there anything that might keep you from doing that?
6. If you needed training or support to do that, what might that be?
By building your accountability conversations like this, you let the person self-discover, reflect and OWN it so they can take action.
Real friends hold each other accountable. They don't let each other get away with BS excuses.
Let me know... Who do you have to hold you accountable?

Ayy! Look who’s on @ryanyokome’s Soul Wealth Podcast this week!

This episode is for you if you’ve been wondering what holistic health has to do with manifestation, how I never struggle with clarity (and you don’t have to either), and how to be a powerhouse regardless of your education, techniques & tricks.

Are you going through life with blinders on? Feel like a robot some days?

Give yourself permission to shake that off and truly Live.

You can’t make a ‘wrong’ decision when you jump in with both feet. Either you’re going to go full force, with enthusiasm & momentum, and find you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. OR you’ll go full force, with enthusiasm & momentum, and find you’re very clear on what’s not working.

We think keeping one foot out protects us, but it’s the sneakiest, most damaging form of sabotage. The universe meets you where you’re at— if you’re half-ass, you’ll only receive murky, half answers.

We are so delighted to light our workshop space on Saturday with candlelight from the lovely Jasmin @lemoncanary ✨ We have, of course, chosen No. 1 from her beautiful chakra range of candles infused with moon charged crystals and organic essential oils all resonating with and relating to the Root Chakra (our featured chakra in this workshop!) Absolute perfection!
And, the best part is all our participants will receive a little root chakra candle in their goody bag to take home for themselves! 💫
Can't wait for Saturday! Have you booked your ticket? Link in bio ❤️
#chakra #candlelight #workshop

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